Top 10 Tuesday: Last Books that came into my Possession

So this weeks theme on is all about the last book that i required. Including not only those that i bought but also those from the library or review copies.

And to be honest the last books -more then 10 but you know Top 10 Tuesday is only interested in the latest 10- i have gotten are either review copies or library books.

I want to start with the library books i gotten... so i am going to do that. Because well i can do what i want on here.

So here are the latest 6 books that i have gotten from my library at the beginning of July.

1. Bag of Bones by Stephen King

The reasons that i picked this is up... well King. Do i need more reasons?
Okay, well it was one of the choices for my buddy read this month and i got it and then we decided to read "A Court of Thorns and Roses" by Sarah J. Maas. But i have already gotten it from the library.
And it is Mystery book so it fits into my theme of trying to read a few Mystery books this month. So there is that. And once again, Stephen King wrote this book. Even though the cover is horrible. I mean, really? I know this book is old, but come on people, at no time in history people looked at this cover and thought: wow, what a wonderful cover i have to read this book!
Its horrendously ugly! Hopefully that doesn't say anything about the book itself. Because if that then, the cover might be explained. Hopefully not.

2. Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

I have only ever read "Triple" by him and did not like it.
But I heard only fantastic things about this book. And it is huge, so before i bought it, and have this huge junker of a book sitting on it, i wanted to see if i even like it, or if i am just generally not a fan of his writing. And you know what is great about libraries? You can bring a book back if you don't like it and nobody cares. Of if you don't get to it in the month you have it for, you can take it back and check it out again once later on. Jupp. Libraries... they are fantastic.

3. Never let me go by Ishiguro Kazoo

I have wanted to read this for a while. But it is expensive on Amazon. At least more then i want to spend on a book that i don't know if i enjoy as much as everyone else. I have this problem where i just don't love the books that other people LOVE, which is actually to say that most books that people rave about i don't enjoy even half as much as all those millions of people that say they love it. So i have become a bit reluctant to buy a book after hearing to much rave, because i have been burned. Badly. Quite a few times. And i don't want to do that anymore. And my library had this book. So... Libraries? Fantastic. I have to say it again.

4. Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

I was so surprised to see it there and i wanted to read it since i first saw it ... somewhere, can't remember where i saw it first anymore. It has been a while.
It sounds fantastic and it is book about Iceland. Who doesn't want to learn more about Iceland? So when i saw it i grabbed it and brought it home. Now i just have to actually read it.

5. Memories of a Geisha by Arthur Golden 

This is a book that i wanted to read for years.
 I heard about it a little after it came out for the first time and i wanted to read it right then and there. I didn't clearly, since i still have it on a list for books i want to read. But i love stories about other cultures, and specific important "characters" of those cultures. And Geisha's kind of always fascinated me and i want to learn more about them, because... well just because.

6. The other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

I was actually hoping for the White Queen. But my Library does not have that. So i will have to buy it. But once again i want to make sure that before i spend my money on a book series that has a huge amount of books in them, that i actually like how the author writes. And i never read anything by Gregory before. And i enjoy a good Tudor story. And i don't need anymore reasons because... library book.

Alright so those where the latest 6 books that i got from my library and hopefully get to in the month of July.

And now on to the review books that i have received in the last few days through Net-Galley.

7. Pictures of the Past by Deby Eisenberg

And honestly the reason that i requested it was because i loved the cover. And i was intrude because it is about an impressionist painting that was made stolen during the Nazi time. This book is supposed to be a compelling story that takes the reader through Chicago, Paris and Berlin and shows how history and today are interwoven. I love a good historical fiction. I love a book that brings in real aspects of history and showcases different scenarios on how history can influence futures.
By the way, this came out on August 9th, 2011 if you are interested because of my little blurb right there.

8. Havana Jazz Club by Lola Mariné

This is a book about a young woman that falls in love with a man and follows him to Spain, leaving her Family and life behind in Cuba. But the man she followed into a new life turns out to be not the man she thought he was and she finds herself in trouble and nowhere to go.
I liked that this book is by a Spanish author, and that she is a licensed psychologist so i expect a good psychological romance with this, that showcases the real hardships on finding out that our partner is not who you thought he was and how to deal with that. And also... i was just interested to read about other cultures. What can i say? I love books about different countries that i never been to before and see how they deal with situations.
This book comes out August 25th.

9. Deceptive Cadence by Katie Hamstead

This is the first book in a new series -Cadence #1. It is a new Adult romance book and i haven't read one of those in a while. I wanted a fast and easy read and this sounded like one of those.
The summery that sounded good to me is rather simple: "Cadence Anderson has the perfect definition of happily ever after... until she doesn't"
There is more but i found that interesting enough to want to read it. I will hopefully get to it soon.
This came out on June 30, 2015.

10. Disaster Capitalism by Antony Loewenstein 

This is a Nonfiction book and i do try to read at least one each month because i think that those books are what you need to remember the actual nonfiction world out there.
This is a book by an award-winning journalist that has traveled across the US, Britain, Afghanistan,  Pakistan and other countries and witnessed the reality of Disaster Capitalism -the hidden world where people actually capitalize on disasters. This book is supposed to reveal the dark history of how large multinational corporations have become more powerful than governments and are supported by media and political elites and how little the "normal" people really know about it.
I thought that it sounded really interesting to learn more about how people profit from horrible disasters and maybe learn a bit about how other nations are handling it. Or maybe get an idea on how horrible the world can sometimes be.
This book comes out on September 15th.

Like always this is a big mixture of different genres, but that is how i read.

I don't like sticking to one specific genre, i want to read all kinds of things and learn from it. Our world is vast! Books showcase that in the most wonderful ways. They can take us all to moments and in situations we would never experience otherwise. And maybe sometimes that is a good thing, but sometimes it also shows us how good we actually have it and maybe gives us a little reminder of how bad things can be.

That has gotten darker then i wanted it to go. Sometimes the writing just gets away from me. Doesn't matter, since it is true, so i am just going it let it stand there.

Anyways... this is it. The last 10 books i have gotten from my library or through NetGalley to review.

I have not bought a book yet this month, which i have to say i am rather proud of myself for because amazon had a few fantastic deals on books that i wanted for a while, but i stopped myself.

Because there are two things happening this month.

The first on the 15th is the Prime-day on amazon, where there are supposed to be fantastic sales coming and i want to wait and see which great deals they make during that day.

And the other thing is that on the 18th of this month because then there is a huge book sidewalk sale in a little English bookshop where paperbacks are 0.95€ and hardbacks are 1.95€ and i want to stock up there and i really don't need anymore books in one month then those that i will most likely get during that fantastic sale.

And any amazon deal can't get near those prices, so i will wait and see if i can get a few good ones there. If not amazon will still be there when i get back. It always is, so i am going to wait those few days until those sales come and see what i can get myself.

What books have you been getting lately?

And recommendations?
Any good books that you want to share that you have gotten or read lately?

Do you get books from your library that you want to try out because you enjoy the freedom of not having to read them, because it is no problem giving them back unread?

Let me know i am curious to learn more about the books you have been getting.

Write more later....


  1. I've heard great things about The Other Boleyn Girl! I love your blog design. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. Thank you :)
    I just started it yesterday and have to say that at the moment it is really fantastic and as great as people say :)
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :D

  3. I've only seen the Never Let Me Go movie and it made me bawl my eyes out by the end, there was so much emotion! I've been curious about Memoirs Of A Geisha for years too but I've read so many reviews discussing how it only touches the surface of the life of a Geisha and that kind of put me off. But maybe you'll still enjoy the reading experience!

  4. Great list!
    I love Stephen King, I wish I was braver and read more books by him. But come on! His books are scary as s*it. And the cover is just awful, like you said... Most of his covers are though, I don't know what is up with that... You'd think given the awesomeness inside, the cover should reflect that, but oh well...
    Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!

    Kar @ Pause Time


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