Top 10 Tuesday: Beach Books

Another Tuesday, another Top 10 list of the brokeandbookish blog meme.

This one is the actual current one. Wow. I know. I am current, who would have thought that that would ever happen, ever?

This weeks Top 10 is all about Beach books, and the ones that i would have in my beach bag this summer or the ten books that i think make great beach reads. And to be honest the second part is more likely since i will not go to the beach. Or the pool. I have neither one as an option or near me. Still. Beach reads are fun easy or just overall books that you just want to read in one sitting.

And i do have a few of those books that i would love to share. So here it goes.

Here are my top 10 easy read, can't put down, have to take everywhere books.

1. Manhunting by Jennifer Cruise

This is my favorite Jennifer Cruise book. I read a few of hers, i love a nice funny romance in between heavier -mostly historical or non-fiction- books that leave me a bit heavy hearted or just stay in my head a long time after finishing the book. This book is one of my favorites to read after such a heavy book.

Manhunting is fun and easy and laugh-out-loud hilarious at some parts but overall it is just a very quick and easy and enjoyable read.

Cruise writes it fantastically, slightly sarcastic on some parts but overall just a honest very real life situation of a woman trying to find her match. And to many aspects failing. There is also no "instant-love" between anyone, which i prefer even in my romance novels or overall chick-fick books, because lets be honest here, nobody falls in love with a person after seeing them for a second. You have to get to know someone to be able to actually love them.

Overall this book is hilarious, funny, quick witted and slightly sarcastically written. The main character Kate is very human and just makes it fun to read. And the men in the story are mostly just head shaking or laughing stock, but nicely written as well.

This is just a quick, easy, funny and lovable book that you can enjoy in a few hours and be happy about having read it, because it will leave you loving it and in many aspects happy that you did not had to live through Kate's holiday.

A little fact on the side, it seems that this book is no longer available in print form, at least on, but it is available in kindle form and most people do prefer that on the beach or on holiday anyways, so there is that.

2. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

This is not as easy and fun of a read as "Manhunting" but it is still a fantastic read. I read this book mostly in one sitting -i had to take a break because i had to do something else that i could not push back otherwise i would have read it in one sitting, straight through.

It is a fantastic book, a fantastic story and different.

It is not necessary something that you have read before, but it is a fantastically told story.

You learn something, you step into a different live. You learn to see the world through the eyes of someone that had it hard. You learn to appreciate what you had/have in your live and with your family.
You understand that not every time and every plan in your live goes as you wish, but that is okay. Do your best, try your best and that is all you can do.

This book is a life lesson as well as just a fantastic story, depending on what you want it to be.
And it shows you another world of flowers in a nicely told story between two people and how flowers can bring people together -or push them apart.

This is a book to me that i recommend to just about anyone and find that everyone should read it. Maybe they won't love it as much as i did, but everyone should try. It overs such a different perspective of the world and of a live that i have not yet found in many other books.

Give this book a chance, even if you don't like flowers or different stories, because it might surprise you, it clearly surprised me, because i gone into this book thinking: oh, i am sure that i won't like this very much. Because i don't enjoy flowers very much and don't really see the sense in them being cut down and sold and while i do love different life stories, this one was still one that i was unsure about going in. But after the first thirty -if even that- pages i was hooked. I was done, i had to read this book and could not put it down.

Still, this is not a fun and easy story, but i think that especially on a beach sometimes it is good to read something that will put you somewhere else and shows you how good you actually have it in your life.

3. Annihilation (or the entire bind of Area X) by Jeff VanderMeer

This is not a book for everyone, I have to say that.

I personally loved it. (You can hear me rave in my actual Book Review here on this blog if you want to.) But i can see that not everyone will.

It is different. It is strange. It is something else.

In a way it is a dystopian adult book, but it is not really a dystopian book and in a way more a thriller and mystery and in a way maybe even Sci-fi.

The story is the first part of the Southern Reach trilogy and is about a group of four women that is send into this Area X to see what the can find out and avoid being contaminated by Area X itself. What ever that means.

And that is just about all that should be told about this book because everything else should be read.

For one it is not a long book, which makes it easy to take to a beach. And then it takes you somewhere completely different.

And in some ways i think that this book and how it is written is a good book to read somewhere where it is light and airy and clearly not where this book takes place in.

And if you love it there are two more books in this series that you can continue on and have it be the series that you read through vacation.

And then there is the fact that i found it fantastic and recommend that people give it a go. So, please, do so.

4. Dead until Dark -or Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Band 1- by Charlaine Harris

Okay lets start with i did not love this series but i actually enjoyed the first book in it. And i never watched the TV show even though i could only aways see the actor that play's Eric on the show after seeing him in an episode preview, because he is kind of perfect for how the character is described in the book. So loved that.

This first book is on this list because it is a fast easy fun read. It is a very fast read, it shouldn't take you more then a few hours at the most, and it still is fun enough to read that you won't get board through it. And if you want, you can read a few of the other books after finishing this one and keep your entire vacation or holiday filled with those kind of books and keep it fun and easy and not realistic at all. Which in itself is fun, lets face it and be real here.

It is a more or less typical chick-flick, vampire fun, easy to read and never thought about again book, that i find kind of perfect for the summer time and someone that just wants to read something that they don't have to ponder or think about constantly.

As i said, this is not a book that will win any kind of price and to be honest i found the sex scenes a bit... repressive lets use that word. But you can skimp over those if you want and the rest of the story is just a fun, easy, quick read that will give you enough reading material throughout your entire trip.

5. Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

I have also review this book before, so if you want to go completely in depth read that one, please.

But in short: i loved this book. It is a very nice and short book that is not as easy or fun as some of the other books on this list, but completely worth the read.

It is a Peter Pan story, told by Tinkerbell about the live of Tiger Lily. So not do you get to spend you vacation in Neverland, but you also learn more about Tiger Lily and her life on the island, as well as get to know Tinkerbell better because it is told from her perspective.

It is a breathtaking story about life and its hardships, and wonders, and changes. About letting go and holding on. About friendships and family and hate and hurtful people. It is about wanting one thing but having to live and survive with another. It is about life.

This book is not even 300 pages and manages to tell a story that covers an entire lifetime of topics in a fantastic way and shows that not all childhood stories always tell what really happens -just as real life.

Read this one and fall in love not only with the characters and how they are told, but the writing and the story itself.

Get to know a different side of Neverland and why stories sometimes need to have two sides to be completely understood.

6. Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

Something completely different and for people that love punk music.

If you are one of those few people left that enjoy a bit of good Iggy Pop, a bit of Ramone, a bit of Sex Pistols every now and again and want to learn more about it, this book is for you.

I have never read anything of similar value as this and it was fantastic.

The entire book is written as if you -the reader- is sitting inside a room with all the big punk rockers that talk to you or each other. They go through different topics of music and life itself and it is just fantastic.

I can't describe how nicely done this book is. The Authors took different interviews from all those different musicians and put it together so that it makes sense together.

I really can't tell you what this book is all or about or why it is worth reading, but i loved it. It is fantastic. It showcases a complete picture of this style of music - from the start of Punk through the eighties overall and how the music scene of that time worked- and takes you to a place that you might never have known otherwise.

This is a fantastically written book and if you love music, especially the "older" actual rock or punk version of music, this is for you. Read it and get to know the musicians that you love in a more personal level and what they thought.

And if you don't know the music, read this and get to know the music and learn to love it. Because there is something in this musical genre that everyone will love, just give it a change. This book deserves it.

7. Misery by Stephen King

Yet again a style and genre change in the books and yet again something different.

If you have not yet read Misery, what the heck is keeping you?

I loved this book. I first read it when i was... twelve? Thirteen? I am not sure somewhere around that. Maybe i was ten? I don't know. Before you judge, my mom always had the firm believe that if you want to read something, read it and if you can't handle it put it aside. But rather then tell me what i should read, she let me find my own style and books i loved no matter which age group the book fell into and that made me read, and read, and read, and read. So it clearly work and i am still a functioning person. Mostly. So no harm done here.

And by the way, I loved it. it was fantastic. It is fantastic. It is the perfect Thriller and Psychocrime book that you need on a vacation.

This is one of the best books out there. one of the best from King himself, so just give it a chance and read it. And by the way? Vacation time is perfect for this book because you will spend how ever many hours you need to get through this book in one sitting once you started, because you literary can not put this book down once you started because you just have to know what will happen next. So there is that. Interested yet? Just to on and give it a try.

 No more words needed.

Just take it with you and read it, you will love it, i am sure.

8. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Alright i have no order of any kind in this list. But that does not matter. That was not the sense behind this list, so why should i put myself in order for it simply to have order in it? Right? Right.

So a classic has to be included because... well just because.

And i loved Anna Karenina. Don't let yourself be stopped by its size. It is big, yes i know.

But the stories of this book are fantastic. They are so interesting and different and really keep you interested in the book until the last page.

The only think that i do have to say is that you should not just expect Anna Karenina's story in this book. I personally don't understand why Tolstoy didn't just call the book "The Karenina's" or something of that nature, because Anna is not more part of the story then most other characters, but still.

I loved this story. And the names are not confusing at all, at least they weren't to me.

The characters are real, and interesting. The book showcases a different time and place in history and the world that you are most likely not part of or never have been part of -and most likely never will since it is history and all that.

And for such a thick book it is a very easy and fast read overall. I think it took me two days? I think so. And i was... twelve? I think so. So you should be able to work your way through this book pretty well and fast. And really if you want to read a thick book that might take you a week, what time is better then your vacation when you have that time to spend?

Anna Karenina is a must read for me, because it is just so good that everyone should give it a try. And i really do think that everyone will love this book if they just give it the right chance.

Don't expect a typical story, don't expect perfect characters.

Go into this book with a clean sleight and expect human, sometimes a bit strange characters and you will be fine.

Added bonus? There are so many beautiful editions out of this book that you will find one that you love and most likely even one that is free. So there is that.

And now on too two books that I hope to read this summer and would be in my beach bag if i would be going to the beach or on vacation

9. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I don't think that there are many people left that have not yet heard about this book.

It is supposed to be a fantastic story, a bit fantasy, a bit mystery, a bit magical. A book that you can read in one go, or take your time with. Either why it is supposed to be one that will take you away from the world and into a magical place were you wish magic would actually be real.

That sounds like something that is perfect for someone that is not going anywhere physically, at least i can be taken to a different world mentally. Right?

10. Longhorn by Jo Baker

This is on this list for two reasons.

Lets start with the first one. It has been on my shelf for too long without being read.

And secondly it is supposed to be a fantastic story. Pride and Prejudice told from the servants perspective, or in other worlds the "romantic time period" told from a servant that clearly did not have it as easy as those more rich and "my only problems i getting a good husband" girls in most of those classical tails of that time period.

This story is apparently telling the story of Sarah, a servant -an orphaned housemaid to be more exact- that spends her days scrubbing the laundry, polishing the floors and emitting the chamber pots of the Bennet household -so the Pride and Prejudice main characters.

It is supposed to be a romance, heartbreaking and at the same time mysterious and interesting. Taking you into the story with a vivid and fantastic writing and great storyline.

I am interesting and i own it already. What more can i want? I only hope it is really good. Because that would make it perfect.

Alright those are my top 10 Beach read book choices.

What are the ones that you would take or are taking?

Are they similar? Are they wide ranged as this list, or are you very specific genre type of reader on vacation?

Let me know in the comments.

Write more later....


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