Book Review: Someday, Someday, Maybe

This was a re-read for me in October and i only doing the Review now, because well I am still working on this regular blogging thing. But better late then never right?

As i said it is a re-read so i already read this book once before which should say something to you all. Most people -myself included in that- re-read books mostly because they enjoyed them the first time enough to want to go back and do it all again. 

This is what this book is to me. I enjoy it enough to want to re-read it, and even after already having read it twice now, i would not have anything against reading it a third time in a year or two, simply because i really enjoyed most of this book enough to read it again. 

Alright into the actual book review now: 

Here are the Book facts: 

Title: Someday, Someday, Maybe
Author: Lauren Graham
Language: English
Pages: 344  (Hardcover)
series: standalone, but apparently Graham is writing on a second novel that will pick up where this one left off but when that one will come out? no idea so, No to series right now
Overall rating: 4 out of 5
Summary on the book:
"It's January 1995, and Franny Banks has just six months left of the three-year deadline she set for herself when she came to New York, dreaming of Broadway and doing "important" work. But all she has to show for her efforts so far is a part in an ad for ugly Christmas sweaters, and a gig waiting tables at a comedy club...."
Worth reading? Yes if you like Contemporary, Romance, "Chick-Lit"

I really enjoy Lauren Graham when she "visits" the Ellen Degeneres show and is just all over the place and laughs about herself and just keeps blabbering on and on about nothing at all really. I love that about her, because to me that just makes her very sympathetic and relatable to me. She is not compost being in a talk show, she is nervous and all over the place. And there is also the fact that she is funny in the way that she tells stories during those interviews that i always enjoy and laugh about. So that was enough reason to go and pick the book up right after it came out and read it just as soon because i wanted to know how well she could put her wit and humor into writing. 

First things first what i enjoyed about this story: 
The overall story is very nice and the book is good, the story is told fiferently then many others of this genre and the character of Franny is very interesting. The way the story is made up is nice because nothing happened right away and overly fast. Frank tries to get her "big break" and become an actor before herself made deadline runs out and it is a real struggle for her to actually get anywhere with this dream of hers, which is told in a honest and refreshing way that seems to me very "real-life-like" simply because I do not believe that trying to become and actress is easy at all with all the competition that is out there and that while trying to work for a living and at the same time trying to get a paying and working job in your dream job is not easy. Graham shows those struggles in a real but funny way, that i enjoyed reading about. 

So the overall storyline, characters and how the story was written is fantastic and enjoyable to read about. A really good book to read in that aspect. 

What i did not like about this book: 

Now that i read this book twice, i am still missing the "funny" of Graham that she always has in her stories when she tells them in a talk show. On the shows she has a very specific and funny way of talking in circles but at the same time putting anecdotes and moving forward and putting together a story that just always leaves me in giggles as if i was a little girl - the reason that i enjoy her appearances so much. Exactly that is completely missing in the book and was one of the main reasons that i even bought the book. That might be because this book was been edited and the editors "straightened" those stories out, or because Graham tells stories differently then she writes them, but her typical humor is not in this book -sadly. 
That however does not mean that i did not enjoy the book itself. I liked it enough to re-read it so it was not bad in anyway and it was funny enough to smile at a few moments when Franny just did something that you had to smile about, but because i know how the author tells stories, i expect more of her "storytelling" in her "storywritting" which i did not get. 

And the second and real reason why i gave 4 instead of 5 stars, even though i really did enjoy this book is also a reason that i kind of love/hate this book. The ending SUCKED! And i really do mean SUCKED! But even saying it like that is a bit wrong and i hoped that when i re-read it that somehow magically it would have changed, but there really is no ending to the book. It just stops. And how horrible is that? If the entire book up until the last page are just so enjoyable that you want to keep on reading, but all of a sudden, as if the paper had run out the story stops?

So what i should really say is that the sudden and completely not existing ending of this book sucks, because otherwise i would say something wrong. 

Now as i said above in the little "Information" tibet, Graham is supposedly writing on the second book, but really, there is no date when that book is supposed to come out, there is no given information what the book is really about or really anything at all. And it is nice and all that she is apparently currently writing the book, but really CAN PEOPLE JUST WRITE AN ACTUAL ENDING FOR A BOOK IF THEY NOT ALREADY HAVE WRITTEN THE BOOK THAT IS SUPPOSED TO COME AFTER? Thanks ever so much. 

I write too -alright no published books or anything, but i do write Fanfictions and i know that it is not exactly easy to write a nice ending to a story that you just have so much more to say about but have to end at some point. So i understand that it is not as easy as one would think to actually end a book "right" and nice for the readers, BUT! big, big but here, is it really so hard to write an ending that does not leave the readers hanging on a cliff of suspense for however long because nobody knows if Graham really ever does write a second book or if and when that one comes out. I hate that, I HATE IT!

I would have really loved this book and told just about everyone to go read this cute and fun story if not for this small but important part of the book. Because as much as authors try to tell people that the story itself is more important then an ending. To me, an actual ending is also important. If you end a book, please, just really end the freaking book! it is not that hard, it not easy, but not inhumanly hard to do! 

If i would not have enjoyed the overall book as much as i did, i would have easily only given 1 or 2 stars because of the sucky ending, because it just really bugs me that much. And it is sad, because the book is so lovely and i enjoyed it, but at the same time because of this ending or not existing ending i also really hate this book quite a lot actually. Just because of this not existing ending! Which just makes me sad, and it is horrible and not nice to do to anyone that is reading the book, so please Lauren Graham- not that she is reading this or anything- get going on that next book already and please -PLEASE- write an actual ending for that one. Thanks.

Up until the last plage- i loved this book, it was funny and warily and a nicely told story that i really enjoyed. I also liked the little "pictures" of the filofax planner pages that showed a bit of a "deeper" view into the daily live of the character which i found gave something completely different and in a way something more to the story. And if not for the stupid ending i would re-read this book at least once a year, because i really just enjoy it that much. And i can not wait for Graham to write something else -not just because i hope for a better ending or a concussion for this book- but because i just really like the writing style of her and enjoy her characters and stories and would love to read something else by her to see what else she can do. 

If you want to read a book like this, is really up to you. Would i recommend it, yes because i love this book, would i actually encourage you to go and pick it up at this moment in time? No, not really, because of the stupid ending i would tell you to wait until at least something about the next book is known if you I know that the person i recommend it to does't have as much of a love for a good ending as i do. 

Decide for yourself, i would say. 

Did you read this book?
Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? 
Cry and throw the book out after the end?
Go kill Graham for the ending?

Let me know. 

Talk to you soon, 


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