Book Review: The Language of Flowers

No long babble before or after just the review itself because that is what is post is about and i have enough to say about the book itself that i want you all to read. 

So lets starts: 

Here are the Book facts: 

Title: The Language of Flowers
Author: Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Language: English
Pages: 354 without the dictionary or 362 with it  (Paperback)
series: No standalone book
Overall rating: 5 out of 5
Summary on the book
"The Victorian language of flowers was used to convey romantic expressions: honeysuckle for devotion, asters for patience, and red roses for love. But for Victoria Jones, it's been more useful in communication mistrust and solitude. After a childhood spent in the foster-care system, she is unable to get close to anybody, and her only connection to the world is through flowers and their meanings. Now eighteen and emancipated from the system with nowhere to go, Victoria realizes she has a gift for helping others through the flowers, she chooses for them. But an unexpected encounter with a mysterious stranger has her questioning what's been missing in her life. And when she's forced to confront a painful secret from her past, she must decide whether it's worth risking everything for a second chance at happiness."
Worth reading? Yes, no matter who you are or what your normally like to read, this book could be something that you really enjoy and will love -not guarantee but i would at least tell you to go and "try" it, because it is just that good that i really believe everyone will enjoy something in this book. 

To say it very short: This book has deserved all the hype and praise it has been given and should be getting much more so that more people read this book and find something that they can relate to in it. 

But to get into it a bit more, here is my long review: 

It is a different kind of book, and while it is fiction it feels more like something that could be a biography or autobiography because of all the "real" feeling situations and moments as well as characters in this book. Nobody is perfect, nobody has unrealistic amounts of luck  and just in general all characters react and behave in any given situations as the circumstances would need it FOR THE GIVEN CHARACTER and their characteristics -which is important to remember especially in this book. It shows how different people are and how different people react in situations. It shows that not everyone reacts the same way or the typical way, but that some people do the "wrong" thing that is the perfect thing for them to do and that they have to do, because there is just not other option for them. Is it the right thing or the best thing to do for anyone else? No idea, but for the character in the situation in this book, it was the right thing, and i loved that. 

Actually i was really surprised about how much I loved this book because -differently to "Anna and the French Kiss" which i had gone in with high expectations, i started to read this book with the thoughts that i would not really enjoy this book as much as everyone else that reads it. The reason you might ask: I don't really enjoy or understand the joy in flowers. They are pretty and all that, but do you really need to cut them off and put them into you home just to have them there for a few days before they rot? I don' see the appeal, so reading a book more or less all about what flowers mean? Not what i thought i enjoy. 

But this book, the way it was written and how the flowers and their definitions and meanings were talked about, it made the entire "getting flowers" thing much more understandable to me. Just the entire thing about what flowers can mean to people and how they can make people feel, makes the entire giving and receiving as wells buying yourself flowers all of a sudden not seem as much as tossing money out of a window and more of something that is actually meaningful, excuse my word play please.

I love how the language of the flowers is explained and how the main character came to understand and speak that language as well as how she uses it throughout her life and this book. How she chooses flowers and their meaning once she learns that it is not a one way street and that there are actually many different meanings for each flower, and she starts to make up her own dictionary so that she has the meanings and flowers together just as she likes it and communicates with it. 

And as i already said, i also enjoyed that not everything that happens happens like she had hoped or wanted it to and that she deals with it in a very real way. Victoria -the main character or she as i have referred to her until now- has had a tough life, and she handles situations differently then someone would that grew up within a happy-ish family with mother and father and all that. She sometimes doesn't know how to react to situations or people because she simply never encountered those situations before and so she reacts very spontaneous because that is just how it happens. And i think that would be the only thing that people will/might have problems with, because if you can't read a book and try to feel yourself into the character, but just compare the character to yourself and your own life, this book will be hard to actually love and feel for, because of just of differently Victoria reacts to situations sometimes. 

I know that there are people that had problems with exactly that, how different Victoria handled her situations or that they thought that she did it "wrong" and because of that did not like this book very much. You can not read this book and think like yourself. You have to be willing to let yourself be taken in and by Victoria and her life story to or just overall open minded that a person that would have grown up like Victoria does not handle situations in the same way as a child that has known love all his/her life! That is just how life and survival works. You don't grow up in a harsh environment by opening up to everyone and showing your feelings, just as you don't -normally- grow up in a loving family without knowing that you are loved. But a person that grows up alone without family does not understand family. They understand what they do wrong and how they handle family situations is not "Normal" or "right" in other peoples options and how others do it, but they do the best that they can with what they know. 

If you can't do that, understand that, then this book will not be very good for you, but still worth a read in my option because it might open you up to learning more about understanding other humans around you and personally i think that that is something that we all have to learn and become much better at than every single human being on earth is today.

But if you are someone -like me for example- that loves reading books that take you into different lives of people and of they deal with situations and can feel yourself into the character, this book is one of the best that I have read up until now. The character is so fleshed out, that while you read the book you really feel that there is nothing missing at all, this character is actually living and you are just observing and going along for the ride, living through and with Victoria. And as i already said, i love those stories and this book is especially good in giving you this feeling. 

As i said, this book really shows different situations and how difficult life sometimes can be for people and how some people handle such situations. It might not he perfect, it might not be pretty but it is life and it goes on. And that is something that i loved about this book the most. Life is not perfect, life is not always pretty or nice or how you planned or wanted it to be. But you have to handle your situation, your life and handle it and life it and do the best that you can do and move on. Victoria does just that, she does the best she can in the best way that she knows how to in any given situation. is it the best for the situation or the best that anyone could have done? Or does that mean that I -or any other reader for that tmatter- agrees with what and how Victoria is handling her situation? No of course not, but that is life as well isn't it? 

I honestly doN't think that there is any person on this earth -your own self included in that!- that always does the right thing at the right time and with perfect timing or can give a reasonable and understandable explanation for why and how they handled any given situation in their life. Sometimes you do stupid things, sometimes you do unplanned things. Somethings life happens and you dealt with it at best as you could in your situation at that moment. Was it pretty, was it the right thing? I don't know, but you made it so it must have been right for you at the moment! 

It shows you a way that a person handles situation in her own way. You might not understand or see it her way, but she does it that way and because of that it is alright and the right thing for her -Victoria. 

And then there is the overall writing of Diffenbaugh. 

The writing is so nice and fluent that makes it hard to but the book down. Because once you started you get sucked in and have a very hard time putting the book down until you are done and read the last page and in a way just want to start right back at page one because you are not ready to part with the story, the characters and just the writing in general. After finishing this book you keep thinking back to is, wondering what could happen with Victoria now, wanting more and at the same time still feeling as if you are part of the characters life and her story. 

I just loved this book!

It is not perfect, it is not for everyone. Alone because of the topic of the book and which topics are brought up during the book -which i don't want to go into too much because of spoilers and i want you to go and read it yourself and learn about it for yourself- and how those topics are handled, but i loved it so much. 

It was exactly what a good book should be and does to a reader, it takes you into a different world, it takes you along for a ride with a character that you might hate, but can not leave behind until you know the entire story. This books shows you a different life that you might never have normally experienced and for a little while you experience something different and can literally live in the shoes of someone else for those 300 and something pages. It is hard to find books that do it as well as this book did it to and for me. 

I really recommend this book to everyone, but especially to those that enjoy different stutters, that enjoy human characters and overall good writing and a fatalistic storyline. No matter if you love or hate flowers, this book is for everyone that likes reading, because they will find something -anything- in this book that they will not hate and maybe even find a book that they surprisingly love more then they would have ever thought possible -like I did. 

So that's it. That is all i have to say, which is more then enough but i couldn't help but rave. 

Did you read this book? 
What did you think?
Did you love it as much as me?
Did you not enjoy it? If so why?

Please let me know your thoughts, because I really just want to hear more people have read this book and what they experienced why doing so, simply because of how much i loved it. 

Talk to you later, 


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