Book Review: Tiger Lily

As stated in the last post i am playing catch up with the posts that i had already written but never posted. This is another one of those. I read this book last year, wrote this review, saved it and never posted it. So i will do so now and here. Clearly. Since you can read it, if you so desire since it is now posted and all that. 

So here it goes: 

Here are the Book facts: 

Title: Tiger Lily 
Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
Language: English
Pages: 292 (Paperback)
series: No standalone book
Overall rating: 5 out of 5
Summary on the book
"Before Neverland faded into myth, it was a remote and dangerous island filled with deadly mermaids, psychotic pirates, and watchful faeries. And before Peter Pan belong to Wendy, he belonged to the girl with the crow feather in her hair .... Tiger Lily. 
When fifteen-year-old Tiger Lily meets the alluring teenage Peter deep in the forbidden woods, the two form a bond that's impossible to break, but also impossible to hold on to. As the leader of the Lost Boys, the most fearsome of Neverland's inhabitants, Peter is an unthinkable match for Tiger Lily. With her betrothal to another man and deadly enemies threatening to tear them apart, the lovers seem doomed. But it's the arrival of Wendy Darling, an English girl who's everything Tiger Lily is not, that leads Tiger Lily to discover that the most dangerous enemies lurk inside even the most loyal and loving heart."
Worth reading? Yes, definitely! 
BUT be warned it sounds like a really cute little story that shows a different part and story of the "Peter Pan" story, but it is much heavier and darker in some parts, as well as overall just more real and honest story of how life sometimes goes. It is not a children's books and i have to say that as much as i loved this book, i am happy that i read it at my age and not much younger, and after i read a few much darker books then this to actually appreciate and understand why the author might have wrote those thing into the story. 
That being said, it is a beautiful story and i think that everyone can and should read it, just don't give it your 12 year old daughter and expect her to love it. 

Okay before i go into this story i have a confession: I never read Peter Pan and i did not see the "traditional" Disney movie. Actually the only "Peter Pan thing" that i have seen is the movie "Hook" when i was little. So i do not know the actual written Peter Pan story and i don't know how near or "true" to the actual story this book is. 

That being said: I LOVED!!!! this book!

I was really surprised on how much i enjoyed reading this story and about Tiger Lily. Maybe because the story itself reads more like a historical story instead of a "fictional" story of Neverland. Sure there are a few elements that remind you that it is a Peter Pan story, for example when Tiger Lily goes into the woods and sees Peter Pan but in most parts this book reads more like a fictional historical story about an indian tripe and how they believed and lived their life. Which i personally love to read about so that might be one of the reasons that i enjoyed this book so much. 

What i also loved -more then i would have expect- was that the story was not told from Tiger Lilys' point of view in the traditional sense, or in other and more clearer words: Tiger Lily "herself" did not tell this story. Tinkerbell -yes the fairy- tells Tiger Lily's story for her. Tinkerbell (or Tink) describes what she sees and experiences with Tiger Lily throughout a few years of Tiger Lily's life, which in some ways makes the story even more compelling, because since Tink is a "silent observer" of the story, she can talk about different characters and what is happening to them and what Tink sees while still talking mainly about Tiger Lily and her life and story. So this aspect of the story was brilliantly made and executed by the author as well. 

I also enjoyed the honest and human nature of the characters and storyline. 

There are many dark parts of the story but they are so very typically human and unexpected for this kind of story! There are the heavy parts of the story -the rape of a girl (which is not described, but more pointed out that that is what happened which i personally preferred! ), the unwilling marriage of another, the deaths and/or the believes of what will happen in and with some situations- but there are also the beautiful parts of the story - when Tiger Lily shows her love to her "father" or when she tries her best to be the person that she thinks she should be or just when she keeps her promises just because she promised. But throughout all those moments in the story and the book, the characters remained very human. There were flaws, there were problems, there were consequences to the actions taken and not all of them beautiful or "fairy tale". 

This story is not what you expect when you read the Summary and expect a more traditional telling of the Tiger Lily story from Peter Pan and how those stories were typically told -as i said i did not read Peter Pan itself so i don't know if Peter Pan is as human and honest and dark in some places as "Tiger Lily" is so that this story is really "just" the story from Tiger Lily's point of view but very near Peter Pan itself, but i doubt it since I don't think that many parents would want their children to read or read a story like this one to them from a young age on. Not that young children really understand what is happening -at least i would not think so- but overall this story is just very adult for a "Peter Pan" story. 

It is a very short and fast read that can be read in just a few hours and easily in one sitting and in a way i think that would is perfect for this book because you need to read it and be done with it in a way. You want to read it and know what is happening and what will happen and how it will end once you started so having it under 300 pages is perfect, because you can actually really finish this book very fast and know all the answers to the questions that you might have and have the complete story in a relatively short amount of time. 

And surprisingly i actually do not have anything negative to say about this book. Nothing at all. Which i don't think really ever happened before when i read a book. Normally something -something small or bigger depending on the book- will be there that bugged me and i have to note because it was just so noticeable to me that i remember it sometimes more then all the positive and lovely things about the book that i read. But "Tiger Lily" was really well done and written. The storyline did not flaw, the story itself was finished in the book and left no open ending. Sure there could be more to the story, but it was perfect as it is to me, because it was not written longer or drawn out to be a bigger book. The Author wrote what she wanted to say, told the story she wanted to tell and finished it after doing so without much extras. And for this book that was perfect. She made sure that all her loose ends and started story parts were finished and explained at the end, she did not leave anything undone or untold or hanging in the air or open to figure out by the reader. She finished off everything. 

So as i said, nothing to point a finger at and say that it was bad. 

All said was said in short:
Loved the story, loved the way of telling, loved Tiger Lily and how her live was portrayed and i also loved that even though it is a "Fairy Tale" it was a very human story. There were so many horrible things happening that just happen because if you live in a community of humans there is at least one horrible one in there that will hurt another person, that is just how life is and the author did not make this story "unreal" by trying to stop those emotions or human characteristics. She wrote them in, she made them fit into the story and made the story a really worth while read because of that. I recommend that everyone. No matter who or how old you are (as long as you are not too young and even then pick it up and put it away for when you are a bit older and can handle a bit of a darkness of human characteristics in your books) go get this book. Read it. Experience it. Love it or hate it. But read it.


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