Book Review: The Maze Runner

Alright, i had this book review saved on here for the last six month? Or seven? I don't know. I wrote it shortly after the last review that i wrote and just never posted it because i wanted to post something other then a book review before posting another one of those. And you know what?
I am rubbish in doing that, so lets just forget about that, shall we?

I will be posting quite a few different reviews over the next few days to get all those saved posts out in the open before i might be doing something else, i am not sure yet. But for now, i will just talk about this book, alright?

Here are the Book facts: 

Title: The Maze Runner
Author: James Dashner
Language: English
Pages: 375 (Paperback)
series: Yes, the first book in the "Maze Runners series"
Overall rating: 5 out of 5
Summary on the book:
"If you aren't scared, you ain't human.
When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He's surrounded by strangers -boys whose memories are also gone.
Nice to meet ya, Shank. Welcome to the Glade.
Outside the towering stone walls that surround the glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. it's the only way out - and no one's ever made it through alive.
Everything is going to change.
Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever.
And the message she delivers is terrifying.
Remember. Survive. Run."
Worth reading? To me it was, yes. Overall i think it depends: Do you like relatively fast going, sometimes a bit "out-there" books that have situations that are a something that you will not actually find in your own life and maybe get the viewpoint of a boys perspective while you at it? Then yes, this book will be something for you. If you are someone that can't really relate with male point of views stories or dystopian and "other-world" stories, this book is definitely NOT for you. 
If you want to try something different, something new, something that you might enjoy if you have not yet overdosed with dystopian or "other-world" stories, this is a really good book in my option. 

I was actually surprised on how much I enjoyed this book. Not because i thought that the story might not interest me -it was my second "real" dystopian story since all those dystopians came out over the last few years. 

It is my first Young Adult dystopian as well, since the only other dystopian story i read was "Annihilation" that I already reviewed. 

And i was a bit unsure if i really wanted to read it or now, but it sounded interesting and being written from a male-perspective i was interested in that since there are just not that many books out there that are actually written from a male perspective. I more unsure about if i wanted to read it because of the amount of people that say that they could not connect with the story, or the main character, or just overall were not overly happy with how the story was made up or something like that. 

I don't know there were just quite a few people that were not overly found of this story. And while i did try to decide between a few different dystopian stories that are out there -and honestly how many dystopians does the world need?- I wanted something with action and not necessary a love story. And if you have those "needs" in a dystopian the selection goes down quite a bit. 

In the end the summary of the book and the first chapter that i read on amazon where just to intruding to me, so i had to have it and read it. 

And i was very positive surprised with how much i good sucked into this book and read this entire story in a few hours in one sitting. 

I loved Thomas or Tommy, i really liked how the story was put together with those small and easy to read chapters and just overall, i found that the entire story was no only written very well, but also had -for the completely bizarre situation that is happening in the book- the characters mostly handled them very logical. And i really appreciate logical thinking in books and characters in them, since there are not a huge amount of those written as well. 

But back to this specific book: 

I loved that just like the characters the reader had no idea what was going on and the reader as well as the main character tried to figure out what was going on together and figure out how to get out of the situation. I know not everyone is an "active" reader that actually tries to think of ways where and how the book will go on from a point, but i actually do that without really noticing that i am doing it. And with this book i was quite surprised how many different turns and ideas Dashner brought to this book that I did not think about when i read through this book and tried to figure out where Dashner was going with what he was writing about. 

I liked the Maze idea for some reason that i can't actually explain. But i liked how Dashner thought it out that Thomas discovered more and more the longer he was there. 

I loved how descriptive but still not overly detailed Dashner wrote this book. He made sure that all the "new" things -the maze itself, the boys and the "creaters" that are in this book are described that you know what they look like and can picture them- but at the same time he did not go overboard and started to describe the color of the running shoes (which might sound crazy if I say it like that but there are books like that and I hate it if the author spends more then half a page describing the t-shirt a character is wearing every morning). Dashner had a very nice middle ground of knowing when he should describe things in as much detail as possible and when it was not necessary to go overboard with the descriptions of things.  

I also really liked that Dashner finished this book. I love it when the series books itself have an ending that you could leave the series unfinished with without feeling like you are missing huge parts of the series itself. Maze Runner has an ending that if you did not enjoy the character, or the storyline or the writing or what ever there is that you might not enjoy while reading, you could just leave the Maze Runners series behind you after this first book and not feel like you are missing huge portions of the story. Because in itself the Maze Runner is a book that could be a stand alone. That being said this ending is before the Epilogue because that gives you a nice need to see what the second book in this series has to say. But if you do not read that you could just leave the Maze Runner as a stand alone and be quite happy with it, which i really love. 

So lets summaries, shall we?
I loved Thomas and how he tried to keep a cool head in difficult situations and not freak out. I loved the Gladers and how they were described because it was a book where the boys did not try to murder each other once they were left "alone" but could actually survive on their own, and managed their own system and society quite well and without too many difficulties. I liked how the solution played out in most parts. And i also enjoyed the end of this book.

The few things that i did not enjoy about this book, you might ask?
There were a few sadly, but not overly much which might be surprising with this kind of book, but Dashner did a pretty good job in tying up all his loose ends at the right time (yes rave in the "negative" part, who would have thought?)

Alright actually to the "bad" in the book: 
I did not enjoy Teresa. I know that she was a necessary character and all that, but she just rubbed me the wrong way. She did not get featured too much, so that made me give the highest rating for the book because if Teresa would have been featured more then she was, that rating would have gotten down a bit. 
Another thing that i did not like overly much were that Thomas seemed to have been the only one that had some very clear and logical and relatively easy ideas an how to get out of the maze as well as how to fight in the maze and survive. 

How come that after over two years, Thomas is the only one that does some things that seemed so easy and logical but all those other guys don't have those ideas? There weren't that many of those moments -again which is why my rating was not influenced by the few that had those moments- but overall sometimes it just seemed a bit much that Thomas was the only one that had a good and logical idea on how to handle the situation, while the guys that managed to survive quite well over the last few years did not even think of it. 

But overall the book had me turning the pages and wanting to know more and continue reading until i read the entire book faster then i thought i would want or could read the book and just forget that i had other things to do in those hours. So i would define that as a good book that more people should go read if they haven't already- because lets be honest here i am a bit late with this those dystopian book stuff.

If you like different, if you like fast and easy but still page-turning books as well as a different perspective, i would recommend this book. 


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