Book review: Maleficent

I read this book. 


Lets just get to the review and then be done with this book!

Here are the Book facts: 

Title: Maleficent
AuthorElizabeth Rudnick
Language: English
Pages: 259 (Hardcover)
series: No, standalone book
Overall rating: 3 out of 5
Summary on the book"Maleficent may be known as a wicked villainess. But she didn't start out that way."
Worth reading? Depends. If you want t a cute little story to read to your child, sure go for it. Other wise? No.

Lets start with the positive things, all right?

It's a cute little story. 

It gives a different spin on the good known Aurora or Sleeping Beauty story which some might like, but I personally did not really understand the need for especially in this particular situation, but non the less, i think this is a good little children book that I am sure many will enjoy. 

That being said, what this book is not is a real new story and view point of what made Maleficent Maleficent. Sure there are chapters that are solely focused on her and how she grew up and how she became who she was and why she targeted Aurora specifically. The story talks about Maleficent's upbringing without her parents, but it more glances over the entire thing and does not go really into detail on how she actually grows up, or why she is the only "human" sized fairy or to be more exact what happened that her parents where the last "real" human sized fairy's before her. What i don't actually understand is why those parts were so "glazed" over because it was supposed to be a story all about Maleficent and her life, how she became who she was and how she became that person. So actually learning more about those things would have been nice, but that did not happen in this story. 

Instead the story was -as i already said- was more a new spin on the typical and well known Sleeping Beauty story. The curse is different to what i know as well as how Aurora actually grows up and overall just the entire Aurora part of the story is different then the actually Sleeping Beauty stories that i know (not that i know that many apart from the typical Sleeping Beauty story). The story should have better off getting a new name and promotion for a new Sleeping Beauty spin (similar to what has been done with "Tangled"if you want to compare different Disney stories). 

Because honestly what is missing from this book is the key factor and title of this book: The insight into the life story of Maleficent! 

There are a few little details that where not actually known before -or at least i did not know them before reading this book- but overall this book was not about Maleficent but Aurora which is sad and disappointing to me. 

I don't know if that is because it is a movie-tie-in at least I think it is with the cover art and being that the author seems to only write what has already been made into a movie. Or maybe it is because the author didn't know how to write an actual life story of such a prominent character that would go into real and important details that would actually and with great detail and understanding nature explain what happened. 

This book to me just lacked the love for details and more important the love for Maleficent and her story!

BUT it is not a horrible story, just not what the title and summary promises. 

So as i said: 
It is a nice children's book and a tad different then the other Aurora stories that i know, but if you hope to find an actual Maleficent story and get answers to the how and why and what happened? you are not better of not looking in this book. 

The 3 stars are more also more given because i love Disney, and the actual story was not horrible to read then the actual uniqueness and what the book actually deserved. 


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