Top 10 Tuesday: Books recently added to to-be-read list

So i stumbled onto this blog Brokeandbookish that i am sure many other have already heard about or at least know about or are following regularly. But i am new to all of this, so i just found it. And i find the idea of always posting a top ten every week about different topics very interesting. It is such a cute idea and offers so many options on getting to know someone. 

And yes it is about books -again! 
At the moment it will be more about books on this blog then about other topics, because for one i am not at home at the moment and don't have much else to talk about and then there is the fact that i am still trying to figure out what i want to do with this blog and what i enjoy talking about. 

Books are just an easy topic for me because for one i enjoy reading and secondly it is easy for me to talk about what i enjoy -or not- about books that i know about. So there is that.

I hope that once i get into a rhythm with this blog and know better what i am comfortable talking about on here, that will have a wider spectrum of topics and every day is a bit different, but for now... 

All trail and error here, people. 

But thats okay. You live and you learn, right?

So anyways... 

Top 10 Tuesday. 

I will not be doing this for the "current date", but rather pick the ones that i find most interesting to talk about at least for right now. That's just how i work. Go with it. Thanks. 

So the one that I am doing today is: 
The 10 books that i have recently added to my to-be-read list: 

1. Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver (German version): 
This will be my first James Bond book and maybe it is wrong to start this series with a book that has not been written by Ian Fleming, but the reason that this book is on my list is that i bought is for not even 4 Euros in a book shop and i just thought, why not? And bought it and now it is on top of my list because i am curious. And also... because i read something of Deaver's before and loved it, he has a very nice thrilling writing style and that combined with the fact that i always wanted to read a James Bond, it kind of came together nicely. 
That being said, i have not checked if people enjoyed this book or not, because as i said I just came across it and didn't look for it, but just bought it. But to be honest, i rather read a book myself because i have read quite a few books that most people hated -HATED- i just loved because they might have been weird but they were different and i appreciated that. So we will see if i like this book or not. Or if i regret starting James Bond books completely out of order and not from Ian Fleming. 

2. Red 1-2-3 by John Katzenbach (German version): 
Just like with the first book, this book was an impulse buy. I saw the Hardback version for not even 10 Euros and it sounded interesting enough (in very short: Someone is killing redheads and calling himself the Big Bad Wolf) and i just took it and didn't think to long about it. Just like with the Deaver book, i already read something of Katzenbach before and enjoyed it and so i saw this and just thought how bad can a Psychothriller be? And thats the reason that this is on my TBR now. 

3. Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King: 
Really simply said, it has been ages since I have read anything by King and it is time to get back into it. And i love -LOVE- his older stuff and have not yet been positively surprised by his newer books but i heard fantastic things about this book and so it landed on top of my list -i just have to get my hands of it since i don't own it yet. 

4. The Cuckoo's calling by Robert Galbraith (or you know Rowling but what ever): 
I had this book on my list since it came out. But i was quite badly burned with Casual Vacancy by Rowling because when i got that book -Vacancy i mean- everyone raved about it and i hated that took. I mean it was not terrible, but it was not good in anyway way and too much of a try to not be a children's book or similar to one, so that i did not enjoy it at all. 
Then this book came out and it sounded good. It seemed interesting. People raved about it -yet again- but i was hesitant because ... well once burned and all that. I did not want to pick up another book by Rowling that she tried to hard to not be Harry Potter in her writing style. I just didn't. So i did not pick it up for quite a while, but then Amazon had this nice little sale for this book that made me think: why not for this price? How bad can it be? 
And so now i have it. And i should read it soon. Because i want to. And i am curious. And i won it now. So i should read it. 

5. The Country of Ice Cream Star by Sandra Newman: 
The first new release of 2015 on this list. And i just wanted to know what this is about to be honest. I read the summary of it, i thought it sounded interested with a devastating plague and trying to survive in it. And i have not yet read that many dystopians especially not dystopian thrillers (it would be my first one) so that i just want to see what this is all about. 

6. The Cage by Megan Shepherd: 
Another new realize of 2015, this is also a young adult book and also a bit of a dystopian world book if you want, since it is about teens that are held captive in a human zoo by an otherworldly race. And you know what? That sounded interesting to me and on my list it went. It will come out in a few days and i will see when i get my hands on it to read it, but i plan to in the next few weeks. I just was always quite interested in seeing more perspectives about how people would like it to be treated like animals. So why not read this and see how it is?
And to be completely honest as well, it just sounded nothing like anything i read before and that made it interesting to me as well. I am like that. Give me a book that doesn't sound like something that i read before and i want to read it and see if it really is something new. 

7. The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson:
Another thriller/crime/murder book. I stumbled across this one on Printerest with the title: Books with interesting plot twists. I am all for interesting plot twits. And on my to be read list it went. Yes that easy. 

8. The Luckiest Girl alive by Jessica Knoll: 
I saw the description of the book: HER PERFECT LIFE IS A PERFECT LIE -written exactly like this and i kind of just wanted to go right ahead and read it. I like books that showcase not very perfect lives of their characters because lets be honest, nobodies live is perfect. It might look like it from he outside, but nobody has the perfect life all the time. And if you do, you are so unbelievable lucky. But i am pretty sure that most people will attest to that their lives are not perfect. So i want to read this and see what this luckiest girl alive has in her life that makes it not perfect. And also... the cover? Kind of beautiful in its simplicity. 

Those last two books are books that have been on my TBR list for a few month and are always on top of it but i have not yet read for some reason but i want to so i put them on this list in hopes that i will get to them sooner when i list them again. Logic? Not really, but huge amounts of hope is good sometimes too...

9. All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr: 
This is a book that does not need much more then that i have not read it yet. I had it on my selves for a few month and have not yet picked it up because i did not have the time yet for a book like this, but i want to read it so i should and it is on top of my list. Enough said, right?

10. Inferno by Dan Brown: 
I bought this shortly after it came out and have not yet read it. Which is just stupid lets be honest here because normally i might not love Brown's books -they are not that special or unique to be honest- but they are always fun and easy to read and good books to read fast and easy over one or two days. In other words it is a fantastic book to put in between heavier reads or harder reads or just generally books that take a while to get through. But i have not yet "used" this book for those purposes and because of that i should just pick it up without a reason other then to want to read it. And i will. Clearly since i put it here on this list i have to now! Right? Right. 

Alright those are my top ten books on my TBR, which i hope to get to very soon or as soon as they come out, or will hopefully finally read after being on my shelf for years. 

What are some of the books (or movies) you plan to read (or see) in the next few weeks?
Do you have any new releases that you are excited about? 
Any recommendations that i have to know about?

Write more later....


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