Throwback Thursday: The Seamstress

Since yesterday i talked about a new release i thought today i would share a book that has been released for some time but still deserves to be talked about. And since there is this entire thing called Throwback Thursday i thought why not combine that?

I just want to share some books that are a bit older (and by that i mean not new releases!) that i think deserve to be read and more people should do just that. 

So without even longer talk, here is my first pick: 

The Seamstress 

Author: Frances De Pontes Peebles
Genre: Historical Fiction, minority group, Contemporary Fiction
Release Date: October, 2009 (I think)
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Emilia and Luzia dos Santos, orphaned when they are children, grow up under the protection of their aunt in the hillside village of Taquaritina, Brazil. Raised as seamstresses, the sisters learn how to cut, how to mend and how to conceal.

Emilia treasures pretty, girlish things and longs to escape from the confines of the little town. Captivated by the romances she reads in magazines, she dreams of finding love in the bustle and glamour of the city. 

Liz, scarred by a childhood accident that has left her with a deformed arm, knows that for her, real life can not be romantically embroidered, and so she finds solace in her seeing and in the secret prayers to the saints she believes once saved her life. But when Luiza is abducted by a gang of rebel bandits, the sisters' lives diverge in ways they never imagined. Whilst Luzia learn to survive in the unforgiving Brazilian outland, discovering love in the most unexpected places, Emilia meets the son of a wealthy doctor who seems to offer her everything she has always desired. But for the innocent dreamer, the excitement of her escape to the city is soon overshadowed by disillusion and boneless. As she learns how to navigate the treasures waters of Brazilian high society, the bandits' campaign against the land-owning "Colonels" intensifies, and when a price displaced upon Luzia's head Emilia realizes she must risk everything in order to save her sister. 

Why I recommend it: 

It is a fascinating story about a different part of the world that i have not found many books about.

It is also an important story to tell, i think. 

About a minority group, people that try to find their way out of nothing and the love that two sisters that are completely different to each other can have no matter how long they have not seen each other. 

This book has everything, from love to hate, action to peaceful moments, cute moments and horrifying events. It is not just one story. This book shows very clearly how much difference in lifestyles can exists in one culture, in one country, in one family. And how sometimes reality can be so much better or completely different to what you dreamed it would be. 

Sometimes a bad thing can turn out fantastic. And sometimes the best thing can be horrible. 

This book might be fiction, but honestly it reads as if it is real life. 

It is also a book written by an author that is not well known- honestly neither the author nor the book has any hype at all, which i personally find horrible since this book is not only fantastically written but the story itself deserves to be known and loved by so many!

For me this book and this author deserve the hype that "Love in the time of Cholera" author Gabriel GarcĂ­a Marquez have and honestly to me Marquez is worlds behind Peebles in the way they write and tell stories. 

Peebles writes so much better. He builds a world, and characters that you fall into and when you read the book you have no idea what the heck to do with yourself, and honestly I kind of just wanted to read this book again the second i finished it. Mostly because i was not ready to part with the story, say goodbye to the characters and everything else this book gave me. 

If you are in search of a different book, a fantastic story, a wonderful writing style and want something that sucks you in and doesn't let you go. A book that you will fall in love with, a story that will tear at your heart.... This is it. 

What about you guys? Do you have a book that you love that came out a while ago? Want to share it with me? 

Let me know in the comments about the book that you love that came out a while ago. Or that you are currently reading. Or that you think i would love. Or just share a quick hallo. I will love hearing from you no matter what you want to say :)

Write more later... 


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