The Reading Quest - Readthon TBR

Hallo lovely Booklovers!

Today i am sharing the very wonderful Read-a-thon i just saw pop up and decided to join. "The reading Quest"!

It was created by the clear genius that is the author over at the Read at Midnight Blog.

So head over there to get ALL The details and explanations and read a wonderful blog.

This "quest" starts today, Sunday 13th August and ends Sunday 10th September.

Its already to late to start the giveaway -which honestly i don't mind its not why i want to participate, i want to participate to finally get all those books off my TBR!- but if you still want to join anyways there is clearly enough time left!

All the rules, details and how it works are, as i said in the link above so check that out and now lets get to the list of books i really hope to get read (even though realistically they are not ALL going to happen, but you know i can plan and hope and dream!)

(image is NOT from me!) 

A book with a TV/Movie adaptation: The Gunslinge…

Hi there - big unknown....


I had those grand big plans for this site around the end of last year, towards the beginning of this year.

I had a calendar full of posting plans and ideas and i knew what to do and when.

I just had to do it.

But than life happens.

And illnesses come and get worse...

And people die....

And other people need you more than any previous plans, books or the internet.

Thats life, right?

And if Books teach us just one thing, i guess it would be that life is unpredictable and you can not plan for it... at all.

So instead of writing here that i will be better, that i will post regularly, that i am sorry, or that i have so many plans of what to share....

Let me just say this:

If this year of 2017 so far has taught me anything?

Its that you have no clue what will happen next.

I only know this:
Sometimes it might be nice.
Sometimes it might be hard.
Sometimes it might feeling as if you hard and soul have been ripped out of your body and stomped on before roughly shoved back into you.

But n…

Top 10 Tuesday: Books i HAVE to read in Spring

I can NOT be the only one that is completely floored by the fact that it is already SPRING 2017!
wasn't is just Spring 2016 last week?

Which is not the topic of this post at all, so lets not talk about that and get talking about books instead!

I have -as always- way, way, way more books on my Spring TBR than 10 books.

So i have decided i will share two top 10's with you guys today.

The first one is my Top 10 of books i already own for a while, i have no reason not to read them because they are there, available, waiting and have been for at least a couple of weeks.
And i should read them because of the just listed reasons.

And the second Top 10 is new releases i am really exited about, i can't wait to read those, and i hope to read them very, very soon after they are released. But i am not sure if i can/want to buy them right away. So that list is a bit of a tentative thing.
If i can get my hands on them? I will read them during the Spring time.
If not? i hopefully still read them s…

Little Update - before it finally begins again (even if nobody reads this anymore!)

Have any of you ever had this perfect plan?

This actual real -written on a calendar and all planned out and knowing what should be done when and it all makes sense and is beautifully planned out to the last detail - Plan?

Because i do that.
All the time actually!

I sit down.
And write all the things i will do and post and write about out on a calendar.
I know what i will be doing when, i know what should go where, i know what i am writing about and sometimes even have a detailed list of what i am going to talk about!

I plan.
I rearrange to make sure it all makes sense and it has a flow to it in a way that not everyday is a review or not everyday is a weekly meme, because that is boring and should not be happening.
But instead has a working mixture of memes and reviews and wrap ups, and other little things i want to share.

I am a perfectionistic planner.
I am one of the best planner in existence.
Ask anyone that actually knows me in real life.
I can plan with the best of them.

If planning would be a…

Books by or about inspiriting Real Women

Today is International Women's Day.

And i thought why not share a few women that i read books by or about that i found really inspiring.

Either because they wrote fantastic Self-help kind of books or just because those women are badass! And they really show us all that no matter what we might thing or what we might hear?
We are a strong gender, and a powerful gender and we can do what ever the heck we want to as long as we work for it.

And to with that in mind, lets now go through the list of very inspiring and powerful women that -if you haven't yet- should read books from or about as soon as possible because they are AWESOME!

This list is in no particular order AT ALL!
I could have gone over it again and put it in a specific order but honestly? Why? All those women are BRILLIANT and don't need a specific order!

If you have any specific Inspirational Women i would LOVE to hear about them in the comments! :)

1. Ellen DeGeneres
That woman is unstoppable!
And brilliant!
And i think if …

Bookish and Blogging Goals for 2017!

If you have not seen my Review post for my Bookish Goals for 2016 - i link it here

But to sum it up?

I failed. 

So lets give this whole Bookish Goal thing one more try, shall we!

Once again lets list 10 things i would really like to accomplish during the year: 

1. Read through Europe

This is a Goal i want to do because i want to stop reading so many US based books. 
Last year i simply made it my Goal to not read as many US based books. And that didn't really work for some reason. 
So i am being more specific!
I want to read lots of European based books. 
I am not yet sure if i am making it the goal of reading more books from European AUTHORs or simply making it about books being SET in Europe. 
Maybe a combination of both? Maybe see how easy i can find European based books from European Authors?

As i said not sure yet. 
I just want to stop reading mostly about a country that i never even been to and most likely will not be visiting in the foreseeable future! 

Lets hope this more specific plan…