Wrap up: Books I Read in June 2015

I just posted my "What happened until now in 2015" post, but i am on the role for the whole "review" of the months thing, so i thought i do another one of those.

This one completely dedicated once again to books.

I try to do an actual blog post for every book i read, but honestly... i just have not yet gotten to the point where i am doing that. So instead i thought i do a Monthly wrap up post where i list all the books i have read and a little blurb what i thought about them and if i recommend them or not. And i will also link the review posts that i did. If i did any, which actually surprised me on how many i really already did from the books that i have read this month. Anyways... lets just get into the wrap up.

Oh and i did not give a summary of those books here. I did if i wrote a full review post, so if you are interested in the book and i put a link to a different post, go there and you will find a summary of the book. If i didn't put a link, well you are on your own. Just kidding. Then just click on the title and it will take you to the amazon page of the book were you can find the summary as well (which by the way i am not affiliated with or have the partner program -at least not yet i am thinking about it since i link the site anyways. But i don't earn money any money with amazon, i just enjoy that site personally so i link it).

Lets start with some basic stats:

I read 12 books in the month of June.
6 of those books i rated with 3 stars,
5 books earned 4 stars
and one book got 4.5 stars from me.

And now on to the actual books:

Book 1, 2 and 3 i read where:
 The Selection, The Elite and The One by Kiera Cass


And since i did a whole review for this book series -not just this book but the other two books from this series that i have read as well- i will link it and if you want to hear my thoughts you can go there and check that out. 

What i can say is that "The Selection" earned 4 stars, because it surprised me in how much i actually enjoyed it and i would have given it 5 stars, had the author not added the stupid love-triangle factor into the book that i did really not enjoy. 
The other two books were 3 star reads for me. Still enjoyable. Still okay. But not completely fantastic or the best book series i have read. 

4. Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

This was another 3 star read for me. All three books from this companion YA series were 3 star reads for me, sadly. 

And while i did not LOVE this series, it was still okay. And this book was alright, just like the two before this one. I have not yet wrote an in-depth review about this book and i am not sure if i want to. I did one for Anna and one for Lola, which you can find if you click on the names to be taken to those posts, but honestly this book was much of the same to me as those two first books and i am not sure if it really needs yet another review where i basically say: 
It was okay, it is cute enough, but it was to much and too little at the same time for me. 
The only difference in this book for me is that i actually did not like Isla. I did not enjoy that she was in love with the guy before she actually meets him and then he turns out to be just as great has she always hoped he be but in reality i kind of thought that he treated her quite bad and not very nicely. I don't know. I did not enjoy reading from Isla's perspective, i did not like the guy and i did not like the overall overdone romantic aspects and at the same time unnecessary obstacles that the characters over dramatized in my eyes. 
And while this book is okay. It is not great. Which is why it got 3 stars. 

Then i started another series, the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series.

So i read:

5. Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

I gave this book, yet again, 3 stars.
But honestly in most series that i kind of my rating for the first book, because in most series -as in this one as well- the first book is mostly focused on introducing the characters, building up the story, showcasing who is good and/or bad, who can be trusted and who shouldn't and mostly end in a big cliffhanger.
This book had all those typical first book stuff that i just listed and while the writing was alright, it didn't blow me away.
The story itself was alright as well, with Demons and Angles portrayed from a different angle.

What i found a bit lacking was the actual depth of the main character. She is describe but i felt as if i couldn't get an actual handle on who she is. And if an entire trilogy is build about this one character, i want to really understand her, i want to get a feel for her in the first book. I want to get to know here and feel as if she became somewhat of a friend to me. That did not happen here because in some ways everything about her was a bit... wishy-washy for me. It was all kept very open and loose and felt to me as if the author herself wasn't sure yet where she wanted to go with her story and characters and so she just kept her descriptions and characters very open ended and didn't go into too much details. Which i did not enjoy too much.

I also did not enjoy the "Beauty" of all the characters and how "wonderful" they all looked. Honestly, not everyone is so beautiful it blinds everyone around you, but basically all characters in this book are.

Still overall this book was okay. And i can see why so many people love this series. For me it was just sadly a bit lacking in the parts that i find very important and had a few to many open ended things for me to fall in love with the series. Which is okay. 3 stars is solid. And the writing was done well enough that i wanted to continue on right away.

And so i did.

6. Days of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor

was the next book that i picked up and read.
And i gave it 3 stars as well.

Sadly this series to me did not completely evolve very much. Between the first book and this one. And while quite a bit of stuff happens, in some ways nothing really happens. At least i felt that after finishing this book i was still in the same situation i was before reading this book.

I still didn't really know Karou -the main character of the book. I still didn't know what was actually going on or happening or going to happen or what the heck this book is even all about. I mean i knew what was happening and going on. And i knew what the book is all about. But i felt that i still didn't have any more information. Does that make sense?

Anyways... I just did not feel that those 517 pages of this book did anything to actually give me a satisfaction of understanding the characters or the story itself better, which is sad.

And the reason of the 3 stars.

7. Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor

And even though i was a bit disappointed by the second book i decided to finish the series of right away so that i wouldn't have the third book hanging there.

This book was more of a 2.5 star rating for me but i rounded it up.

Alright let me try to explain my problems with this series, because i could see so much potential in this series and was so disappointed that it all didn't happen and i think that is one of the reasons that i couldn't rate it higher or enjoy it more.

For one this book -as was the second one- felt to me more like an extension of the first one and not an actual book that pushed the story forward. The characters are more or less still the same and did not actually do much to push the storyline forward to an actual solution of the problem.

Stuff happened, but in the end... nothing much actually happened!

The plot ideas where there! The potential was right there! I just didn't feel like the author did a good job in actually stating what she wanted to. Or maybe i just wasn't in the mood for this book and that is why it just didn't fit for me.

I don't know.

I also found it very sad that the author never actually describe how Karou did what she did in this book -create monsters, even though that might be a bit of Spoiler. I would have loved to actually get a direct description of how that happens and how the process is done. Instead you only get a very few worded description of "you need teeth and it will be painful and you get bruises up". I would have loved to actually know how it happens. Why use teeth? How are the teeth used? How get a monster or demon made from a string with teeth and some other things that were also not describe? How do you learn to do it? Do you need magic? Or does the monster/demon actually gets its life? Do you give some of yours as the creator? Is that how the bruises are made? is that why it is painful? Because in simple terms you give some of your life-essence into the new body that you made?

All those questions that i had -and more- where not answered. And it would have been so easy. This book had 613 pages for heavens shake! But some descriptions of the stuff that you constantly talk around into it!

All in all this series was alright. It was okay. I had hoped more form it because i read so many people found the plot and the writing and the characters fantastic and outstandingly good. I just found them... okay. And i was mostly disappointed because the plot idea is really good, the author could have done so much with what she had, but she sadly didn't. At least not in my eyes.

Alright. Moving on, since i could have done a whole blog post about this series with how much i talked about it already.

8. Bet me by Jennifer Cruise

After finishing up so many series i wanted something light and fluffy and fun. And i loved "Manhunting" by this author and so i thought i try this one.

And while i gave this book 4 stars and i really did enjoy it, to me also lacked a bit of something to be really truly fantastic.

This book is different in the way that it has not the typical "skinny, blonde, successful" woman as the main character, but rather one that has curves and is a bit on the heavier side. Which i enjoyed.

What i found bit much after a few chapters was the "perfect" face of the male character. I mean, i get it. He is beautiful. Okay. Move on already, you do not have to tell me every other page how perfectly perfect he looks.

On the other hand what i really enjoyed -to get back to the positive things- is that the guy with the perfectly wonderful perfect face Calvin seems to be really all about giving the main girl -Min- a good feeling about her heavier body. I loved that the author focused on that men don't see the female body the same way that women do. And that Calvin was for Min eating what she loved and not counting calories or focusing on not eating the bread she loved because it might not fit into there prescript diet. But i loved the fact that Calvin clearly was shown as a man that could care less if his girlfriend is a size 8 or 10, but only about how happy she is.

And one last thing that is both good and a bit stupid at the same time:
I enjoyed how the characters loved the food in this book. I am myself someone that really enjoys food, the preparation of a good meal, how good ingredients make fantastic meals, and eating it as well or giving it to people that enjoy eating it. I really liked how much love for food was writing into it. BUT at the same time the author constantly let Min be in conflict about this wonderful food that was clearly loved, which just found strange. Either you love food or you don't, right? Why all the constant change of attitude by either describing how Min or or less had an organism on the table while eating a piece of bread only to have the next sentence be how much Min hates herself because he hate the bread? can't understand that. Pick a side, Cruise! Either Min loves food, or she doesn't! DonT write half of the book about Min hating and bulling herself into not enjoying food only to right the other half about how much she loves food and has no problems with it. That just doesn't make sense!

Still. Overall this book was nicely done. It had logic and good moments. There were the few scenes that i had to roll my eyes, that were a bit overdone but really it is a romance book what do you expect?

Still this book was pretty good and it was fun to read so 4 stars for this one.

9. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

I never read this book and i wanted to read a short book that i might not read in one day, but was still pretty fast to be done with.

And really, the cover? A thing of beauty.
Had to say it.

Overall the story itself i enjoyed. The writing was alright, not to hard to understand or read. I loved the length of the book because honestly the story could not have survived with an even longer book.

I understand how so many people enjoy this book and why it is a classic that people love to read no matter the time.

However i still did not love this book. The story itself was okay, not fantastic, and the writing was sometimes a bit boring to me, which in a "shilling shocker" book is not necessary something that i would expect.

Still overall a really nice classic. and if you are only just starting with those, this is a good one, because as i said, it is short and relatively fast to read and the storyline is easy to follow.

10. Talon by Julie Kagawa

After the classic i wanted something fast and easy to read.

I had this book on my kindle because i bought it as a deal where the book was 1 Euro, which is just a fantastic deal because most kindle books cost about the same as a paperback or sometimes even a hardback, so really good deal.

I wasn't too sure about this story because i am normally not to big or taken with stories that are about people that seem ordinary but aren't. Mostly because they are not as well done as i hoped they were.

This book really took me by surprise.

I loved it.

I gave it 4.5 stars.

And the 0.5 stars are only taken away because i found the whole identity crisis that the girl sometimes has were a bit questionable and really not understandable to me.

I did a more in-depth review here, so if you want check that out and get the full review and my thoughts on this book.

All in all i can say that if you  want to read something different, and can go into a book not sure what you will get, read this one.

I can not wait to get my hands on the next book in this series (which is out already but i don't want to buy books right now so either i have to see if my library has it, which it doesn't, wait for a kindle deal or wait until i allow myself to buy books again for full price on amazon).

11. Sugar by Deirdre Riordan Hall

This is another 4 star read for me and i enjoyed it. Another book about a more heavy main girl that has to learn to love herself as she is or find ways to change herself so that she can love herself.

I did a complete review of this book already as well, so check that out here if you like.

But overall this book was really great.

I loved that it is a YA book where the main character is not perfect, she is not skinny, she is not white, she is not blond. She doesn't have the perfect grades, or the perfect friends, or the perfect family.

This book is about how hard life can be for some people and how sometimes that makes you a stronger person, and how sometimes one person can give you the necessary push that you need to understand that you are everything you need to become who you want to be, no matter what that might be.

There were a few moments in this book that i found unnecessary -again check the full review if you want to hear about those in more detail -but overall this book was very nicely done and really does deserve to be read and appreciated. So go on, read this one.

12. Into a Million Pieces by Angela V. Cook

This is a book about a girl that is a succubus. Which is the reason i wanted to try and read it because honestly that just sounded interesting. A mystical creature revamped into a high school story? That can be horrible or really fantastic. This book was the later - and i gave it 4 stars by the way.

I also did a full review of this book, which you can find here, if you are interested.

But overall this book is different then you expect, fantastically written and has so much more to its story then you expect. And also it is not just a romance, it is a mystery i would almost call it a thriller.

And by the way, the author... really nice, since she thanked me for my review and that she was thankful that readers understood what she wanted to get through with her story. How cool is that? That the author actually reads what you are saying about her book? So really, go check that one out if you are intrigued after reading my review and seeing exactly what this story is about.

Oh and by the way, this book is just about 200 pages (206 to be exact) so it is a book that you can sit down and read through in one sitting and love it and appreciate it for days afterwards. Just saying.

Alright. This is it. I did read one more book this month but it was a "self-help" kind of book that i do not want to talk about because honestly it wasn't very good. So i won't talk about it, because... well my blog, my decisions.

Overall i am really pleased with how much i managed to read this month. And i really want to try and get as much if not more read in July. We will see.

I will post some kind of TBR post in a day or two, but i am still trying to figure out how i want to do that.

What about you? What did you read in the month of June? Any new favorites? Any books to recommend that you read? Or any books that you hated and think that people should not read them?

let me know, i am curious as always.

Write more later....


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