TBR pile for August 2015

This is all about my to-be-read or TBR for this month.

Or maybe this post should be more accurately named: The "post about a huge amount of books that i really want to read but i am most likely not going to get read in August".

Lets be realistic here, i have a huge amount of books on here that i will most likely not be getting read. But i really want to read them, so i thought why not put them all together and see what i can get done. Maybe i surprise myself and actually get that huge amount of books read. Who knows? that Radio active spider has to be hiding somewhere, right?

And also...  Book sharing is caring right?
And who doesn't love a big post about books?
I sure do.

Why is this post and the pile so huge? 

Because i have a lot of Library books i want to get through. 

And one new book i bought in July i want to read before putting it on the shelf and not reading it for a while. 

And i have a huge amount of NetGalley books i want to catch up on, especially those that i have to read and that are coming out in August. 

Yeah i am setting myself up for failure. What else is new?

So here it is: 
The huge list of books that i want to get to this month.

First the physical books and then the ebooks. Because i can make an okay picture of the physical books. 

You by Caroline Kepnes 

This is the already mentioned book i bought in July. 
I want to read it. And i hear it is fantastic. And after the miserable fail that is Gone Girl to me i want a fanatic thriller. And this is supposed to be a perfect one for that. And i will stop with the and now. 
This is a thriller written from the perspective of the killer. Yes please!
I recently learned -and by that i mean i watched a Booktube video were someone talked about this book in their July wrap up- that it has a good amount of sexual content included into the story. Which i did not know. But hey. Who cares? 
If it is a really good thriller i can live with that. And i hope it is nicely written. So there is that. But still. I want to get to this. I will. Hopefully.

The Cuckoo's Calling and the Silkworm by J.K. Rowling / Robert Galbraith

I own the Cuckoo's Calling and i picked up the Silkworm from my Library because they had it. And i never saw it there before. So i decided to pick it up because who knows when it will be back there? And if i really love this series i am going to want to read the next one right away. And now i can. And the third book is coming out soon. So it would be a fantastic time to start this book. We will see... since i am still intimidated by this one. But who knows. I should just start this book and see if i love it or hate it and then i know. Right? Right.

And since i already started with a library book i will continue on with the library books and then go on to the NetGalley reads i hope to get to this month. 

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I have never read anything by her. 
Yes you read that right. 
Never even tried the Twilight series because it just did not sound up my alley. 
I never was a huge fan of a woman that just sits down and lets things happen. I don't have anything against a "tack-charge" kind of guy or a relationship with three people. I just never understand why the authors can't just make it just that instead of a constant drama over who to chose. Not the point. Sorry.

Never read her other books, as i said, but honestly i don't think i missed much by not reading them. 

However, i heard a lot - A LOT - of good talk about this book. And my library had it. So i checked it put and now i have it in my hands. 

It will be my first Alien book if you can believe it. But since i only heard fantastic things about it, i thought this might be a good one to start out with. 

And i am currently reading this and have to say it is alright. 
It is not my favorite book ever. I can not stand Melanie. And i really can not understand why Melanie and Wanderer or Wanda can't just find a way to coexist with each other since they are similar in some ways and really they don't have any other choices, either accept that they are both in the same body or for Melanie to give up. Either one is fine, but the sometimes fine, sometimes fight situation is getting on my nerves a bit. 
I also find the romance in this book very extreme and not to my taste. At all. But the writing is fast to get through and i am already half way through the book so i will finish it and see what i think at the end of it and will write about it in some form here. 

The Historian by Kathryn Stockett

This is a book i have had on my TBR list for years. 
And i mean that. 
And it is another library book. 
I only ever saw this in the german translation there before, but this time they had it in english. 
I prefer to read the books in their original written language -if i can. Sometimes i have to read it translated first if it is written in victorian english for example, but that is not the case with this one, so i should be okay. 
Since it is on the list is it clear that once i saw it on the shelves in the library  I got it and now i want to read it. 
But it is huge. 
Still. I want to try. 
Because summer is the perfect time for me to read a big book. And i have lots of contemporary books to read before, and after, and in between if it gets to much. So there is that.

11/22/63 by Stephen King

One of my Goodreads Groups is reading this. And my library had it. So i want to try it. 

Bag of Bones by him was not my case at all last month, i do want to see if i that book was just really not my case -which is possible since it didn't call to me to begin with but this book here did- or if i am just not in King writing mood at the moment. 

And this is suppose dot be one of those books that once you start you don't even notice how big it is because you can't stop. If that is really the case, fantastic! I love those kinds of books, especially if they are bigger and during the summer, so bring it on!

Petals in the Ashes by Mary Hopper 

This is the second part of "Sign of the Sugared Plum", which i really enjoyed and i wanted to see if might enjoy the second part. And it is really short. So i wanted to try it. 

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

This is the first book in a Dragon series. I think it has four books, but don't quote me on that one. My library had it and i wanted to read a dragon book that i did not have to buy, because i am itching to get my hands on Rouge- the second book in the Talon series- but i don't want to spend that kind of money right now, since i have other options. So i want to try this. We'll see if i get to it this month. 

City of Secrets by Mary Hoffman

This is the fourth book in the Stravaganza series and i own and really enjoyed the first three and my library had this one so i took it home and want to see if i like it. 

Rubinrot or Ruby Red by Kirsten Gier

This is the german version because the author is german and i like to read the books in their original language if i can, as i said before already in this post. 

I heard fantastic things about this series. 
And i heard not so great things about this series. 
I want to see for myself what it is all about. 

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

They had it. It is short. I wanted to read it for a while. Its a classic, i might want to see my first Tolkien's movie after reading it and why not start out with a 3 hour long one? There you have it. 

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

This is another one of those books that I wanted to read for a long time, but have not gotten around to yet. 

And another book that people rave about. 

I will see if i can get through the differently written english to enjoy this book or if i will get this in the german version to read to make it easier on me. But first i want to try the original.

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

I wanted another book by him but they only had this so i thought why not try this. 

I read the first few pages from this in the Library and it sounded interesting and was written well, so i wanted to give it a try. 

So i brought it home and will see what i get to. 

The white queen by Philippa Gregory

Do you remember last month during a Top 10 post? 
When i had the other Boleyn Girl and said that my library only had that book and not the white queen by her which i originally wanted? 
Well turns out they do have this book. 
So i checked it out and want to read it. 
Sadly they really do not have the book that comes after this one -i asked!- but if i really like this series i will just have to buy it. But to try, this is good. 

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

I wanted to give this series a try for a while now. But they are quite expensive. Maybe not for the amount of book you get, but since i am not sure if i like his writing or the story or anything else about this book i was so happy to see that my Library had this. And they also have the second part. This is perfect. But this is another huge book so i might not get to this this month. Still i want to try. If it is really good i fly through the thick books. 

Sturmhöhe by Emily Bronte (Which is Wuthering Heights in German)

This is one of those examples where i prefer to have the option of german and english because i don't know if i might need a good and easy to read translation handy while reading the book. Or prefer to read the easier understandable translation completely if i have a hard time with this type of english writing. 

Classics are sometimes hard for me. The English is difficult to understand and uses lots of words i don't really understand. But if i constantly look them up i lose track of the story very fast. So the best option for classics for me -as i have learned- is read them in german first, and then read the english version later on. 

That makes it at lot easier because i still can look up a few words, but for one i already know what is happening, and secondly if i don't look up every word i don't know that is not horrible because i still understand what is happening. 

Legend by Marie Lu

In the German translation because my library doesn't have the english one. And i want to try this series and if i like it i can buy it. But i wanted to try it first and they had it so i will give it at try since apparently this is written in a way that people think it would be perfect as a Comic or a Manga or something of that nature. And i never read or saw any of those but that is because i don't like them. Personal preference nothing against the authors of artists -which i think are exteremly talented and i am a little jealous i have to say because i can't draw a stick figure without people having to ask what the heck i was trying to draw!- but i just never understood those kinds of things. 

And since this book was compared to something i don't find joy in, i want to try it out. Sounds logical, doesn't it? At least to me it does. If not, lets just talk about the last Library book!

And lastly: 

Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton

This is a 2015 new release, especially in the German translation -which sadly is the only way i was able to get it- but i am unsure about this book because it sounds interesting enough but i don't know if the story is really what i like to read. Similar situation with different reasons as in the book i talked about a second ago -legend. 

So i don't actually plan to read this book completely, but rather see if it is something i like and if i do, either actually read this copy since i have it, or if i really enjoy it get the original english one and read that one instead. We'll see. 

Alright those are all the Library books and my single new book. And that should be more then enough but i have a good amount of NetGalley books to add on top of that: 

Made with Love by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore

I already read this and review it and thinking about reviewing it here as well. It is a book about an Amish woman that wants to open a Pie shop and how to achieve that dream of hers in her Amish town, with all those traditions and reasons for her not to open a business and rather find a man to marry. 
It was a rather cute story, but not my favorite read. Still good enough to recommend if you want something cute and different and read about a girl following her dream and finding something extra on the side. And get lots of nice recipes of Pies and other foods. 

can't fight fate by Lisa N. Edwards

I also read this one. Or started it i should say because halfway through i just could not do it anymore. It was too much overdramatic and extreme writing that for me sounded like a drugged up 10 year old with her first crush. Yeah, not for me. So i stopped reading it and wrote my review and i am done with that one already. So i am not even going to tell you a summary. if you want to know what it is about click on the title and let yourself be taken to a website that tells you a summary. I am so done with this book!

The bones will speak by Carry Stuart Parks

This is a Gwen Marcey book. The second one to be exact. But that says nothing to me because i never heard of this author before seeing this book on NetGalley. 

The summary sounded fantastic thought, and not as if i the first book is needed, but rather that Gwen Marcey is just the reoccurring character in the book similar to Dan Brown's or a James Patterson's books where the main character is the same but the book are completely separate from each other. 

This is about Marcey who struggles to put her life back together after cancer and divorce but when her dog retrieves a skull of a murder victim, she uses her forensic art ability to identify a serial killer. 
This is supposed to be a fanatic thriller with lost of action and i do like those.  

This comes out August 11th.

The Eagle in Splendour by Philip Mansel

This is a historical fiction as far as i understand it. 

It follows Napoleon and his court, which is supposed to have been more extravagant than even that of the Sun King. This is supposed to give a fantastic look into Napoleon's nature, his personality and is supposed to be all about the man that conquered half the world as well as give inside into his court -his Empress Marie Louise especially. 

I just thought this sounded fantastic. I have read a book about the surgeon of Napoleon -or his doctor more accurately- and i loved that. It was fantastic. Very real and greatly written. Not by this author, mind you, but the story made me want to read more books about Napoleon, his life, that time and what kind of person this man was. 

And this was available and i got it when i requested it and it is coming out in the middle -towards the end- of August so i want to read it and review it before it comes out, which should be possible since it has not even 300 pages. So i should be able to read it. Or at least try. 

this comes out August 20th.

Summer of Secrets by Sarah Jasmon

This is a YA book about the summer of 1983, when Victoria Dover and her family moves in next to the 16 year old Helen. During the summer Helen gets a change from her lonely world into a more thrilling one, but the end of summer comes with a terrible tragedy and everyone involved simply disappears -Helen's father and the new family. 
Then one day, thirty years later, Victoria comes back. 

I thought it sounded interesting, some type of suspend-coming of age-mystery book. It sounds interesting and like something that i might enjoy if it is well written. 

This comes out August 13th. So i better get to it if i want to read and review it before then. 

The President and the Apprentice by Irwin F. Gellman

This is a book about the US President Eisenhower. This book is supposed to reveal a different Eisenhower and Nixon, and a different version of how and who handled the different situations during Eisenhowers time in office. Apparently all that people know is not true about how Eisenhower did not trust Nixon and kept him at arm's length, but rather that Eisenhower trusted and relied on Nixon. 

To be honest i only know that it is a history book. I don't know if it is non-fiction or fiction. But i guess i know once i start reading it. Overall i just wanted to read a different spin on a Political situation because i am inserted in that. I always think that there is more to the historical situations then people know and talk about and so i wanted to read about a different view. No matter if it is real or not. 

NetGalley states that this book comes out August 25th, so i hope to get it read and review before that. 

This is a Nonfiction Health book. Clearly. 
And i have a huge interest in Medicine and would really love to become a doctor, but i am unsure if i can because of my health stuff. But i am interesting in learning more about it always. And this book was on NetGalley, so i thought way not? I enjoy reading this stuff and it was there. And that is about it. 

This book is about -if you are interested in this kind of thing like i am- how eastern medical rations and experience from the western science could and maybe should work together and how the western medicine seems to relay to heavily on the science and prescriptive medicine then on the actual doctoring. 

I personally do think that people in the Western world need to learn more to see the body as a whole and not just a specific symptom. And the eastern world is a bit father ahead in that aspect that they do think that in medicine one symptom doe snot necessary mean that something is wrong where the problem is but that it can mean something else. I don't know if this book is actually about that. But i am interested in reading about a doctors perspective. I just enjoy this type of book every now and again. So why not?

This comes out August 21st. 

The Sisters Club by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

This is about four women that have little in common other then where they live and the complications of having sisters. 

I don't know more about it. I don't need to. I thought the cover was nice, the title interesting and after reading that first sentence i wanted to read it. I always enjoy books that don't show overdramatic situations, but also the real thing that sometimes siblings can't really be together, but are better apart from each other. I am interested to see where the author takes this book. 

This comes out August 18th.

The Color of water in July by Nora Carroll

I honestly don't know much about this book and i don't want to. I love the cover. And the title is very beautiful as well, i think. And those where the reasons i wanted to try this. Some books are like that for me. When i don't want to know to much, just see it and want to read it and it is best for me to enjoy this types of books when i don't look too much into summaries for them. So i won't. 

The only thing that i have to say it that it slightly confused me that it has July in the title and comes out in August. But that is okay. 

I hope to get it read before August 18th when it comes out. 

Room 702 by Paloma Aínsa

This is a romance, where a 32 year old woman celebrates her birthday with friends and is happy without a man. But then she meets one. 

You know those types of stories. I don't expect a huge amount from this, if it has more fantastic, if it is just that perfectly alright as well. But they are mostly fast and easy to read. 

This one looks interesting. Apparently it is about a celebrity man so why not give this a try? I do enjoy a nicely written romance in between the heavier stuff.

This comes out August 18th as well. 

Havana Jazz Club by Lola Mariné

This is about a young woman that falls in love for the first time with a playboy. She ignores everyone's warning, marries the man, follows him from her hometown in Cuba to Spain. Once there she begins to see his true nature -which is a violent one. But she has no where to go other then the streets if she leaves her husband. But then she finds herself self in the Havana Jazz Club, where she discovers a new unconventional family in a city far from her home, where she can sing and survive. And maybe start new. 

To me that just sounded fantastic. A different spin on the whole "they meet, the fall in love, they marry" situation, which i am always very skeptical about and i always think: "she doesn't know him! What if he is just acting and is a completely different person!" so when i read this summary i was interested and wanted to read it. So i am going to do just that and see if it really is as good as it sounds. 

This comes out August 25th. 

A murderous Storm by Dirk Trost

Alright so this had me interested because it is different spin on how in normally read those types of books. what i mean by that is that this is written by a german author but i am reading it in english. Which is interesting. Because normally i either read the books in their original language or an english book translated into german. So that is a new one. But i can't wait. 

This is a thriller where a man finds the body of a young woman in his fishing net. 

And i don't really need to know more to want to read it. 
This comes out August 25th as well. 

Goddnes of Suburbia by Stephanie Kepke

This is another fast and easy read i think. I hope. It sounds like one. 

The summary says: Suburbia meets scandal in this hopeful and honest portrayal of the moment in every woman's life when it's time to make a change, even if that means risking losing it all.

There is more. What i don't want to read it. It sounds interesting and like a fast read. But i really said that. 

To me that sounds like Desperate Housewives meets Scandal -as in the TV shows as you probably know and don't need me to point out. Not that i have seen much from either of those shows. But i have seen the first season of both. So that counts for something. The cover and the summary just reminded me of that and i wanted to give it a try.  

This is another one coming out August 25th according to NetGalley.

Lonely Hearts by Heidi Cullinan

Instead of the summary i am going to give you the first sentence of the book. Because i can. And because i kind of had to grin when i read it for some reason. And it sound more interesting then the actual summary. So here you go: 

As far as Elijah Prince was concerned, gay weddings could choke on their own cherry goddamned glitter and die.

I don't enjoy this because i am against gays -so don't get your panties in a twist, please- but i did not expect this book to start out like that. It surprised me. And honestly i kind of love books if they have a first sentence that completely takes me by surprise. 

This comes out August 11th.

And lastly: 

Big Little Lie by Liane Moriarty

I am not going to give you a summary of this one. Because it has been out over a year. And this book was been talked about a lot. And i wanted to read it since it came out but never bought it. 
So when i saw it on NetGalley for some reason, i wanted to have it. And i got it so i am going to read it. 
I want to read it this month because one of my Book Groups on Goodreads is reading it and i do enjoy talking about my books so i want to try and see if i can get to it. If not that is not that horrible. This is an older one and i can leave myself a bit of breathing room to review it I think.

On top of that I will be starting 

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

as a Buddy read this month sometime through Goodreads. (Which i will also not describe because this book has been talked about more then enough everywhere and if you don't know what it is about, then it clearly is not do your taste. or you are new. Then go click on the title and let yourself be taken to the summary!) 
We are currently waiting for one of the readers to come back from vacation. But hey, if you want to join in. please feel free to either comment on here or send me a message on goodreads and i am sure that my reading Buddy will be happy to have you. The more the merrier and all that. :)
But Buddy reads typically can take a while so that is not too horrible, because i can read books in between reading some of this book. And i don't know when we start that so that is also okay, i just try and get as much done before hand. 

But the total number of books i want to try and read this month is:


Yeah, that is crazy!
I am crazy! 

Well 34, but i i have read two books from here and one other NetGalley book that is not on this list. So three in total if you are a math-master as i am. But only two count since they are from this list.

Makes it more crazy not less.

Especially since it is already more then a week into the month. 

So really that could be more on the 9th of the month. But oh well. 
I am more then half way through "The Host" (i have about 300 pages left of the 830 or so the book has) and I have started one of my NetGalley book that i am about 1/3 through already. So who knows? Maybe i can manage at least a good amount of those books. 

Half would be fantastic. Even more would be even better. 

Still crazy. But why not make it a challenge, right? 

And i do read more in the summer month since i have nothing else to do. 

Who are we kidding? 

I have never anything else to do. Anytime of the year really. But still. I do get through thick books much easier in the summer, which is why i picked many of them. 

I just try to read a lot. Nothing is on TV anyways during summer time. And i don't do anything through out the day other then normal house stuff. 

So right now at this second, i am challenging myself to read all those books. And if i don't get to them... i will have to do something. I don't know yet. 

Hey if you know something good, let me know in the comments below what a good punishment or reward would be for either failing or completing the challenge of reading 32 books in one month, would you? That would be fantastic. But please nothing to crazy.

So this is my hugely overdone August TBR. What is yours?
Any thing you are excited about and can't wait to read?
What are you currently reading?
Want to recommend a book to me? Please feel more then free to do so, i do love a good book recommendation.

I will write more later...


  1. Wow, you certainly ARE ambitious! I've counted a total of 34 books for the month of August!! I'd be lucky if I could get through three! Lol. The thing is, I'm a pretty slow reader. So I congratulate and admire you for attempting this many books in one month! : )

    Some of these books are unfamiliar to me, but others I've heard of.

    I love the Harry Potter series, but don't know about Rowling's mystery novels. Might have to actually give one a try. As for "The Host", much as I ADORE The Twilight Saga, I don't like this particular book. I just detest the whole idea of two personalities inhabiting one body. And both of them love the same boy! Nope, not for me! As for "The Historian", I do want to read it. I have it somewhere in my humongous library, and I've wanted to read it for the longest time..... "Eragon" is another one I want to read, as I LOVE dragons! Speaking of dragons, of course I want to re-read "The Hobbit", and meet up with Smaug the dragon again! "The White Queen" (I own this book) and "The Name of the Wind" (this one is still waiting for me at The Book Depository) are also on my TBR. Same goes for "Legend", "Seeker", and "Outlander". I own this last one, too.

    And now a word about "Wuthering Heights". I HATE this novel. Oh, the writing is beautiful, the story well told, but the main protagonist is totally hateful, and the whole tale was quite painful for me to read. You might like it, though, because every reader is different. I much prefer "Jane Eyre", by Charlotte Bronte!

    Of the ones that are completely unfamiliar to me, I'll check out "Havana Jazz Club" for sure! That one caught my eye right away! The others' I'll also check out on Goodreads.

    I wish you the best of luck reading all these books!! Thanks for featuring them, and thanks as for stopping by my blog and commenting!! : )

    1. Ambitious is clearly a nicer word for it :) Crazy is not as nice and just as fitting ;)
      I am happy that you found a few books on here that are new for you and that you might like. That is one of the many thing i love about sharing books :)
      I did really love Jane Eyre even thought a few things were not my favorite in that books. You are one of the first people that say they didn't enjoy Wuthering Heights that much, but I am so happy to hear that so that when i get to it and don't enjoy it that much i just keep asking myself why everyone loves it and i am not.

      Oh and you are right, there are 34 on this list, but i already read 2, so i have 32 left. :)

      Thank you for coming here and commenting as well. :)

  2. WOW. 32 BOOKS IN A MONTH?!! GO YOU. I hope you meet your goal! :D I like to think I could read 30 books per month. Last month I got to 28. :D It usually depends on how busy my days are...but ah, I love bingeing books. ;-)
    I loved The Help! And I've been meaning to read The Host and Eragon foreeever (particularly Eragaon because DRAGONS. I love dragons. And Talon/Rogue are stupendous!)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I really enjoy your blog, and i am so happy i found it! So i will be happily stopping by there more often and see what you have to say. And to look for a bit more Steve Rogers, of course ;)
      Maybe you should take over the challenge when you managed 28 books last month.
      I have not read much those last few month or years really. But a few years ago i read around 30 books each month for a few months and i really enjoyed that. But then life got busy and i got down to maybe 4 books a month.

      I loved Talon and i really want to read Rogue but i have a few books i still have to read that i recently bought and i don't want to just keep buying books and not read them, one other reason for this huge TBR. I am very happy to know about another person that loves dragon and stories about them. And i can't wait too see what Eragon is all about and if the series is as fantastic as i hear from other dragon-loving readers.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  3. WOW that is quite the list! I hope you get most of them read!

    I loved Legend--one of my favourites! I also really enjoyed Ruby Red and Eragon (though I read that one YEARS ago!) so I hope you do too!

    1. Thank you, i can use all the hope that is given to get through most of those in some magical way.
      I am happy to hear that someone recommends the Legend series, so i will definitely give it a good try. :)
      Also good to hear good things about Ruby Red and Eragon. And Eragon is older yes, but for some reason i never picked that book up when it came out. Which i really don't understand, because ... well DRAGONS! i love those. How could i completely overlook this complete series? Which explains why it is on this list now. :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  4. That is one incredible TBR goal! I hope that you have been able to get some of these amazing books read. I have East of Eden on my TBR shelf as well, but I don't know when I will read it! :)

    1. I still can't decide if i am crazy or just ambitious. But who cares? I do actually read a lot more this month then i normally read, so that is the positive effect that i wanted to accomplish with this huge TBR and since that is working, i am currently seeing this goal as mostly accomplished. ;)
      I actually started East of Eden and have to say that i am very surprised how much i enjoy it. It is completely different from what i expected and surprisingly fast and easy to read. Not that i am very far into the book, but for now i would recommend it. :)
      thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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