Top 10 Tuesday: Authors I've read the most books from

This weeks Top 10 is all about most read books. Not owned. 
Please notice the difference because then the list would be a bit different. Not hugely. Just a bit. 

You get my point. 

I read a lot of library books especially as a kid and i recently started that again. 

And now with being a NetGalley member i don't necessary own the books -because  to me ebooks just don't count as own because i constantly forget all about them!

What i am trying to say is: Yeah for a fantastic idea over at for this weeks meme of most read authors, since i do believe that this week all those lists will most likely have huge differences in them. And i love that. Who doesn't want to see what authors people love so much that they read huge amounts of books by them?

Alright. So back to me. We talked enough about other people for this post alright, don't you think?

Most of this list will be childhood authors for me, because i read a lot of series as a child that had lots of books. And because of that i have lot of books from a few authors. 

I also read German as a child, so there are a few german authors on this list that are not translated into english. I can't change that, because i will not change my list simply because the books that i read as a child are not available for everyone. Because then this list would not be accurate. And i actually enjoy having list of my most read authors. So there is that. 

Here you go: 

Most read authors list.

1. Thomas Brezina.

He is an Austrian writer. He writes in german -clearly since that is the language they speak in Austria- and so i read a good amount of books by him growing up. And by that i mean before Harry Potter, so that has been a few years.

But he writes cute stories that are very fast and easy to go through and i loved specific series by him.
And os i read lots of books by him. And i still actually own all the books that i had from one series by him. Not all the books that are out for that series, mind you since there have been quite a few more published after i stopped reading them- but all the books that read by him.
And i read his books at least three times each. So really he deserves this first spot on my list.

Now i have no idea if his books are translated but i don't think so. But that is okay. For those of you that read German or are currently learning and want to read easy to understand but still pretty cute stories and don't mind middle grade or younger, those are very cute.

Okay on to the books:
The series that i still own is:
"Sieben Pfoten für Penny" (seven paws for Penny)

This is a story about a girl who loves animals. She has two dogs and a dad that is a veterinarian. And has lots of adventures. And i don't know. It was just a very cute story about a girl growing up and saving animals. And i love animals so this series was kind of perfect for me.
And the writing was very easy, the books not to thick and heavy and the font pretty big. And so in my starting days while i still had big problems reading a lot due to my serve dyslexia as a child, this series was one of them that kept me reading and loving books.
I own 25 of his books. I would say i enjoyed that series.

The other series by him that i really enjoyed and loved was the
"Alle meine monster" series (All my monsters)

This was about a boy who found monsters. And that was about it. There was a bit of a horror factor because there was death and killing and murder but all with a fun twist and appropriate for children. And overall it was just as easy and fun to read this the series i just talked about and i did like this series, mostly because i enjoyed the comedy aspect of the monsters. And how much my mom hated buying those types of books for me because she never liked anything scary or horror or monster related. We all get our kicks somewhere, right?

All in all i think i read over 40 books by Brezina. 
I still own 26 by him. But i got read of all but one of the books of the "Alle mine Monster" series years ago because i just didn't have the space and i don't plan on rereading them so why keep them? But apparently the series had 10 books in total according to Goodreads, but the special edition book i do own still is not listed on that list so i am pretty sure that there were more books in that series but Goodreads just doesn't have them all listed.
But even if this series "only" has 10 books i read a few other first books of different series by him that i just didn't enjoy and didn't want to continue. 

So somewhere over 40 books -maybe 42 or 43 by him- is pretty accurate. And lets just face it i have not and probably will never read anywhere near 40 books by one author again, so the first spot clearly goes to this author and will most likely stay with him for all my life.

2. Darren Shan

This is actually an English author, so yeah.
Also a slight jump from around 40 books read by on author to... wait for it... 12. Yeah, well i told you that i don't think it mattered how many books i actually read by Brezina because nothing will get near that number always. 12 is actually the next highest number of books i read by one person.
And this is also the first author that is listed on my Goodreads page, since i have not bothered to click all those Brezina books as read.

So.... back to the actual topic....

I read his 12 book series called Cirque Du Freak as a child. 

I read them in german, but still the author is english so the original books are called that. The German version was called "Darren Shan und der Mitternachtszirkus" or at least the first book was. So if you are inserted in the german version look that one up.

This was another one of those cases that i enjoyed the story but i loved the fact that i mom did not really like the book i was reading but still bought them for me because i was reading. What can i say? That was my form of rebellion. The only from to. So yeah... i was a bad child clearly ;)

Still this is another fast and easy book series. And i enjoyed that it was told from a boys perspective. And i did really enjoy most of those books quite a lot. Some where a bit over the top and i hated the ending. But overall i really liked those books. That being said i am pretty sure that if i would read them now i would hate them. But i still have them on my shelves, just in case or something.

This series is about a boy that is about 12 i think in the first book and sneaks out with a friend to go to a show in this Cirque De Freak at midnight. And from there the entire series evolves into a huge fantasy spectacle with vampires, witches, werewolves and a whole lot of other stuff.

What i did like what the spin on how vampires are "made" in this book because it is not the typical "I bite you, you bite me, we drink each others blood and there you go".

3. Bianca Minte-König

This is another German author, and i read 9 books from her.

And she writes those cute little girly books that every girl growing up reads. You know, romance, love, school, parents. The typical books that take you from childhood into young adulthood.

Her writing was always cute and easy and interesting. I loved that there was a group of three girls that were good friends -and i mean that in the actual sense that they supported each other and helped each other and rooted for each other- that the books that i read evolved around. At least most of them did. I read three other books by here that were about another girl but i enjoyed those as well. Anyways....

Mostly her books were all about surviving school and the daily live and being interested in a boy but the boy might not be interested in you. Or just finding your passion in live and working towards a goal. Being who you are and accepting that not everyone will love that, but it is worth it and all that good stuff. I just liked those books and the messages that they send to the young readers. They were all very positive, not overly dramatic and very real.

All her books i read where part of this book series that included lots of other authors and were named "Freche Mädchen, freche Bücher" (cheeky or naughty girls, cheeky/naughty books) which both my sister and I read and i still have a few of our favorites on my shelves. And i actually do re-read a few of them every now and again because they are just fun to read and remember how much i loved specific moments about them.

4. Kai Meyer

This is another author that is german but i know that some of his books have been translated, but please look up yourselves if a book that sounds interesting to you is actually translated into English or not.

I think i read about 9 books by this author. I am not completely sure because honestly i am not sure how many i actually read, because for one i do no longer own the books, and it has been over at least 6 years since i read them -more then 10 for the 6 i remember. And i only remember very clearly the 6 books of the two trilogies that i put into Goodreads as one of my favorites as a child.

But know that i read at least one more complete trilogy by him and i read the summary of the other series that he wrote and that sounds very familiar as well, but i can't remember if i just started that series or read the entire thing. Oh well....

But the series that i read and really enjoyed -still i don't longer own them- are the "Wave walkers" or as i knew them "Wellenläufer" trilogy and the "Dark Relfection" or "Merle" Trilogy.

The Wave Walkers is about a girl named Jolly who is believed to the only surviver of the legendary generation f children wo where rumored to be able to walk on water. And this talent is put to good used when she is forced to flee without her shipmates after a shipwreck. That doesn't sound that interesting. It really was when i read it. It is all about magical pirates. And who doesn't have love that as a child? Or maybe as an adult. I remember that my uncle loved those books and read them more or less at the same time i read them and i love talking to him about them.

Dark Relfections is a very fast-paced and action packed series about a fourteen year old girl named Merle who is very feisty and sarcastic. This series is all about Egypt and the mythology of it and history and i loved it. It has lots of fantastic details and actual facts and historical topics that i really enjoyed learning and reading about as a child. So if you are into Historical mythology fiction, this might be a nice try.

The other books i read by him where "Die Sturmkönige" trilogy by him (Which i have no translation for because i don't think they exist in English but i would say that it translates into "Stormkings"?) and i think i also tried the "Wolkenvolk" (Cloud tribe or people or something of that nature) trilogy at some point from the library but can't remember how many books i read from that series. But it could also be that i only read the first two from both trilogies. Or... i have honestly no idea even though it has not been that long since i read those two. I mean it has been years. But i can't remember them mostly because it wasn't to my taste anymore and while i did read them and they were alright, i tend to forget when i read them and how much i read from a series if i didn't love them. And those two trilogies fit into those so sorry.

5. J.K Rowling

This should come to nobodies surprise.

I was 7 when the first Harry Potter came out. I started to read them when i was 10.


I have the 7 books from that series (well actually i have the 7 english and 6 in german, but that doesn't count as anything other then 7 so there is that) and of course read all of those. 

And then i read The Casual Vacancy by her. Not a huge fan of that one. or to say that i thought that was a complete for the toilet. I mean the idea was really good. But to me it was just trying to be to adult after a young adult series. She put too much adult stuff into one book and too many problems into one book. For me that book was just too much and too little at the same time. Still her writing was very well done and i read that book i think in one day more or less in one sitting. And while her writing was fantastic. the story was horrible. So i did not like that one. I read it always so that counts.

I also own the Cuckoo's calling by her and currently have the Silkworm from the library because they had it and i never seen it there before so i grabbed it so that if i read the Cuckoo's this month and like it i can just go on with that series. BUT i have not yet read either of those, clearly since i said i want to read them. So they don't count. But i had to talk about them anyways for some unknown reason. Sometimes i don't even understand myself.

So 8 books by Rowling it is.

6. Stephen King

He is actually also an author that has to count on my childhood list. 

Because i read his first book "Misery" (or to be honest i read the german translation "Sie" ("She") when i was 12. Or maybe shortly before i turned 12. I don't know exactly anymore, but i read it when i was 12, that i know. Because i remember the funny look my mom got while we were sitting in a hospital and a nurse saw me reading that book and clearly thought that it was not an appropriate book for my age.

What can i say? I never fit into normal. And my mom always believed firmly in the: read what you want and think you can handle. And she was just happy i read so, who cared what others thought?

And there there is the fact that i grew up with an older sister that put me through "Blair Witch project" at the tender age of 8 or 9 and scared me to death when she put her ice-cream-cold hand on my neck at an specially scary moment. So really, this kind of book? Nothing compared to that! Just saying. And by the way, no my parents did not approve of the horror movie my sister picked, we had a TV in the basement that we were allowed to watch our own movies on with the door open so that our parents could hear what was going on. Well that didn't work out to well, since we just watched what we wanted in a nice low volume and changed date channel for a second when they came down to look. It worked wonders until that moment, because when i ran up screaming they clearly knew what was going on. Oh well... Childhood stories. Aren't they wonderful?

Back to books now!

I started King early in some aspects, but while i really loved a few of his books i did not love all of them and stopped reading his writings for a few years. I read 7 books when i was a child. And then i read about 3 or 4 books as an adult by him. Combined i read at least 10 books by him. Which is pretty good.

And the reason he his behind J.K. Rowling is just that: that i read his stuff split, partly as a child and as a adult. And so the number of books is lower then the total of reads i did with Rowling. My logic, my list, my decision.

7. Ralf Isau

Yet another German Author. What can i say, if you grow up in germany you read the german stuff!

I can remember reading 5 books by him.

I loved the "Der Kreis der Dämmerung" ("Cirle or ring of darkness or dawn or twilight") series, which had four books and i really want to buy one of those days, because i loved them so much as a child. It is about a boy who lives one century -the 1900 to be exact- and lives through all that happens during that time. It is part history lesson, part fiction. And completely fantastic.

And i own and have read the book "Die geheime Bibliothek des Thaddäus Tillmann" (the secret library of Thaddäus Tillmann) which is the first in a multiple authors series all about a world behind a bookstore that takes you into the worlds of the books. This book is all about books and their mystery and people that love them.

But i know that i have picked up a few more of his books as a child from the Library after reading "Der Kreis der Dämmerung" and loving it but i can't remember which ones or how many, so i will just say that i read at least 5 books by him and leave it at that.

8. Mary Hoffman

I read her book series Stravaganza. I read the first 3 as a child when it was still markted as a trilogy and earlier this month i picked up book for and read that.

So i read 4 books by her. Which is not a lot but honestly i am running out of bigger amounts of books i read by a person that i want to talk about. So i including the authors that i read 4 books by.

This series is a contemporary series that takes part in the same world, but each book follows a different set of characters and their story. They all play in a magical version of italy, and really i can't properly explain this series. It is magical and about a different world then ours and each book talks about a different city -as guessable by the individual book titesl of the series (city of masks, city of stars, city of flowers... and so on) As far as i know it is a 6 book series. BUT only the first four have been translated into german up to this point.

Which is fine if i really want to continue on i could just read 5 and 6 in english but i am not sure yet if i want to do that.

I enjoyed this series, but to be honest this last book i read wasn't was fantastic to me anymore. So i think i will leave it at 4 books from this series.

But she does have a lot of other books so i might pick up another one form her. Who knows what the future might bring? For now 4 books read by this author is it.

And now on to the actual adult -children should not read them, or don't mind sex scenes if they do read them- list part:

9. Charlaine Harris

I read 8 books by here. 

The Sookie Steakhouse series 1 through 8. And i don't plan on reading the other 4 or so books in that series so that number is fixed. And still pretty good.

And while i enjoyed this vampire adult series, i didn't love it. For the most part it was just a very easy and fast read. I enjoyed the view into the Southern living in America. And i loved Eric. But i could have slapped Sookie silly sometimes and i hate Bill. So there is that.

Still i do enjoy re-reading one or two books every now and again from this series, especially if i start to get into a reading slump because they are such easy reads that i can finish one book in one sitting no problems and after reading it i want to read something with more substance, so reading slump over. :)

If you want a easy fast and sometimes interesting series, pick this one up. It took me about half way through the first book until i got completely sucked into the series (thank you, thank you i do enjoy pointing out my puns!) and especially those books that have lots of Eric in them, i loved. So if you want a series with sex, danger, lots of action and a southern belle, search no more.

10. Janet Evanovich

Her book series Stephanie Plum has kept me going for 4 books until now. I will try the fifth one sometime in the future.

This is another example of an author -as the one right above this one- that i love to read when i feel as if i fall into a reading slump. Because those books are noting to write home about, but they are fun and easy and good enough that i enjoy them and want to see what else is happening.

I could never read this series one after the other, up until ... i think the 22nd book. But for now i do enjoy reading one every now and again. and i actually read 2 just last month. So they were fresh on my mind. And i don't really have any other author that i read more then 3 or 4 books by. So there is that as well.

Doing this list, i learned that i did not actually know how most of those authors look like. And that for one or two that might have been better to not know. I will not say who. And leave it at that. 

This is my list of the 10 authors that i read the most of.

I also have 19 other authors that i read at 3, 4 or even 5 books by that did not make this list. So i did try to make this list about authors whose books i did enjoy and most likely would not mind re-reading or just really read a huge amount by so i had to include them. Either one really.

But what i did notice doing this list is that i read a huge amount of books by one specific author as a child. And since then i seem to enjoy reading less by one specific author and more a good amount of different authors.

So something new learned there, because i really thought that i had read more books by some authors that i actually read only 2 or 3 books by.

Please let me know which author has is the one that you read the most of.
Or if you heard of any of the German ones i talked about.
Or just say hi.
I am happy about any and all comments you guys want to leave me :)

Write more later...


  1. Yay!! JK Rowling is absolutely one of my favorite authors! She will always have a very special place in my heart.

    1. She is fantastic. I love her writing. And you are so right with saying that she has a special place in so many peoples lives and hearts :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting :)

  2. Lots of these authors are new to me! Great list!
    Thanks for stopping by the The Local Muse

    1. Happy to hear that some of them are new to you, hopefully some that have books in english or any language that you read books in :)
      Thank you for coming here and leaving a comment :)

  3. I love the fact that the nurse thought it was inappropriate for you to read Misery. I read it when I was much older and still got looks. I had an older brother that took my younger brother and I to see The Blair Witch Project and I had a ton of fun scaring my brother afterwards.

    1. It is an interesting little connection to the book, isn't it? I think that is why i remember it still.
      I am so happy to hear that i was not the only sibling suffering from Blair Witch Project ;) Always good to know. And i am sure my sister had tons of fun when she scared me. Before our parents started screaming at us, that is ;)
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  4. Gotta love Stephen King. I got funny looks when I was running around reading his books as a pre-teen too. My mom was a little worried, but just went along with it. My first read of his was Christine and it scared the crap out of me, lol. I still don't like old cars! You have a great list. I'm glad you included your childhood books and authors. It was really interesting. Thanks for visiting Bookworm Book Reviews! :)

    1. I don't understand the funny looks, especially as a child, shouldn't people just be happy that children are reading no matter what it is? I am so happy that my mother always thought so and clearly implemented that into me. :) And i am also happy to hear of another person enjoying King early on :)
      I have not yet read Christine, for some reason that one keeps slipping my mind, when i look to see what i want to try. Thank you for remind me! I will check that out and see where i can get my hands on it and read it soon :)
      I am happy you enjoyed my list.
      Thank you for coming here and leaving a comment :)

  5. I also read Stephen King at a young age, and probably was warped by it in all sorts of weird ways. :) Love J K Rowling (who doesn't?), but I also didn't care for The Casual Vacancy. At all. I've read her two Robert Galbraith books and thought they were quite good -- looking forward to the 3rd!

    1. I am glad to hear from another person that didn't care too much for Casual Vacancy. And that her crime books are better, since i want to try and get to them before the 3rd one comes out, which i think comes out sometime soon.
      Also so happy to hear that someone else read King young. His writing just doesn't has a specific age-range. :)
      Thank you for stoping by and leaving a comment :)

  6. I had never seen the German editions of Harry Potter ! I definitely should have added all the books I've read while growing up. I'm ashamed to say that I've read a big amount of Gossip Girl books.

    1. The German editions look ... funny in a way, at least i always thought so. Very child-like. But who cares? I kind of love those covers, since they did introduce me into this magical world and all. But some of the different world covers of that series, are fantastic, if you want you should look into them, there are really beautiful copies in other languages out there -and i really do mean beautiful ones, not as funny looking as the german ones ;). I did that a few years ago and really wanted to start learning other languages simply to have a reason to buy a few more copies of this series in other editions. Would that be bad? What is bad if it comes to harry potter. ;)
      Don't be ashamed to have read a big amount of Gossip Girl books. I read a huge amount of books about similar topics and loved them at the time. Those Penny books i read are nothing else, but why be ashamed? They clearly helped you be who you are now in a way, every book does, right? So clearly that worked out for you!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  7. I see that we do, really, feel the same way about JK Rowling. I thought the plot of 'The Casual Vacancy' had a good message about poverty, but at the same time it was kinda showy. Like "look at me, I can write adult stuff, I'm not just a children's author!"

    I've only read the first Stackhouse novel, but I watched most of the tv show. Sookie can be annoying. I wanted her to end up with Bill or Eric, and once I read more spoilers I didn't care anymore.

    1. The overall message of the Casual Vacancy was a good idea, which is why i picked the book up in the first place. But she really tried to push to much adult content into one book. We are clearly in agreement with that book :) Which is fantastic, because what is better then to agree over a book?
      I never watched the Stackhouse tv show actually. I saw a picture of the actor that played Eric thought. And boy, did they do the right casting! But while i did like the books enough to read them, i never felt the need to see them acted out. Especially since Sookie did have quite a few annoying traits. And Bill did as well. And Eric too... oh honestly most of the characters were rather annoying, but the books are so fast and easy to read. But as i said, i can't go on either with them, so i understand why you didn't read more of them. :)

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  8. So I'm not the only one who forgets about those e-books hiding on my e-reader? That's good to know. :-) I love that you included authors who write in German on your list. I really like J.K. Rowling and someday hope to get to her crime fiction books. I haven't read too many of Stephen King books, but enough to know his work is hit and miss for me.

    Ah, Sookie. I'm glad to meet someone who doesn't like Bill either. I agree about it not being the best series, but I did enjoy it for what it was.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. I am so happy to hear that i am not the only one forgetting about the e-books. I always feel like i am, since so many people talk about their e-books all the time. But really, if they are not on my shelf and i can actually see them, i forget, every time! So good to hear that i am not alone :)
      Well, i had to include the German ones since that is clearly what i read the most from. And i actually really like pointing out that there are a good amount of different authors from around the world that are worth being read. I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed that part of this post :D

      King can be hit or miss. For me it is the same way. But i keep trying because those book that i enjoy, i typically really love and don't want to miss. So i just keep picking up the different books by him and see what i might enjoy. Libraries are wonderful places ;)

      You are actually the first person that i heard from that did not like Bill either! So yeay! To me Eric and Pam really made that series so enjoyable to me, if they would have not been the way they were written, i might not have gotten through as many books as i did. But Harris had a way to right those two!

      I hope you have a nice weekend and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting :)

  9. Yay for J.K. Rowling! I have really been wanting to read a Stephen King novel lately. So many horror books out there seem so lame, and he is the king of horror, right? I actually read Dead Until Dark a few years ago, although I didn't continue the series. This is a great list!

    1. King does write fantastic, but honestly for me his books are -at least those i have read by him- are more thriller leaning towards horror because of the topics and lines the books cross. But i guess it depends on how sensitive -if that is the right word- you are about the topic. But if you have not yet read Misery and want a fantastic Thriller that clearly could be seen as Horror -and is by most people- and are not bothered by reading about someone having to suffer through bodily harm that is clearly my recommendation for you :) If you want one. And if not i am still giving you one anyways.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  10. WOOT WOOT FOR J.K. ROWLING! I sorely regret not continuing on with Cirque du Freak since it seems amazing.

    1. Rowling is the queen ;) How could she not be on this list?
      You could always try the Cirque de Freak series now. It is not really written in a childish way in most aspects. I wouldn't say that they are spooky for anyone over the age of six or seven, but the story itself is very nicely done for the most parts. I really enjoyed Darren and the other characters throughout this book and i did re-read it a lot just not in the last three to five years.
      Thank you for so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  11. I have only read one Stephen King book. I do think I should read more, I just haven't gotten around to it yet!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. I can understand that, i have also a lot of books i have not gotten around to yet.
      I do hope you find the time to read a few more books by him and that you will enjoy them when you do :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  12. I was a huge Thomas Brezina fan while growing up. The library we go to has had many-many of his books so it was easy for me to read them without my mom having to spend a lot of money on books. I LOVED Cirque Du Freak when I was around 12. I got all twelve books at once and read them in a little more than a week. This was right after I read Twilight and I was obsessed with vampires. Like you, I'm pretty sure I'd hate the series if I read it now but at that time I was in love with them. The ending sucked, though. I think I must have read something by Bianca Minte-König at one point because her name sounds so familiar... and I basically read anything girly and cute looking from the library when I was younger haha.
    Lovely list and thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    1. I am happy to hear that another person grew up with Brezina! And you are lucky, my library did not have many or any books by him when i read him. Or if they did very few. Still most of his books are rather sentimental to me and i still have them, so the money was well spend. :) Well it is always well spend on books.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting :)


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