TBR pile for September 2015

So last month i had a huge TBR pile.
And i did not manage to read all of them (if you have not seen my wrap up post, there is the link to that were you can see which books i read) but i read a good amount so i wanted to challenge me once again and make a huge pile so that i get myself to read more then i would if i don't have a challenge.

Last month i had a total of 34 books -or 32 since i did read 2 already when i posted the TBR, but all in total 34. And all those that i have not read from that pile are getting pushed onto this one -especially the Library books.

And without trying, i got the same number this month as well. So once again. 

I will try my best to read 34 books. 

On to the actual books.

Physical books first:

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien 

I started this in August, but i only got 50 pages into it. 
For some reason i can not really get into this book. 
Which is odd, since I really enjoyed The Lord of the Rings when i read it years go. No matter. 
I will continue to read one chapter at a time, or just push through it completely until i am done. Not sure yet which one. But I guess i decide that when i read it. Or maybe i get into this book more when i continue reading it. No matter which one i chose, i will finish this book this month. 

White Queen by Philippa Gregory 

Another library book i didn't get to last month. 

And since i really actually do want to read something by her finally, i will be reading this, this month! I hope. 

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith 

I really want to get to this book. I really want to finally read it. So here it is, on yet another list. 

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith 

Library book, not read in August... you get what i am trying to say!

Rubinrot (Ruby red) by Kerstin Gier 

This series is either loved or hated. And it is originally written in german. And i have it from my library in german -i should just give it a try. 

I wasn't in the mood for Timetravel, so i didn't get to it yet. I am still not sure if i really want to read this completely, i decided that i will give it a try and if i don't like it i will not read it. We'll see how that will got. 

Eragon by Christopher Paolini 

This is another book that i started, but put aside because i was not in the mood for it in August. I will give it another try this month. 

The Help by Kathryn Stockett 

Another book that i just didn't get to in August. 

This is another one of the books that i am unsure if i will be reading it this month or not. But i want to try it. And see if i like it. 

East of Eden by John Steinbeck 

This is getting repetitive. I started this, i liked it, but wasn't completely into it, and when i put it down i didn't pick it back up. I want to finish it. So i will try to do just that this month .  

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova 

I will keep this short: 

Library book. 
Didn't read it in August. 

Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton 

This is another case, similar to the Rubyred book. 
I will try and see if i like it. 
Or if not, that is fine. Then i just bring it back, no harm no foul. 
And if i do like it enough, i think i will get it in english. Since i do enjoy books in their original language more, but my library only has it in german. 

Legend by Marie Lu

The same thing as Seeker above. So i won't repeat it again. 

Cut both ways by Carrie Mesrobian 

I talked about this book a huge amount, and i already said a few times that i preordered this. 
And since i did preorder it and will be getting it sometime this month. Hopefully, please Amazon.de?, i want to read it this month. It came in the mail, just after i wrote this! Yeah! So it is on this list. 

Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

I want to read a memoir this month, this is it. This about it. Also i own this book. So i should finally read it!

Vicious by Victoria Schwab 

I really want to finally read something by her. And i own it. 
And by the way, am i the only one that things the cover looks like a Captain America poster? 
Which by the way was one of the main reasons i bought this book. 
Maybe that is just me. 

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard 

I caved last month and bought this. 
Now i should read it. 
No more reasons needed. 

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I really want to finally read this one. And i think that this is one of those books that i should be able to read in one day. 
Also i own it. And i wanted to read it since the beginning of the year. So once again, i should finally read this. 

Darkest minds by Alexandra Bracken 

Another book i bought last month. I am trying to be better at buying and reading. You know the drill. 

You by Caroline Kepnes 

I bought this in July, i didn't read it in August. I really want to read a nice quick Thriller. This is supposed to be one of those. 

Crown of Midnight; Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows all by Sarah J. Maas 

I bought all of those last month. I want to read this.
I know i am late with this. 
But honestly i knew that Queen of Shadows was coming out. 
And since everyone loves this series, and i loved Maas' writing in ACOTAR (my review here) I thought that it is best that i just wait and just give myself the possibility to marathon them all. And my copy of QoS will only get to me around the 10th or so -preordering is really working for Amazon.de did i say that already? 
The book came! Yes! Now the marathon can begin!

Ready Player one by Ernest Cline 

Yes i know i am a little late with this one too. 
But i caved and bought this one last month as well. (It sounds like i bought a lot of books, and 6 is a lot, but it is not that huge of an amount!) 
And since everyone loves this book. I really want to read it as well. 

Second star to the right by Deborah Hautzig 

This is a book about anorexia. 
This is not a new book -it was first published in 1981- but i know how hard it can be to recover from eating very little -be it because trying to achieve perfection (as the summary says this character wants to have), or because of an illness that does not allow food to stay in your body. 
I just want to read this book because i own it, and i never actually heard a lot about this book. And it sounds really good to me. 
Also it is not even 200 pages. So that should be at least one of the books on this list that i actually manage to read. 

Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis 

I bought this copy after i received "Spinning Starlight" as an ARC. 
And while i don't think that i will need to read this book before the ARC to understand it. But i prefer to read series in order they were published in. 
That is what i want to do. 
Read this one this month and then move on to the ARC next month before it comes out. 
By the way this is a retelling of Snow white in out of space or something of that nature, since Snow is trying to get back her home planet. And the cover is beautiful. 

I am also still reading my Buddy read "Outlander" and i think i most likely will add a new Buddy read, depending on who i will be partnered with through my Goodreads group.


Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

As i said with the rest of the published books of this series: I want to read this series.
And since it makes sense to start a series with the first book, that is what i want to do. I have an e-books, so it is down here instead of up with the rest of the Hardback books i own. 

The Foxglove Killings by Tara Kelly 

And from this point on the NetGalley books start. 
I actually already read this. 
And wrote a rave review. You can check that out here

Disaster Capitalism by Antony Loewenstein 

This is a book all about a journalist that travel through the world, trying to figure out how powerful corporations make a killing out of disaster. 
I am always interesting in different views. And apparently this journalist is very good in not making up stuff and stating them as fact. So i want to see what this book is all about.  

This is a series about a girl in foster care, who makes a wish upon a star. 
I don't really know that much more about this series. 
I do know that i find the covers interesting. 
And it is an entire trilogy. 
So why not give it a try?

Big World, Small Planet by Max Ström 

This is a book about the biggest challenges today. I am always interested in books like that. 

The one thing by Marci Lyn Curtis 

This is a book about a blind girl, that did something bad and has to report to a probation officer. 

Apparently this is not an actual romance story, but rather a story about finding what you are looking for without knowing what you are looking for. 

Sea Keeper's Daughter (Caroline #3) by Lisa Wingate 

I honestly don't know much about this book -other then even though it is a third in a series, it is
technically a standalone that is how i will read it since i have not read the other two or novellas from this series. I did not know all that, until i looked the book up. 
I really liked the cover and the title and wanted to read it mostly because of that.

What can i say? I enjoy a challenge that is actually challenging.

At least i still have 26 days to read those. instead of about 20 like last month. 
And i have already read one book completely and started a few others. 

I will see how far i come. But at least i have a plan. 
I always function better with a plan. 

And at least what i hope to accomplish again its to read more books then i buy -or bought the month before. 

What are your guys' to-be-read list?
Any book you are really excited about to read?

Write more later... 


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