Top 10 Tuesday: Top Ten Hyped Books I've never read

Since i did not do one of those last week, i thought i do the current Top 10 Tuesday from the broke and the bookish site this week.

This one is as the title here says the "Top Ten Hyped books i have not read".

I did a "Top 10 books I'll probably never read" post a while ago so while i know that for example John Green's books are very hyped, or the Hunger Games and quite a few others are all hyped up books that i have not read, i will not include them in this list, because i have done so already with other books and authors in that list.
So if you want to see more books that i have not yet read or will not be reading even though they are very hyped books, check out that post.

Oh and this list are not books that i won't read, just those that i have not read yet, which is another reason why those authors or books talked about in my other post are not included here, because this is a list of books that are hyped and i am interested in reading, but just haven't yet.

Alright with that out of the way, lets get started with this list.

1. The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

This is a book that i have on my list to read for 12 years now. Yeah, i am not kidding.

I read about this book somewhere in 2003 - i think amazon since that is most likely the site i saw it first that long ago- and thought it sounded fantastic. So i put it on my wishlist.

And there it stayed for the last 12 years. And at one point the hype started and i wanted to read it, but i am a bit intimidated by books that i wanted to read before the hype to read it during the hype because i always think that i might not love it as much as everyone else or as much as i hope or thought i would and so i push it back.

Still this is a hyped book. And i wanted to read it for years and years. So i really should get on with that already.

2. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Another one of those books that i have had for years on my wishlist, the only difference is that now i own this book.

And i should read it because it is just like the first book listed here one of those books that i heard about right when it came out and wanted to read it because it sounded fantastic. I have this book on my shelves for about half a year now and i have not yet read it.

I don't know why. It is not overly large or intimidating. And while the author is still very much hyped about, this book specifically is no longer the main topic. So what is keeping me? I have no idea.

3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This is clearly a hyped book. I don't think that there is anyone in the western world that has not yet heard about this book.

Be it because it is said to be the best thriller or novel for one year or the other, or because so many people read it or loved it or saw the movie because Ben Affleck shows is penis. I have no idea. By the way i only now about the movie bit because i saw Jennifer Garner on Ellen talk about it. Which by the way, was hilarious so search that on youtube if you want and watch it, fantastically hilarious those two together.

Anyways... i own this book. Because really i love a good thriller. I love a good mystery. A love a good book that has twists and turns that you can't foresee. All those things were talked about and hyped up with this book.

And i started reading it. And put it aside. And started again. And put it aside.

I am sorry but this book is BORING. Maybe that is just the first 100 pages or so. But i am fighting my way through. And i have not yet won. I will read this book. I will. But to be honest i can not see the hype of this book.

I can not get over this stupid questionnaire style of writing form Amy's point of view, which just goes on my nerves. And i can't really stand Nick who to me seems just a bit -or completely to be honest- stupid and not at all connectable.

So overall this entire story until about page 90 where i am at- has not yet lived up to the hype this book has. At all. And i really have to fight with myself to give this books 400 more pages a fighting change and actually sit down and read it. For now it went back on my shelf.

Maybe after i read another fantastic thriller -that is actually good!- i will try this one again or continue on, or you know just read this stupid book already and maybe figure out what the hype is all about. Or maybe just notice that this is one of those books that people love because others said they loved it and it isn't really that great but nobody wants to be the person that says: Oh i hated that book, because there are so many people out there that love it.

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

This book was the "Gone Girl" in 2008. And by that i mean this book was hyped up like nobodies business during 2008 and 2009. And i think also a bit of 2010.

Doesn't matter. This book is hyped up. That is quite clear. Or should be now that i said it like six times.

I have not read this. Clearly. Otherwise it wouldn't be on this list. Focus, hallo!

Okay lets try this again.

This is another thriller that is hyped up.

And while i was interested to read this book, i saw the movie first.

Because my mom loved the movie and saw the Swedish version when it came out -we never saw the american version that came out after- but i actually did not like the movie. Like at all.

It had so many illogical twists and turns and events happen that at some point of the movie i really wished i could get my hands on one of the characters and just shake them and ask if they have working brain cells left!
The characters behaved really stupidly most of the time and illogically and there was lots and lots of unnecessary sex that was just overly brutal and i thought was not really necessary or needed or in anyway helpful to the overall story. So as you can guess, while i do believe the book will most likely be better. I have a hard time believing the hype and actually wanting to pick up this book.

It is a horrible idea to watch a movie when you want to read the book. Period. But it is an even worse idea when you watched the movie and hated it to try and tell yourself to believe the hype of the wonders of this book and try to read it.

Well still. I wanted to read this book. And maybe i will. We'll see. Who knows what the future brings?

5. The White Queen (or the entire Cousins' War series) by Philippa Gregory

I think this series -and the next one book that i am talking about- is one of the few historical fiction books that people really hyped up and talked about endlessly. Which i love.

Because i love good historical fiction and i think that more people should read it because it really gives them a better understanding on how history really was -more then mostly dry history lessons at least. Sure not all aspects are fact, but in most good historical fiction books the overall premise of the book is kept real just the characters are fiction. So all in all while you read you can learn. And i love that in books.

And i love when authors of an other genre get hyped, as Historical fiction is since it is not the typical most often talked about genre there is. Lets just be honest and say it how it is. In the last few years it got a bit better and more people read and enjoy and talk about Historical fiction, but in most aspects, it is still a genre that most people think of as dry and boring to read.

So as i said i loved that this book got hyped and that i learned about it through hype.

And i really want to read it, but i have so many historical fiction books on my shelf already that i have to read that it kind of always get pushed back. This month i have "The other Boleyn Girl" by this author on my to read list because it was the only one by her that my library has. But if i love her writing i will buy this book and finally read it and see if i can get my teeth stuck into another historical fiction series that i can love. Because it has been way to long since i read a fantastic historical fiction series. And i want to see if this book is as good as the hype says it is.

6. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

If you have not heard about this book you have been living under a rock. Or behind the moon. Or somewhere very hard to reach. Because this is HYPED! And i mean that in a way that even Gone Girl can't compare to in many ways, so that should say something.

It is not a new release because it came out one year after i was born -aka 1991- but it was republished in 2005 and i think since then the hype has not stopped. And with the TV show that came out it just got even more hyped up.

This is also a book that i own already but have not yet picked up. One of the reasons for that being that it is quite a thick book and i wanted to wait until i have a week that is a bit less hectic and i can actually sit down a few hours each day and read through it relatively quick. Well what do you know? That doesn't really happen. The slow week i mean. Because if you want that to happen one thing comes after the other. And so i own the book and it waits on my shelf for me to pick it up and see what the hype is all about but i have not yet gotten to it.

Still i want to read it soon. Because i own it. And the hype? Kind of getting to me to see if it really is that good. And a long historical fiction series? I love those -as i said in the book above. So i will read this soon and see.

And now on to YA books that are hyped and i have not yet read. 

7. Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass

Or any Sarah J Mass book really. That woman seems to write pure gold if you believe the hype. I have not heard much of anything about her books that is not pure rave.

Which sounds good.

But also really intimidates me.

Because honestly... most of the books that i only hear rave reviews about end up being books that i don't necessary love. They are good. I enjoy them, but i think that they could have been better or maybe are just completely not my taste. I don't know. I have no idea. I just noticed that most books that are as hyped as this series are not as good as everyone says they are -in my option.

So i push them back on my TBR list because i don't want to read yet another series of books that i enjoy but don't love.

Still i really want to read this series because it does sound fantasist and love a good kick ass female character, since i am still in search of my new Buffy -in the i don't need any male to survive in difficult situation kind of way, not in the demon slaying and hilarious tv show short of way even though i wouldn't say no to that one either. This series sounds fantastic and is so hyped up that you can't really avoid it.

So i will be reading it soon.

Maybe. First i will be reading "A Court of Thorns and Roses" by Maas because i actually own that book - amazon has really great deals what can i say- and i am buddy reading that book this month. So first that one but after and if i enjoy her writing maybe this series. Who knows?

Still i want to see what the hype is all about. and will. Soon. Maybe.

8. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Another book i own and mostly bought because of its hype around it.

It is hyped up as a mystery thriller, fantasy book that has slight romantic aspects as well. So overall a good and well rounded book that should give me everything that i love in a book. And it is supposed to be one of those books that you read and ask yourself the entire time "Is this real? Is this really happening?" and who doesn't love those?

So once again hyped book. Want to read it. Do i need to say more at this point? I don't think so.

9. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

This book is a new release and to be honest i can not remember the last book that got so much hype by a debut author and a new release. So this HAS to be good.

It is a fantasy book but one that is not too extreme, and inspired by ancient Rome and how those time and people handled situations. That sounds really good to me and i understand the hype.

I have this book -yes another one of those- and i also started it already.

And i read the first part of this book -which is 122 pages- and while i enjoyed this book i put it down in the middle of June for some reason and picked another book up instead of continue reading this one.

I am not sure why. I enjoyed the first 120 pages just fine. It is a good book. The writing is nice. The story is good. The characters are okay.

Maybe it is because so many people hype about how the ending lets them beg for part two.
Or that it was hyped up as a standalone fantasy and then after i bought it came out that it is actually the first in a series. And i actually did not want to read this book as the first in a series but wanted a good stand alone. Maybe it is that kind of hype that made me put it down? I don't know.

Still this book was hyped up. First is a fantastic standalone, then as a fantastic first in a series. Either way... it was hyped. I own it. I should finish reading it already.

10. The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Yet another fantasy book. I know. I know. Sorry.

But this book was also very hyped up and not just after it came out but people loved it after reading it. And people loved the second book in this series just as much. And it is supposed to be a fantastic trilogy, that is really nicely written and has a great storyline and wonderful plot twists.

It was just hyped.

Lets just say it short and sweet.

And it sounds interesting and i want to read a good politically written story that it still fast and easy to get through. And this book was hyped up as exactly that. And if i find a good deal on this book i will grab it and read it and see if the hype is earned or if i find it overhyped.

Alright. Those are 10 books that have been hyped up quite a bit and i constantly hear about.

I could have done 20 to be honest, because holly ... there are a lot of books that are hyped up.

Still i think that those 10 are those that i really heard lots and lots of hype about and are all books that i am still excited to read -in most parts at least and if not i wrote why so if you don't know here you didn't really read my blog post! shame on you!

What are your books that you want to read because there is hype about them?

Or did you read a book that was hyped up and didn't enjoy?

How about Gone Girl? Did you read that? Love it? Hate it? Does it get better after the first 100 pages and i should just push through?

Let me know what you think in the comments and lets talk a little.

Write more later....


  1. I JUST finished The Winner's Curse and I'll be reviewing it soon. I got it from my local library and I hope you can find a good deal on it- I loved it! Love your blog and following you now via feedly!

    1. I can't wait to get my hands on the winner's curse! But it is still so expensive when i look it up and sadly my library has a very slim selection in English books. I am so happy to hear someone love it :)
      And that you enjoy my blog, that makes me unbelievable happy. Thank you :)

    2. You're welcome! I hope you find a way to get it!

  2. I read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and loved this novel!!

    Here's a link to my TTT post this week:

    1. Everyone keeps telling me how much they love Outlander. But it is so huge! And the series as well. And as much as i love those kinds of books and huge series, it is a bit intimidating. I will get to it.
      And i noticed that you listed quite a few books that i want to read as well, like BossyPants and the Martian. Fangirl is also very high up on my list that i have to check out soon.
      Thanks for stoping my and leaving a comment :)

  3. I've wanted to continue the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series for a while now. The first book does have a lot of sex and it is pretty bleak. I liked the whole concept of solving an old case.

    I'm also not sure if I can commit to Outlander it's such a long series and it's not even complete yet AND there's even a spin off series. I watched the first episode of Outlander which was alright and but honestly, the scenery was so beautiful and kept distracting me.

    1. Yes, my problem was that the movie was rather bleak in most aspects and i while i don't exactly mind sex in books i do find that too much is ... well just that: too much. And to be honest i never really understood why crime/thriller books needed sex so much if it is no the actual story. Shouldn't a thriller be all about the murder and the solving of it?
      But i do hear that if you can overlook the huge amounts of sex the Millennium series is supposed to be fantastic, so i want to try. But i am happy to hear another person say that while they enjoyed it, it has aspects that they didn't like so much. That is always something that i believe more then the "perfect book" hype. :)

      I didn't know that there was an Outlander spin off series. Thanks for that information :)
      And the scenery in TV or movie can be quite distracting if they shoot it right, one of the reasons i what one or two things, simply because they show just wonderful scenery.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  4. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is a personal fave of mine! It's so good. I'm really looking forward to reading Throne of Glass. I'm hoping I can get to it before the fourth book in the series is released later this year. :) Great list!

    1. I am hearing so many people say that they loved Mara Dyer. Did you read the entire trilogy?

      I also want to get to Throne of Glass before the next book comes out. And after reading A Court of Thorns and Roses, i kind of really want to pick the next Maas up to see if she rights this good in all of her books, because then I really understand all the hype she and her books get. We'll see. I will be checking in on your blog to see if you read the series yet and what you think about it, since you do fantastic reviews.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  5. I quite liked The Time Traveler's Wife! And The Kite Runner was my favourite book to read for school (oh, the tears). Eh, I'm okay with The Ember in the Ashes. It's a shrug for me. Like I'm happy I read it because now I know what all the hype's about, but at the same time, I didn't have to read it. Probably will still read the sequel though.
    I hate to be the one to spread the hype but READ WINNER'S CURSE. READ IT. Yes, it's slow. But if you look politics, then I hope you like this one!

    1. I heard from so many people that the Kite Runner is a book that will bring you tears. I think that is one of the reasons i am hesitating to pick it up, i have a hard time with book that make me cry, mostly because after finishing them i can't get them out of my head. Which is not a bad thing.

      And the Ember in the Ashes is a shrug for me right now and i have not even finished that book yet! It is so hard to get myself excited about continuing to read this book for some reason that i really don't understand because the story is good. But it is not as good as the hype says, i think, but i find that i have a problem with reading books that are that hyped and enjoying them if i don't get sucked in right away, because i just don't see what so many people love. I will finish this book anyways and i will also probably read the next book that comes out, simply because i hate leaving series unfinished and always have to read them all even if i don't love them. I have a problem. ;)

      And thank you for your push to read the Winners Cruse. I will get this book the next change i get and read it most likely right away. And i do enjoy a book that has politics -if it is done right! I read a few where it was done very unrealistic and in many ways completely stupid and i had a really hard time with those, but i continue to hear how fantastic the Winner's series/trilogy does it. So i will pick it up very soon and read it as soon as i can. Thank you :)

      Thank you for leaving a comment and stopping by on my blog. :)


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