Current Pins and plans for August - Wrap up

August was so much better with my Pins and plans then July. 

For one, i actually managed to accomplish somethings. 

I managed to do 3 out of 4. Which i personally think is pretty good.

So here is what i did.

I did the 30 day Abs & Squats Challenge

I still have the last 3 days to go, but honestly. 
I think it counts as completed since i did do all the other days. 

What i do have to say about this challenge is that it is a lot harder then it looks on first sight!

Or i am just extremely out of shape. 
Either is possible. 
Or both really. 

Still it is a good fast and easy as well as quick way to get some exercise in and a little bit more in shape throughout one month without having to do something huge or have equipment. Always something i enjoy. And i do feel better knowing that i can do that amount of squats and sit ups without having to stop because i just can't do it anymore. So clearly, good challenge! And and an accomplished one as that, so even better!

The Ultimate Food Challenge from Popsugar

I did that. 
Well i did most of them. I did not do 6 and i do not plan on doing those six, because they are things that i do not do. And by that i mean i did every challenge execpt:

- Visit a winery or/and brewery (yeah i don't drink and i actually can't stand the smell of those types of alcohol so i am not going to do that!)
- Invent your own cocktail (once again, no drinker, so no thanks!)
- Learn to cut a whole pineapple (My easy answer is that i am allergic. Which is not exactly the right word for my reaction, since i just get a few days of quite extreme vomiting. And i do mean that in a rather extreme way and in a way that my doctor told me i should just say that i am allergic -after having to go there because of dehydration and no i am not kidding i wish i was!-, since it is clearly not a healthy food for me, so clearly, i will not be cutting a whole pineapple!)
- Brew coffee at home for a month (once again, not a drinker -in this case of coffee, that answer still stands!- so no brewing at home. And to that comes that the coffee machine we had -since other people in the house do drink coffee- broke sometime last month, so yeah no coffee making here)
- Ferment something (This i did not do, for more then one reason. For one because i had nothing to ferment at this time of the year and i also do not eat fermented stuff. Neither do i drink it, clearly. So yeah, once again no thanks)
- Find your signature drink. (and once again, yes lets say it together! i do not drink!)

As you can see 5 out of those 6 are really good reasons, and the maybe i will ferment something in a month or two, just to have actually done all of the things i feel comfortable doing from this list. But still who cares, right?

I did all the others from that list. 
Oh i am actually only currently reading a non-fiction food book, but i am working my way through it so that counts! Since i have started and almost finished it now, so while not technically in august, it still counts!

Next pin!

I actually took the not even 2 minutes out of one of my days and made the Coconut Scrub.

And it is pretty good actually. I use it as a foot scrub and it works fine. I do like that it is not drying at all because of the coconut oil in it. And i do enjoy the smell of it since i do enjoy coconut. So if you want a fast and easy scrub that is not too aggressive or drying, make this in a few seconds flat and enjoy.

And lastly the last of my 4 chosen pins for August:
The Running plan.

Yeah i did not do that.
It was once again hot, or raining.
I will do this once the weather is so that i feel like running in it. Meaning under 30°C or not raining.

Overall not bad, i think.

As for the other stuff:

- I did read lots. So that is also a check.
- I also worked on Blog stuff and hope to actually do the things i planed throughout September, so maybe you can see that when i actually get to it and then it is actually accomplished.

- I did not go to bed earlier. Most days i did not go to bed until early mornings around 4 or 6 am, so clearly not accomplished.
- I also did not yet figure out the social media stuff. I will get there. maybe. I have no idea if that is true, or not.

What about you guys?
Did you have plans for August? If you did, accomplish what you wanted?
Let me know what you did in August, i am always curious to hear what others did.

Write more later....


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