July Wrap Up - Books

First of lets start with some information about my reading month in general.

I read 9 books in total this month.

3 actual physical books

5 NetGalley ARC copies

and one ebook

I gave 1 books 5 stars
1 book 4.5 stars
2 books 3.5 to 4 stars
2 books 3 stars
2 books 2.5 to 3 stars
and 1 book 2 stars

Which means overall that while i did not have a horrible month i also did not have a perfect reading month.

But i did manage to read 9 books in total, even though i had a reading slump for about 2 weeks because of stupid Gone Girl. So there is that.

And now lets get into the actual wrap up portion of this post, where i talk about the books i read in a bit more detail. Or you know, knowing me a lot of details for some books -or most books. 

Let's just get start with the books, shall we?

From highest to lowest ranking, starting with:

Confessions of a Queen B* by Christa McHugh

This is my 5 star book of the month. It was just so much fun. And if i knew where to get those fun GIF picture things i would put in a bunch of "10 things i hate about you" movie GIFs because honestly, the book reminded me so much of that movie. Not because it is exactly the same. It really isn't. 
But the very fast and easy responses that are snarky and sarcastic and the main girl who is not at all lost for words, no matter how cute the guy is she is talking to -which lets be honest here, is something that is not happening very often especially in YA books.
This book just surprised me so much and i really honestly just had such a good time reading this that i could not do anything else but give it 5 stars, simply because i had so much fun while reading it. 

If you want to read even more about my thoughts on this book click here or the book title and you can go directly to my review of this book. 
But overall: i just loved it. If you want a fast and easy read with characters that are not the typical YA book characters and you loved "10 things i hate about you" pick this up. I am sure that you will at least enjoy it, if not love it.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Next on the list down is my 4.5 star book. Which clearly is this one. DUH! Do i want to be repetitive? Apparently.

Okay, lets try and focus here.

First of all i enjoyed this book. I fell in love with Maas' writing style. It is fantastic. It sucks you in, it keeps you going and you will love this book even while really not liking most of the characters and the not really liking the story itself. Which was the case for me. I had to give this book a high rating, simply because i understand the hype about this because of the writing itself.
It really is that good.
The story on the other side... it was just okay. If Maas would have not been able to write the way she does, i would have given this book 3 stars at the most -as i also said in my Top 10 Tuesday post. 
It isn't because the story is bad. It isn't. But to me it was just too much the Disney version of Beauty and beast. It really wasn't that different from it, I could clearly foresee what was going to happen and in most cases how it was going to happen. But that was okay, because Maas did write it fantastically!
I also did not enjoy most of the characters. I did not like Feyre the female lead, and i did not see the appeal in Tamlin -the beast. I really enjoyed both Lucien and Rhysand. They were quirky and snarky and sarcastic -do you notice a trend in my favorite character traits here?- and rather unpredictable in some situations. They made this story to me. Because neither Feyre nor Tam did much for me. 

But maybe i gone into this book expecting to much. I read all about this kick-ass huntress that knew no fear or something of that nature. And if Feyre is something not, it is that. She can hunt, but she isn't that fantastic at it. And she is also not very kick-ass. Just mostly lucky and stubborn and honestly rather stupid in many cases. But she can think logically so point for that, which helps with her luck and stubborn trait to keep her going and through situations. But she is not a fighter or something special, so don't expect that.

And Tam or Tamlin... I can't even really start and explain what i don't like about him. Because while i enjoyed some parts of him, others just were stupid to me. So i will just say it very shortly and state that i personally preferred the Beast in the Disney version because to me he had more depth and i liked that better. On the other hand Tamlin was more man then beast so maybe that was the problem to me? I have no idea...

I already stated my love for both Lucien and Rhysand, but i will say it again. Those two side characters made the story. The actually did because they pushed the story foreward when i felt that it once again came to a standstill while Feyre and Tam danced around each other endlessly. And they always added a humor note to the entire situation, which i always enjoy. Who doesn't love a character that can add a pinch of humor to a hopeless situation and bring a smile to everyone? I clearly do.

What i did love about the story itself was that Feyre could not read or write. She was never taught and she tried to teach herself. And that made sense. Because in the story she grew up in a rather poor family and honestly if you try to survive by earning money for food in any way possible, teaching reading and writing is not something that matters. Actual work does. And so i enjoyed that little spin, because it was logical and made a huge amount of sense in the setting that Maas gave the story. 

What i did not like on the other hand is that for one chapter Feyre could do nothing else but try to learn and train to read. And a chapter or two later it was completely forgotten and never really talked about again. I mean it was mentioned later on that she couldn't read. But still. She no longer seemed to care, which to me was a bit of ... "what the heck happened" moment. I don't enjoy moments like that in books, where for a few moments a character was very dedicated to one thing and then something else happened and all of a sudden the reader is sitting there asking what happened to that very important thing that took over at least a whole chapter just a second ago and is not even talked about anymore in any way at all for almost the rest of the entire book. 

But overall... this book was okay. The writing was fantastic and i really do can not wait until the next book comes out in this series so that i can hopefully get my fix from both Lucien and Rhysand because i need it... bad!

And with the amount i just babbled on and on about this book i could have just written a complete review. Oh well.

Next are two books that i am going to combine 

Three to get deadly and Four to Score by Janet Evanovich


Both books are between 3.5 and 4 stars for me. They are fun. They are easy. They are books that you have to read without thinking about what is going on because they are just not worth thinking about. But they are easy to read. And I enjoy a book that i can just read and fly through -because one book does not take you more then two to four hours at the most. I do like Steph but i hate the constant will they or won't say situation with Joe Morelli that keeps coming on and on in the books. 

Four to Score also had a very similar situation as the book i just talked about, where for a few chapters Steph kept talking on and on about a specific topic and nothing else was really brought up other then that. And then something happened. And the topic never came up again, at all. But for at least one chapter it was all the entire chapter was all about and there was no conclusion or solution. Just ... nothing. Huh? 

Could someone please - PLEASE- let authors know that if you start a topic that is apparently very important for a character that you either put a clear solution or conclusion at some point into the story, or you don't bring it up at all? Thank you!

Overall i do enjoy those books. As i said the characters are fast and easy and fantastic reads if i have no idea what i want to read. Or if i feel like i am going into a reading slump. Because they are so easy to read. Should i repeat that a few more times? They are really fast and easy reads. If you have not given this series a try, i can only say that you should. But don't expect the best mystery or crime book ever. And the humor is there, but don't expect belly-laughs. Still its fun to read every once in a while and they really did help me out of that slump that i was just about to fall into thanks to stupid Gone Girl. So great job, Stephanie Plum novels!

The Duff and Lying out Loud by Kody Keplinger 


Those two got 3 star each.
They were fun.
They were easy to read.
I wrote a whole review for LOL on Goodreads -because i got it through NetGalley-, which you can check out here if you want.
They were not my favorite books. I enjoyed the main character of the DUFF a bit more then the one of LOL but overall the books rated the same to me because while the writing was okay, it was not fantastic. And the story itself was nice but nothing special. And it was not my kind of humor that i hugely enjoy. And so they got the "okay but not fantastic" rating from me. Which is 3 stars. So yeah. moving on to the next book that i read. 

Awake by Natasha Preston 

This was another NetGalley book. And it has horrible reviews on Goodreads. And another book that you can check out a full review i did here on Goodreads. But while it is not my favorite book ever and i really did think that the book could have been so much better, i also don't think that it is as horrible as most people on Goodreads say. 

I gave the book a 2.5 to 3 stars because it falls into a similar category of book as the two i just talked about. It is okay, it could be better, but i see the potential and the writing as okay but not great, the story okay but not great, the characters okay but not great.... you see what i am getting at. And so 2.5 to 3 stars. 

Why less then the DUFF and LOL? 
Because to me the story of Awake was a bit illogical at times and i don't like books that have more then one or two moments of completely illogical moments. 
I can't completely get into details without spoiling anything, but i can say that i did not think it was very logical to have this cult know where everyone is at every second of their lives.
Or that a person finds it weird that they can't remember anything before their fourth birthday. Because honestly, that is toddler age, nobody can remember much and the author keeps going on and on and on about that and it was a bit stupid to me.
And then there is the instant love. Not a huge fan of those. I can't understand them and i have not yet read a book where it made sense to me for someone to actually see another person and just instantly love that person without a doubt and be willing to share any kind of secret or information they want with them not even five minutes after meeting them. 
Also... while the writing style is consistent, it is not great. i already mentioned that but still. It wasn't really my cup of tea. 

So all in all this book was okay. But not my kind of book. But i can see the potential for it being a book someone else can love. And so 2.5 to 3 stars it is. Because it is not horrible and it had a few moments that were alright. 

Malibu Betrayals by MK Meredith

Is another 2.5 to 3 star book for me. And similar to Awake, this book has had a lot of potential. And it was another NetGalley read. 
I had a lot of expectations for this book because the summary promised quite a lot -check out my goodreads review here where you can also find a summery if you are interested- but the book kind of disappointed me. Not a lot but enough that i did not really enjoy myself while reading this. 
I can't really say more then what i already said in the review, since my option did not change about it, but i just expected more from the story itself and the main female because to me she was just... not enough. Which sums up the book for me. 
But once again i can see other people enjoying this story. So 2.5 to 3 stars because the potential is there. 

And lastly there is Undone by Kristina Lloyd

Which is my 2 star book. And another NetGalley one. Its an erotica. So i didn't expect to much. Still this book disappointed. 
But i needed an easy read that I can just breath through and not think about after trying to get through Gone Girl and i read this before picking up Three to get deadly. And it was a fail. but hey... who knew that before trying right?
I actually have nothing much more to say about it other then it was apparently supposed to be a book about a story about a threesome. Which to me sounded interesting because i have not yet read a lot -or any i think- books about threesomes. Honestly to me the writing was very boring and the characters lacked... everything. It was just not for me and i will leave it at that. Because why talk more about a book that i did not enjoy or want to talk about and this post is long enough already always and who knows if someone even made it down this far into the post so why keep on babbling? 

Overall i am pretty happy with the amount i read. 

And i learned things throughout this month.

For one that Gone Girl is a reading slump sucking stupid book that while i really want to finish it to finally be done with it, i kind of hate it and don't want anything to do with it and can not understand why anyone can love this book, not even thinking about all the hype that it got. Who can love this kind of book? NOTHING IS FREAKING HAPPENING AND EVERYTHING IS PREDICTABLE!
Just saying. 

And that easy fast reads might not win a literary price and don't need to, to be the right book to get me out of the Gone Girl slump. 

Do any of you want to share what you read this month? Maybe point out to me if Gone Girl is worth to be read or not because it does not seem to be worth it to me.

Any recommendations for fantastic thrillers that are actually thrillers?

Write more later....


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