Top 10 Tuesday: books I'll probably never read

Another Tuesday, another Top 10 post from the weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish.
Another older one but i wanted to one that seems fun and easy to for me to do and the newer ones are all a bit hard. This one is not old. It is from may 5, of this year, so earlier this month. But still. Not the one from the current week.

Still, this one was fun , because i do have a little list of books in my head that i am just not interested in reading even though people all around me seemed to love it.

I do have a few on this list that are more general books by one author, but still, it goes with this because i will not be reading those books. So that counts for me to list them here.

Also: I am not saying that i will never ever read the books listed here, but i have not yet read those books and i don't plan to read them in the near future or at all. That does not mean that i will not read them sometime in the future because I am fully in the believe that reading tastes change and that i will never not read something simply because it is not "cool" or "in" when i want to read a book. 
This list is just a list of books that i don't feel like or plan to reading for the reasons listed as of this moment. 

And lastly, I am not saying that those books are bad or never deserved to be read, just that i don't think they are worth my time. Overall any book that you personally enjoy reading, go read that. There is a reason why all those different books exist, so that everyone can find something that they enjoy.

On this list are just the ones that i personally am not found of.

So here it goes:

1. Anything by John Green:
Yup. Sorry. I read Looking for Alaska because it was something that you had to read, and i just did not see anything worth reading throughout the entire book. I am sorry but John Green just does not write about topics that i find interesting -constant death of characters or the rather lofty way he writes his characters without much depth to them? I don't know, its just not something that i enjoy reading about.
I know how much people love either all his books or at least a few of them, but i just don't. And i have no interest in reading anything else after reading that tone book and not enjoying it.
So i am pretty sure i won't read anything by him. At least not from what has come out until now because i am just not interested in it.
Or at least nothing that he writes on his own. I can't say that i will never read a book that he wrote with someone else, but his books that he wrote alone, i just don't find very appealing.

2. Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer: 
I have not read those books. Not when they came out and were said to be fantastic books, simply because i had a different option on vampires then what was portrait in the books. I grew up with Buffy and Angel, do i need to say more? I don't think so.
Also I started reading one or two chapters in the library from those books and just found the writing not to my liking so i am pretty sure i will not be reading this series, if people don't get me to change my mind. I just don't enjoy reading about the kind of relationship that is portrait in this book series and i don't know... i just don't plan to read this series.

3. Hunger Game Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
Yeah... i have not yet read this series and even though i do have it on my amazon Wishlist -because when i get them cheap i might read them someday- but honestly... i didn't find that the plot of those books sounded that good, or the overall dystopian world of those books sounded that interesting. And i know that this series is seen and marketed as "Harry Potter" similar, but honestly i just did not feel the need to read it and have no plans to read it.

4. Anything written by Harper Lee
I know that "To Kill a Mockingbird" is a cult favorite and overall international loved books but i hated it. I can not remember the last book that i hated as much as this book.
I did not like the writing style, how the story was told and overall just the entire book was nothing for me. And i know how many people are so excited to read this new book that Lee is coming out with -or came out with what do i know?- but i do not plan on reading anything by her, ever. And i don't plan to ever re-read "To Kill a Mockingbird", so i hope that i never ever have to read Harper Lee ever again, because i am sorry but i am not a fan of her writing.

5. Life of Pi by Yann Martel
This is another one of those books that people "have" to read, but honestly i just not a fan of this book and i have started this once and didn't enjoy the story. So i will not try it again. It is just not one that i want to read or enjoy reading -at least not how this specific book is written. I don't know. i just did not like the book when i started it, i didn't find the story plot so interesting that i feel like i am really missing something if i don't read it. And that is it. I don't have any reason to read it so i won't.

6. The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Yeah, short and simple here. Not interested in the plot or story itself and so i won't be reading this one anytime soon - or you know, ever.

7. Dune by Frank Herbert
Which i make as short and sweet as the #7, i am just not interested in this book and don't see the need to read it because it doesn't sound like something that i have to read or need to read or generally in need to have in my life to be happy with it. So i will survive without reading this one.

8. The House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
Another one of those series that i just don't see the sense in and i think i just overall outgrown this kind of book. And that kind of says a lot because i normally don't put an age group on books since i believe that everyone can read anything at any age if they enjoy it. But those books just sound so 8 year old. I am sorry. Not going to happen.

9. Anything by Nicolas Sparks
I tried reading one of his books and i made it through but it was horrible. Good god! That is most likely the most horrible romance writing i have ever read. Everything can be for seen before you even start the actual book and what is the point of reading it when you know exactly what happens? Exactly. So no. Thanks.

10. The "there is just this one way" books
Anything that is overly done on how someone should behave or how things should be, for example a religious book that tells you: you have to.... to be good. Or you will be bad if you....
Those kind of books are nothing that i enjoy reading.
I enjoy reading about religion and how it can help others, how it is part of their live and how it important and all that. I get that, i understand it and sometimes i enjoy reading about it. I enjoy all the differences and similarities that can be found in all of the world religions and i love learning about the.
This book theme goes to more then just religion, since while i do not enjoy being told that i am bad because i don't go to church -or something like that- i also don't like to be told by a book that i will never be happy because i am not married. Or never had a boyfriend. Or ... enjoy looking at an actress and find her pretty because ... the devil will get me if i look at the same sex person and actually see them. Or that i have to eat something specific to live healthy. I am sorry but nobody can tell me to do something and be happy with that if they don't know how my life is and so books that tell me what i should do -in a there is no other way then this, because this is the only right way!- i don't like and don't want to read, ever.
I think that just goes to show that I do not like being told how i have to behave to be... right or good or not bad or healthy or what ever the book is about. There is not overly right or wrong way of living. And i don't enjoy books that tell people exactly that, that there is just one way and no other.

So what about you?
Does any of you have books that you won't be reading, or books that are on my list, that you think are worth reading, either because they are better then what people think or are exactly the opposite to what  i listed in my reasons as why i am not reading them?

Let me know a few of the books that you don't enjoy or read and don't want to ever pick up again.

Write to more later...


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