Top 10 Tuesday: Top Ten most Anticipated Releases for the Rest of 2015

Can you believe it another one that is current on "Top 10 Tuesday" from "The Broke and the Bookish"? I can't. Still i am doing it so lets get into it:

Here are my Top 10 Books that I wait to be released and read and hopefully get to in the rest of 2015.

This list is not made in the order of "most anticipated" to "least anticipated", but expected publication or release date that i found either on Amazon or on Goodreads. That is because that was the easiest way that i could found to order those books without overthinking it all, because honestly.... I am excited to read just about any book that i can get my hands on and new releases that I have no change on being spoiled on are one of my favorites.

Oh and those -of course- are not all of the books that i am anticipating to come out so that i can read them, but i had to start somewhere, so those are the first 10 that i could find that come out between June and November of this year.

1. Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas (June 2nd)

This first book is a debut novel about impossible friendships and hope in strange situations. Which, come on, sounds pretty great without much else. At least to me it does.

It is supposed to be a powerful, dark and at the same time humorous book about best friends that never actually meet. And even better, this book is about two boys on the opposite ends of the world that are best friends throughout all problems that stand in their way.

And even better, this books is about two boys that are not healthy.

One of the boys is allergic to electricity -which clearly brings on huge problems on in todays world- and the other who has a weak heart.

I always enjoy reading books that are not about love or finding it, but actual real world problems. Being sick and surviving, finding joy and love throughout actual real life difficult situations that is not romanticized or dramatized. Finding people that can relate and be there for you no matter what without wanting something or hoping to get something out of the situation.

It might be bit much for a one book, but i do hope that this books actually captures the problems that teenagers can go through, trying to find their moments -of love, life, happiness- while also having to survive a difficult illness and everything that comes with being an actual chronicle ill teenager. But supposedly this book can do all that, so i can't wait to read this and see for myself.

2. The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi (June 16th)

This book is supposedly a fun, romantic read that is easy and charming full of first loves, lifelong friendships uncovered secrets and finding how to be brave. Which honestly sounds like a fantastic summer read. And since it comes out in the middle of June that is kind of perfect.

The only thing that i am a bit unsure about is that this book is written in alternating then and now chapters, and in most cases that can go either fantastically or really, really bad -no in between. At least that is how in my experience this kind of writing goes.

But i am excited to read a cute, funny story anyways and i always love a good debut book, so i can't wait for this one.

3. The Captive Conditions by Kevin P. Keating (July 7th)

For just one second, step away from the more romantic, and/or contemporary life books into a horror/thriller book.

Apparently this book is one that brings readers into "ht deepest recesses of the human capacity for evil" and honestly, doesn't that just sound fantastic for a good thriller or horror book? I think so.

To give a very brief summary of the story line: A woman is found drowned in the pool, leaving her lover responsible for her twin daughters. And from that point on the story starts to evolve in someway, somehow. And honestly i don't want to know too much about it, because i prefer to read horror/thriller books without knowing to much about it.

I love the suspense and not knowing what will happen in the next second or on the next page when i read a horror book.

4. The Astrologer's Daughter by Rebecca Lim (July 9th)

So back to a bit more "harmless" books, meaning no thriller or horror.
I am not sure if this book should be defined as a mystery or a "magical realism" or something of that nature. To be honest, i saw the cover and the title and then clicked on the book to read the summary of it and found it all inserting enough so that it landed on my list. Jupp, i am that easy.

So overall this book is apparently about a girl who's mother is an astrologer with unnatural good predictive powers and a history of being stalked and how she has gone missing. But the girl has inherited her mother's gift and she begins to piece the mystery together herself.

There is more -of course there is- but honestly i read those parts and wanted the books, so if you want to learn more about it, go check out the book yourself, you just have to click on the title and get taken to the site were you can read the entire summary.

But am excited for this book and I am waiting for an interesting, real and at the same time mysterious read. And seeing that this book is apparently on the long lists for all those different Awards, so i want to see what it is all about before there is too much talk about it.

5. Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman (August 25th)

This is the first book of a series that features real historic aspects of Alexander the Great but instead of having "just" real people, this book also has actual gods. It is written about Alexander himself and how he is fated to conquer the world, which i find very intruding. I love a good history book with a spin on it, i love it if a fantasy book binds in actual historical aspects into its story and brings in people that are known from history and evolves into a more fantastical story. I just enjoy those -if they are done well. Which i hope this book will be.

What i do have to say is that, while i am excited about this book, i will not be racing out and buy this book on the day it comes out. Not because i don't want to read it right away, but because it is a fantasy book and i have quite a few of those only my shelves already, so that i don't want to add another one right away. That does not however mean that i am not very excited about this and the possibility of how much i could love this new book series. I do however hope that i will get my "to-be-read" pile down to a number where i can buy this book this year, since i am excited to read it.

6. Cut both ways by Carrie Mesrobian (September 1st)

The Book here is not the typical love story, it is about a boy that gets his first kiss from another boy. And that in itself would not necessarily make a "different" book, but it is about the story where Will notices that while he enjoys kissing another boy, he is also interested in girls.

And that is what this book is about. "Cut Both ways" is about the conflicts of figuring out who you love, who you would choose and what to do. How do you know if you are gay? Or straight? How can you figure it out without hurting someone, possible yourself?

I really hope that this book lives up to the expectations i have about really showcasing the struggles that a person might live through trying to figure out his sexuality also well as having to deal with other problems at home.

I really enjoy reading books that take me into a different perspective, into a situation that i would not experience normally. I enjoy those because they really show what books are all about: setting you inside a world that you would never experience otherwise.

I don't know what it is to be a guy -first of all- and then i don't know what it feels like to be unsure if you enjoy both sexes seemingly equally. And while i think i might know how i would react if that would be the case, i am very interested in reading about how other people see the situation and how they react to it and deal with it.

So i am just really hoping that this book really shows a light into the difficult situations and problems of having to decide what to at a young age.

7. The Next together by Lauren James (September 3rd)

Another book that is a bit different. A book about teenagers that are being born again and again, changing history, falling in love and being separated again. It is said that it is a powerful and epic debut novel and apparently the first in a series.

I am interested in it because to me it sounds interesting to see where the author will take this story. Will she include historical events and change them, write more about what could have should have might have? Will it be another Romeo and Juliet scenario where there is lots of empty words and tragic death scenes? A combination? Will it be focused on love and lost? Or on what could happen if things where different? How one person can make a change? Of even teenagers have power to change the world if they want to? How sometimes difficult choices can make a better tomorrow for you, for everyone around you, even it if its hard at the moment?

I clearly don't have the answers to all those questions right now, but i am really excited to see where the author takes this book and want to read it as soon as i can. Which hopefully will be shortly after it comes out, since that is still quite a while away.

8. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (September 29th)

At the end of September another new Series releases its first book and i want to see what it is all about.

I heard about this book in the following words and was hooked and wanted my hands all over it and start to read it, RIGHT THIS SECOND. Which you know isn't going to happen since i will have to wait at least until the end of September. But still.

So i read: "Games of Thrones meets Ocean's Eleven" and that was it. I wanted it.

I LOVE Ocean's Eleven. And just about any other good robbery movie that i ever watched for reasons that people can figure out for themselves. But anyways... i love a good robbery book. And while i am still actually more or less physically fighting my way through The Song of Ice and Fire series -or Games of Thrones which ever name you want to use, same thing- i do enjoy the historic world of those kinds of books, normally at least.

So having the really nice combination of intelligent criminals working together what i would imagine a bit of an older times scenery? Sounds fantastic. Give it to me! Right now! Or you know... at the end of September. Still exciting. Can't wait. Lets go on to the next book.

9. Avenue of Mysteries by John Irving (November 3rd)

I needed a Mystery on this list, and what is better then a book that actually hast he word in the title?

I don't know overly much about this book, and you should know by now that i do prefer that for most books.

For this book i only know that it is about an older man that takes a trip to the Philippines and during his travels he has dreams and/or memories.

I don't know what kind of dreams or memories. If they are good or bad or what happens in the actual story. I knot that the book is about the story of what happened to this man, in his life, in his past, in his memories and how all that collides with the future. And that is enough to make me interested in the book.

I am mostly interested to read this book because it is not about a teenager or a young adult. Or even the typical adult. It is about an older man. And i don't read very many books about people that are not in their youth or around them and i wish i could find more books that include them. I did read a few books, but most of them are either about the difficulties of being old, or about people already in nursery homes or such situations. So i am really interested to see how this book is written and where it will take me throughout its story.

And just to say it: I also love the cover! It is simple and easy but also very much an eye catcher.

10. Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe (November 19th)

And as the last book, this one.

I have not read "What if?" by this author, bit it is supposed to be a fantastic book and i do have it on my list of books to read (with about half of the books that exist on earth, but who cares?).

But this one sounds really nice as well. This book explains things using only drawings and vocabulary of most common words. I loved the quote of "many of the things we use every day" are explained as "food-heating radio boxes (microwaves) or very tall roads (bridges) and other worlds around our sun (the solar system)". It sounds really interesting and as if it would put you into a different perspective of how our world around us actually looks.

I am always up for reading or looking through a book that will give me new perspectives on live, as i already said before, no matter what situation. I love to read book about different live situations that i most likely never be in. But I also love books that show me the world that I live in through different eyes. Maybe by pointing out situations and events from a different viewpoint that i personally experienced or at least lived through the outcome of. Or just generally shows me my world through a different perspective, for example how someone that does not know the actual words of everyday objects might describe them or name them.

I just thought the idea of this books sounded fantastic and if it would be a rally nice book and just generally a fantastic time to read through. So i can't wait to get this one and see what it really is all about and how nicely it is done to see if actually enjoy it or not.

This is it. Those are the 10 most anticipated books for me that come out in the next few month.

What are some of yours?

Did i list a few that are also on your list of most-anticipated?
Do you have recommendations for some?

Let me know, i can't wait to hear more about what books are waited on and maybe get even more that i can put on my list to read.

Write more later.


  1. Ahhh, I want to read so many of these too! And quite excited to see The Astrologer's Daughter on your list! That's an Aussie book. *waves flags for own country* It was quite interesting. XD ANHHHH SIX OF CROWS!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT.
    Here's my TTT!

    1. I can understand country pride :) I always am quite happy to see someone read a book written by a german author. :)
      Have you already read the book? Since you said, it was quite interesting?
      And i am so happy to see another person that can't wait for Six of Crows!
      And i will go and check your TTT out right now :)

  2. The Night We Said Yes also made my list ! This is a really great list :) Cut Both Ways sound good. I guess I will add a new book on my TBR list !

    1. Thank you, i am happy that you enjoy this list. It was quite hard to narrow down to only 10 books. There are just too many books out there that need to be added to the TBR list! And i am even more happy that I gave you an idea for a book to add to your list, especially "Cut Both Ways" since i am really very excited about that one as well. So i am happy to have someone else be excited about it.

  3. I am so excited to read Because You'll Never Meet Me. It cannot come soon enough! Great list :)

    My TTT

    1. Thank you i am so happy that you enjoyed looking over the list.
      And that you also want to read "Because You'll never meet me". I always love a new kind of story that has a few different aspects that are not very often talked about in book, and illness and same sex friendships -especially between two boys that is not turned sexually- is just very rarely written about, sadly. I hope you will enjoy the book when you get to it.

  4. The Legacy of Kings is one that made my list as well! I haven't read much in the "Alexander the Great" time era, nothing at all in fact, so I am definitely anticipating that one. The Next Together also sounds really interesting and unique. I'm going to add that to my TBR...

    1. I can't remember having read a book about "Alexander the Great" either. At least not one that was not strictly History. Its funny how sometimes one book about a specific topic reminds you that you never actually read one quite like that one before. :)
      And I am glad to have given you a new book to add to your TBR list. Always nice to find new ones to add. :)

  5. Great list! Because You'll Never Meet Me is one of my most anticipated releases. I really need to hurry up and buy myself a copy! The Next Together sounds amazing too.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Thank you, i am glad you enjoyed the list.
      I haven't gotten around to getting "Because You'll never meet me" yet, either. But i hope to soon. Well its not as if they run away, if we don't get them right when they come out.


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