#Yearathon July 2015 Wrap up

Okay right from the start, i did not do good on this Read-a-thon. At all. I mean really, saying that i did not good is even an exaggeration.

I read not one of the books that i wanted to read.

I mean i read from two books that i wanted to read originally and tried a third one that wasn't on the list put fitted into the Mystery genre. But i did not finish one of them.

I did finish three books until this point -I still have about 8 hours until Sunday is actually officially over, but i don't feel like forcing myself to read just to finish one book that i wanted to read- this week but no of them fitting into the theme that i actually should and wanted to read.

So here are the books that i did read this week, lets start with the positive:

A Court of Thorns and Roses (or ACOTAR) by Sarah J. Maas

The Duff by Kody Keplinger

Lying out Loud by Kody Keplinger 

I won't give a detailed review about those books or how i found them here, because that is not what this post is all about. I will post at least one review later on this week about one of those books and you can find my ratings on my Goodreads page if you are interested for now.

Still i read those book from start to finish during this week. So overall not a bad week, reading 3 books? Not horrible.

The bad? I did not finish any of those Mystery books i wanted to read.

And now lets get on to why that is.

I made the huge mistake on deciding: okay, this week i will finish "Gone Girl" since i already started that and should finally read it once and for all.

Horrible mistake. I was on page 92 before this week started, which was why i thought it should be a pretty fast read since i read a bit out of it already. Yeah, not what actually happened.

At this moment i am on page 175.

I can not get on with this book. It is so slow and boring and i constantly hope for something unexacting to happen. Or something to happen at all really. That book is BORING!

And i do mean that in the loud voice, because it is really just that: boring.

I can not understand why so many people love this book, because nothing happens that you can't foresee just about at the start of this book. And i have not been spoiled on this book in any way at all, so it is not that i know what is going to happen because i heard so much about what is going to happen that i just know what is going to happen on the smallest detail because obviously i heard what is going to happen. You know what i mean!

Someone please tell me if it is worth forcing myself to continue on because it gets better in a few pages, or if i should just give up. Because honestly this book put me about half a breath away from falling into a reading slump.

And had i not had a Buddy-read going on with ACOTAR i would not have read anything at all for a while because Gone Girl is just not in any way or form a Thriller.

After i decided to put Gone Girl down again, and read those three mentioned books above, i decided to pick up "Bag of Bones" because it is a mystery and Stephen King which for me normally means i read that book in one sitting. Not this one and once again... horrible decision.

I am a huge fan of Stephen King. And i mean that. While i don't love all his writings, i do love how he writes. He has a very unique way of not writing every single book he writes in the same style or tone. He mixes it up. He changes how he writes and what he writes about and in most cases even if i don't like the topic or characters or overall story itself, i do enjoy some aspects of his books because he made it so different from everything else.

This book though. Man oh man. It started out rather slow. And then just got weird. And i mean i am only on page 76 from 736 pages so maybe it gets more King-ish a little later on. And by weird i mean screaming ghosts in nightmares where the main characters wakes up having wet himself and is to scared to get up and clean himself up, weird.

But honestly i was expecting a more fast paced, get on with it book. You know after the really slow and "put-me-to-sleep-because-nothing-happens-here" Gone Girl reading, i was hoping for a faster paced King writing style. Yeah, no not in this book. And i am not saying that it is a bad book. I am sure it is not, but it just wasn't what i needed. At all, so i decided to pause that for the time being as well and try my luck with a different book in hopes that i get out of this slumpy feeling i am getting before i get into a real reading-slump. Thanks Gone Girl.

And today -Sunday- i picked up "Three to get deadly" because i thought, okay go on with it finish at least one book that you wanted to read this week!
Try one last book and see if it gets better for you.
This was on my list and it is not a bad book.

Actually it might just be the right choice and i should have taken that one up after i noticed that i just don't get along with Gone Girl and might have had a good reading week after all. I didn't, i just picked it up today. And today is not a good day health wise for me, which means that i won't get very far with it at all. But it is a typical quick and easy read by Janet Evanovich as i am used to from her first two books in this series. If you want a fast read, this is rather perfect and it was because of that reason that i put into this weeks read-a-thon to begin with, because i knew that on a good day i will be done with that in 2 hours, 3 hours at the most. Not today, of course, but it hopefully will pull me out of my funk and back into reading mood anyways.

Currently i am up to chapter 5 in that book, which translates into 84 pages. Which is also not bad to read on a bad day for me so overall good book choice there.

All in all? Read-a-thon fail. Not a horrible reading week in itself, just a fail in my set "To-be-read" book choices for the most part. But that is okay. I will just do my own little mystery month this month and try to get through the other books that i wanted to read this week throughout the coming week or until the end of July. Maybe spread out and in between other books i don't have a problem.

And hopefully will not actually fall into that deep dark hole that is a reading slump because of that stupid Gone Girl book.

We'll see.

Did any of your participate in the #Yearathon this month? How did you do if you did?

And if you didn't, what did you read this week? Anything good? And recommendations?

Any tips on how you avoid falling into a reading slump after getting stuck in a book that is just not a good one for you?

Write more later...


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