Top 10 Tuesday. Auto-buy Authors

Another Tuesday, another Top 10 post thanks to the meme by the girls over at

Last week the meme was my most read authors, as most people know that came here through the site (and lets face it most of you are, which is fantastic!).

Today is all about the favorite authors that people buy simply because the author wrote it.


I have a problem with theme, because i can honestly say that i don't do that. 

And i really mean that. I have favorite authors. Quite a few actually. 

The best example for that is J.K. Rowling. I know i am not the only one that really enjoyed Harry Potter. I personally loved those books because of the way she wrote them and how she managed to actually create this magical world and pull you so deep into the story that no matter how stupid some moments were, that was okay, because in that world those moments were okay. What i am trying to say is, that i loved her writing. So when she came out with Casual Vacancy, i wanted to read it.

BUT i did not buy it simply because Rowling wrote it. I actually read the summary of the book and a few reviews before i bought it. And at the first few weeks when that book came out, the reviews were completely positive and all about: fantastic new book by her, must read and all that. And that made me buy it in the end. 

And boy is that the perfect example of why i do not do the whole Auto-buy author stuff. 

Because while I still enjoyed her writing, the story was just horrible to me because she just tried to be too adult and extreme with all the topics she tried to show how little she was only the Potter-author.

Or in other words, the books that i buy and read are not about the author that wrote them, it is about the story itself to me. And i know many people say that, but while i might look into a book because of who wrote it, I do not simply buy a book because of who wrote it if the summery of the book does not sound at least a little interesting to me.

I generally don't have a specific genre that i don't want to try, or don't give a chance. But i don't just want to read a book simply because of an author if the story doesn't at least sound interesting to me.

Stephen King as an other example. I do really like some of his stuff. And others i tried and really really disliked. But that guy writes a whole lot and in a huge amount of different genres. It is not really that surprising that i don't enjoy every single thing he writes. So while i really like him and i do hope that i will one day own all the books by him that i like. But please notice that difference. I don't just want to own all of his books, i want to own his books i enjoy. So I will not be blindly buying all of his books.

So Auto-buy authors? Don't really exist for me. 

I understand that some people do have Auto-Buy authors. And they do buy the books because they were written by a specific author. More power to those that do. And if i had all the money in the world to spend as i like to i am sure i would do that as well. Sadly that is not the case (but hey, if you have some connections where to get that kind of supply from, please leave a comment or email me directly, thanks!) so, yeah no Auto-buy authors for me. 

That being said and talked about to death.... 

Instead of doing Auto-Buy authors, i am making a list of authors that i either buy a lot of books by, or that i want to buy a lot of books by because of different reasons that are listed underneath the specific authors

It is not exactly what this Top 10 is about, but it is as close as i can get. And that is good enough for me. So here it goes:

1. J. K. Rowling

I already talked about her quite a bit during this post, so i try to keep this brief here. 

I already established that I  don't buy blindly no matter the author, but i love how she writes. 

She as a way to really pull me into a story and as i said even though i really did not enjoy where she took and what she told in "Casual Vacancy", i still really enjoyed the actual writing itself by her. It kept me reading the entire book without really noticing that i had read an entire book that i really didn't like that much. So clearly that woman can write.

And so i do keep the look out for what she is coming out with and see if i want to read the new book by her. And i really do want to buy those three "Hogwarts Library" books by her and i really do want to read her Galbraith books. But i want to read those because i love a good crime/mystery/thriller. And i want to read the Hogwarts Library because i miss that world and I always wanted to read the books that the Harry Potter series talks about. 

I would have loved to get my hands on "Hogwarts: A History" simply because that sounds so interesting to read. 

So if she ever comes out with that one? That would be a complete Auto-buy Author buy, does that count?

2. Stephen King

Another one that i already talked about on here. 

As i said in the intro to this list, i do enjoy a good amount of his writings. 

And i tried different stuff from him. 

I really enjoy the "Dark Tower series" and it was my actual first Fantasy series that i read and that got me interested in reading the "Lord of the Rings series" (which i did read when i was 12 and also really enjoyed) and overall just into the entire Fantasy world that exists outside of the typical Magical world -such as the Potter books- or the vampire worlds. So clearly i enjoyed that series.

And i did love "Misery". That book was fantastic! I loved it. (As you might already know since this is not the first or even fourth time i talked about my love for that specific book.)

But i also read others by him that i really did not like. For example i really disliked "Cell" by him. The story sounded when i read the summary, but the actual story... that was actually the most boring book i ever read by him! Didn't matter that it was King that wrote it, his name did not make the story or the book better!

So i experienced both sides and have learned with King that while i do look into all the new releases and see if it is something i want to try, i don't buy blindly from him either. I need to read the summary and if it sounds like something that i would enjoy, i do try it or buy it, depending on if i can get my hands on it in some free or library form. But overall, i only read books that sound interesting topic wise and somehow fit into my style of reading, what ever that might be, King is no exception no matter how much i love specific books by him.

3. Vanessa Diffenbaugh

I loved her "The Language of Flowers" and have talked about that book a few times already especially in Top 10 posts, so i won't get into it too much here again. But i loved her writing and her unique way of telling her story. I also really enjoyed the actual story.

And i am interested to see what else she has and can write about. 

But once again, i won't buy a book by her simply because it is by her. If her next book is something similar or sounds similar, i won't buy it. I don't need a similar book. I loved the one i have enough to not need the same told from a new character. 

If she however manages to write something completely new and different that sounds good to me i will give it a try and buy it. Because i do love her writing and storytelling style. But once again, if it is not something that i would pick up by another author, it doesn't matter to me that it is written by her.

4. Diane Setterfield

She is a perfect example because she has another book (and a short story book) out for a while now and while i am thinking about buying it and seeing if i like it, i am not sure if i really want to. 

I loved "The Thirteenth Tale" as you all might know if you have seen a few posts by me because i do talk about that book a lot. Her writing is fantastic. And the way she tells a story is wonderful.

And the new book is about something completely different so i like that. And "Bellman & Black" is on my want to read list and my to-buy wishlist. And has been since it first came out, even before then once i heard that she came out with a new and completely different sounding book then the one i love by her.

BUT i have other books that i want to read first. And so this one is on the i will try a chapter or two and see if i like it or not. Because this is a Gothic fantasy book and don't know if i really want to read a ghost story or not at the moment. So clearly not an Auto-buy author in the strictest sense. But i do look and see what she is doing and if she is coming out with new things. But if those things don't fit into what i want to read, i won't buy it. As stated before. I am getting repetitive. 

5. Nalini Singh

I really enjoy her Psy-Changeling series and i am currently getting my hands on those books. 

But that series by her is the only one i am really interested in i thing. And i am not even sure if i really want to read them all because there are a LOT of them. I think there are 14 out currently? Please don't quote me on that because I did not check if that is right. 

At this moment in time i have only read 2 from that series. And i own 2 different ones from that series that were really cheap on Amazon and since i wanted to read more from that series i snatched them up. And while i am enjoying this series i do plan on buying more of those books when i think of them while i am buying books, or when they get a fantastic price. I don't think i will be buying all of them, since I do think that after a while i will no longer be interested in the books -but who knows until i read more from that series?

Still, since i don't plan to buy all her books or read everything she comes out with, she is clearly not an Auto-buy author for me. But actually this kind of thing is as close at it gets for Auto-buy for me. If i enjoy a series and want to read more of it, and buy some of the books when i see them for a good price. If that counts. Does that count?

Oh and if you are interested: The Psy-Changeling series is about people where the "humans" can connect with their minds and because of that are the Psy's and the others the changelings are the were-humans that can change into animals. That is the best and shortest why i can explain it. If you like a different kind of fantasy series with a heavy romance level and some sex, give this a try. 

And as far as i understand each book in the series follows a different set of people so that is also interesting, because it gives different views into the world which is what i really enjoy in this series and this author does very well, because the characters are very different and the stories completely different from each other, and more or less the only thing in common is the world it is set in.

6. Dan Brown

I have all four books by him - "Lost Symbol" and "Inferno"- and the two i have read - "Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons". 

I honestly have no idea how many books he wrote, or how many books are out by him. Or how many books exist in the Langdon series. Which i think shows that he is not an Auto-buy author for me since i don't even know how many books he has come out with. 

Still, i wanted to buy and bought the ones i have because i really enjoyed the two i have read by him. Or maybe that is a bit extreme. I enjoyed those books. They were not perfect, but i liked the main character and the writing and so i want to read more. 

And so, because he writes pretty good crime novels and i enjoy those. And one book was very cheap. And i liked the summaries.

But since i did read the summaries of those books, as well as quite a few reviews before buying them that clearly shows that they were not Auto-buy buys, because i did research. I look into the books. 

Still he is on here, because i do buy his books and enjoy them. That is until the last few chapters, where i always think that he always goes a bit too far and extreme and could have turned it down a little. But that is okay, the rest of the books are done well enough to overlook the horrible overdramatic end.

So if he comes out with a new book i will look into that as well. And maybe someday i will look into how many books he actually has come out with and maybe even buy those as well if they sound interesting enough to me to give a read.

So i think that in many ways he fit this category as best as it gets with me.

7. Victoria Schwab

Okay so this one is an interesting one. 

I hear fantastic things about her writing. 

And i am interested in her books. 

BUT i have not yet read anything by her. 

I own one book by her "Vicious". 

I have not yet gotten around to it. But it sounds fantastic. 

And "a darker shade of magic" sounds fantastic as well. So i will be buying that at some point as well no matter if i read "Vicious" at that point or not. Simply because i want to see what the story is all about, because different types of london and a person that can jump between them? Sounds fantastic.

But once again she is not an Auto-Buy author. 

Because i look into the books and i don't want to read all of her stuff. Her YA things? I don't think i will read simply because they don't sound that fantastic to me as other books. And so they are not very high on my list to read, not to mention on my list to buy. But "A darker Shade of magic" is pretty high. And so that is why she is on this list.

8. Janet Evanovich

She is another one of those examples where I am currently mostly enjoying a series she writes. 

And i want to buy a few more books from that series at some point. And with that knowledge in my mind sh made the list, because i will be looking out for good prices on the books by her and buy them without a second thought when i see a good price on her books from that series i enjoy. 

But only from that one series. And that is the Stephanie Plum series, by the way, if you did not remember from last week which would be understandable since you all have lives and all that. 

Still i am pretty sure that i will neither buy ever type of book this author came out with or even read all of her Stephanie Plum books, because while i do currently enjoy the rather mindless and sometimes downright stupid but still fun stories, i will get bored of them soon enough and not want to read any more of it. And while i enjoy her writing, i am not in love with her writing so that ti want to read all of the other stuff she came out with. So once again clearly not an Auto-Buy author but in a way she is, because i am currently auto-buying one of her series in a way. 

Oh and by the way if you are interested - i currently own th huge amount of 3 books from that series and have gotten the rest from my library who thankfully stocks those books and nobody seems to want them, so they are readily averrable for me to take home and read in one sitting. Still i do enjoy them enough to want to get them at some point when they are available with a good cheap price. What can i say? I love to have the books on my shelves that i read and enjoyed, but i also don't see the need to rush and spend huge amounts on books that i can wait to own until they are a bit cheaper. Especially when i know that they will get cheaper at some point in the future. 

9. Angela V. Cook 

She is a new author for me. Or in general. I think. 

Anyways... she wrote "Into a Million Pieces", which i actually wrote a whole review about, so please go here if you want to check that one out. 

But i really did enjoy that book and for one i do not own that in physical copy, so i want to get that someday in the future. 

And i will also keep an eye on her and see when she might come out with a new book and if she does come out with a new one i want to see what that is all about, because her writing really surprised me and did keep me on my toes for most of the book. So if she writes something different that sounds good? I am pretty sure i am going to want to read that as well. 

10. Christa McHugh

This is also a new author for me. I recently read her book "Confessions of a Queen B*" which i also wrote a full review about, so if you are interested click here and read my thoughts about that book. 

She is on this list for two reasons. For one the book i just talked about is the first in a series. And i want to get the second one in that series because i enjoyed the first one quite a bit and want to see where this series is going. And secondly she is on this list because i want to get a physical copy of the book that i read and enjoyed. 

But actually McHugh wrote quite a few books and even series. I have not read any others by her, and honestly i am not sure if i want to because while some sound alright and pretty interesting, i don't know if i see myself reading more by her other then the Queen B* series. But who knows what the future brings? Still clearly not an Auto-Buy author since i want that one series. 

As you might have noticed during his huge post, in most cases the authors on this list are on here because i am currently enjoying their books and want to see what else they can do, if i think another book by the sounds interesting, or if they wrote a series that i am currently reading, since i do enjoy finishing a series as best as i can manage and own it at some point in my life. 

I know this is not exactly what this weeks post is supposed to be about, but as i already said in the intro this is as close as i personally can get. 

So what about you guys?

Are you readers that do have Auto-buy authors? And if so which authors are yours? And why? 
Or are you more like me and while keeping and eye out for specific authors and their books, you still have to check what the book is about before actually deciding if you want to buy or not. 

Any recommendations for books this week?

Please let me know and leave a comment, i do love those and they make my day so much better. 


Write more later....

Oh and i wanted to point out, that this post has affiliation links -to and if you do click on the book titles that i have linked and actually buy a book through it, i will get a small amount of money. Which I would be very grateful for, and it will go towards my university education, which is quite pricey so any kind of help i really appreciate. But full disclosure and all that, so i said it and nobody can complain about it, please. Thank you.


  1. Good points! :) I love JK Rowling so much! I have yet to read any of her adult-fiction. I feel like my expectations would be so high and I would probably just look for something to be wrong. I do have so auto-buy authors. I just really hope that they come out with similar themed books. :) Great post!

    1. One of the reasons why i like to look more to what the books are about then who wrote it is, so that i do not look for something specific either wrong or right, just because i like the author. I just think that i would have liked a few books less if i noticed who wrote them, before i read them and loved them, simply because i read a book by that author before that i did not enjoy. If that makes sense.
      But i can understand watching authors and hoping for them to write something similar :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :D

  2. Something similar happens to me with Victoria Schwab! I started The Archive and I didn't like it, but I'm thinking I will give her adult books a try, they sound amazing!

    Sofia @ Bookish Wanderess

    1. They do sound amazing. I really hope that you get to them soon. Well, I hope i get to them soon too. So i hope we both get to them soon ;)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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