Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Series haven't finishing yet

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I think this is one topic that everyone can talk about. At length. 

I honestly don't think that there is one reader out there that managed to completely read all the series that they have started. Be it a childhood series that they started and just grew out of and are not going to finish, or a current series that they just haven't gotten to yet. No matter which it is, i don't think anyone -i mean ANYONE- doesn't have at least one or two series to say. 

That being said. 

Here is my list

1. The Maze Runner series by James Dashner

I have already talked about this series. Most likely more then enough!

Still it fits into this week topic as well, so why not include it yet again, and maybe remind me that i really should finally finish this! 

I loved Maze Runner. Really enjoyed it. 

I hated the Scorch trails. And hate doesn't happen that often. But boy did that series take a dive down the wrong end! 

And so, even though i own the Death cure and Kill order, i have not yet read those and with that have not yet finished that series. 

The second part just scared me to deeply. i will get to them though. i will. 

2. The Shiver series (or Mystic Falls series or what ever the heck that werewolf series) by Maggie Stiefvater is called

I have started Shiver. I have gotten about 150 pages into and put that book down and never picked it up again. 

That happens sometimes with me and books that don't really pull me in and i want to read something fast and more enjoyable in between. And then all of a sudden a year has past and i have not yet continued that book. 

I do own a box set of Shiver, Linger and Forever, so i will read those books at some point. And depending on how much i like them once i read those 3, i will decide if i get the fourth book. Or if i leave this series unfinished. Which i probably will not. I have a hard time doing that for some reason. Especially if it is just one more books. 

3. Tales of the Otori series by Lian Hearn

I read the first three books back when it was a trilogy. 

Yes it has been years, thank you. 

But i really loved that series. 

I didn't even know that there were two more books in that series until i started to really get into book blogging and all that stuff, and looked that series up again and saw it. 

So now i want to finish that series off in the future, so that i have the entire series read. 

But i haven't done that yet. Which is why this series is on this list. 

4. Stravaganza series by Mary Hofmann

this is another one of those series i read when i was a teenager and it was a trilogy. 

I recently read the fourth book. 

I think there are six in this series, but i really have no idea if i want to continue or not. 

I loved the first book and enjoyed the second and third. I liked the fourth book well enough but didn't love it. And so i am unsure about this series. 

There is just sometimes a series that you read years ago and get back to when you learn new there were more books, but can't really get into anymore. I think this is one of those series for me. But i will see. I would have to read the fifth and sixth one in english anyways, because they didn't translate them. Which is no problem, but i would have to buy them and i don't plan on doing that anytime soon, so i can decide if i want to finish this series at a later point in my life. 

5. A Series of Unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket

I said this once before somewhere on this blog, but i read the first 3 books of this series years ago when i was little. 

And those 3 books where the only ones available in german. I have no idea if they have translated them all now or if they are still only the first 3, but i didn't even know that it was this huge series of what 13 (?) books. 

But i do think that i will get those books in english somewhere and read them in the future. I did enjoy the tale of those three children and do want to know how it all ends. 

But i have no idea when. For now, i just read the first 3 and that is fine. 

6. Area X by Jeff Vandermeer

I read Annihilation and love it last year. It was one of my favorite books of the year. 

I actually preordered the hardcover bind up "Area X" of this trilogy to get the other two books in this series right away and read them as soon as i got them. Well i did not get to them yet. 

And so i still have the other two books of this trilogy unread. i will get to this one. I own it and i really want to read it. So i will get to it. Soon. Hopefully. 

7. A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin 

I have started the first book ages ago. At the beginning of this year. Or maybe late last year. I can't even remember. I have not even gotten 100 pages into it and i am bored. I mean, actually bored!

Which is rare for me, because normally fantasy books just suck me right into them. Especially those with lots of different characters. Not this one. 

I feel like nothing is happening at all in this series, so i have a hard time motivating myself to continue on. Even though i constantly hear people talking about it and how much they love it. 

So maybe i will give myself a push and finally read at least the first book and see how i like that and then decide if i really want to finish that series or not. 

If you have read this series. 

Please let me know if it picks up sometime soon and i just have to push the first 200 pages or so through. sometimes in big books, especially big book series, that happens and you just have to get through those first few hundred pages to really get sucked into them. And that is fine. if i know that i will push through. But i have not yet heard anyone say that. So... 

8. Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris

I have also already talked about this series a few times. 

I read the first 8. And this is actually the only series that i can say for sure that i will not be reading the rest of the books. 

I enjoyed those 8 books well enough. Especially the first few were fun and easy to read and exactly what i need when i get into a reading slump to get me right out of that again. 

But i really don't need more books from this since I find the ending of book 8 good enough to finish this series. And i heard that Eric gets on rather badly in the end and i really like him, so yeah... no i will leave this series one of my very few unfishined series and just pretend that i have no idea that there are more then 8 books out. 

9. Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich

Yes, I am still reading this. I just finished book 9. 

And i think at one point in the future i will get get caught up on the soon 22 book from this series, because they are pretty fun and easy to read. And i do enjoy reading such a stupid, easy book between heavier reads. Or just because i want to finish a book in one sitting. 

I have no idea if i keep it up and read 2 or 3 books a months as i did in the last 2 month with this series, because then get at least caught up pretty quickly, but i don't think so. 

This constant back and fourth between two guys and never deciding which one and just being with that guy is starting to get on my nerves and then i have to take a good long pause from those book before getting in the mood again. 

But since there are 21 books out and the 22nd coming out soon and i am only on book 9, i am not yet finished with that series, or at least caught up to where this series is currently at. 

10. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

I thought long and hard about which series. 

I wanted to put in this spot because i have at least two or three more that i could add to this list that i have started the first book on, or am somewhere in the series but have not yet finished it.

But this one... so many people love it!

And i just can't see it. 

I read the first book. Did not enjoy it very much. 

Still i started the second one, just to see. 

Did not enjoy that very much, put it down and picked something else up. Never picked it up again.

Be honest: does this series get better at some point or do those characters continue to behave as stupidly and bratty? Because then i will not be finishing this series and just forget that i ever read it in the first place! Please let me know. Thank you. 

So those are my top 10 series that i have not yet finished but want to at some point or i am constantly reminded about not having finished them yet because they are everywhere. 

What are some of yours?

Any good series that you can recommend? 
I could use a good crime series. 
Or a fun and easy one like Stackhouse or Plum to read when i get tired of the Plum series soon. So if you have one to recommend, please let me know. 

Alright, write more later.... 


  1. It certainly isn't your fault if the books aren't even translated for you!

    Here's my Top Ten Series I've YET to Finish!

    1. Yes, thank you :)
      But still i could read them now and i am thinking about it. But honestly the Unfortunate events paperbacks are just ugly to me and the hardbacks are hideously expensive.
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. I agree -- I could have made a Top One Million list on today's topic! I've started, but not finished (of course!) several of the series on your list: TMI, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Maze Runner ... *sigh*

    If you're looking for a good crime series, give Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series a try. They're different, but really good.

    Happy TTT!

    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely check that series out! I am always looking for a new crime series, specially if it is different! I love different books. :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  3. I forgot about the Stephanie Plum series - should have included those this week too! My TTT

    1. I completely understand that! Looking through other peoples lists, i keep seeing series that i didn't even remember until i saw them on someone elses list!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  4. Bwwaahhhhaaa I put the Sookie Stackhouse novels on my list. I read all but the last one. I wont be finishing it, so awful
    My ttt

    1. Thank you! I am so happy to hear that i made the right decision in stopping when i did :)
      Sometimes authors should just stop when the story is still at least halfway read-worthy!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  5. Ah, shame you don't like Wolves of Mercy Falls (that's what it's called XD ). I'd say Linger is definitely better than Shiver, though, so give it another go! Likewise I would hugely recommend ASoIaF, which I LOVE ... although if you weren't into it by 100 pages, I don't really know! I was hooked straightaway.

    I'm a bit wary of TMI, though with all the pressure I guess I'll come onto it eventually ...

    For fun and easy, I'd really recommend three features of my own list, Georgia Nicolson -- absolutely HILARIOUS -- the Threads trilogy by Sophia Bennett, which I LOVE, so good, fashion and art and London! -- and the Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence, which is just perfect but also very quick.

    As for good crime, definitely Cormoran Strike by JK Rowling (writing as Robert Galbraith). I've only read the first one but man, it was good!

    1. I wouldn't necessary say i didn't like it, just that it was too slow for me. But thank you for letting me know that linger is better. I will definitely try my best and see if i get through it better a second time around and move on to the second book and see how i like it. And thank you for letting me know of that series is actually called :)
      I will definitely try out your recommendations! Thank you for that as well :)

      And thank you for letting me know that you recommend the Cormoran Strike series by Rowling, since i already have that on my to-read-as-soon-as-possible and you just pushed it even higher on my to-be-read-list :)

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment and all your fantastic recommendations :D

  6. I really liked the Maze Runner,but the series went downhill for me after that. I even DNFed the Kill Order. I enjoyed The Mortal Instruments and hope you get into it more, the next time you try. Happy Reading!

    Here's My TTT

    1. Good to hear that i was not the only one that liked the Maze Runner and didn't enjoy the second book. It seems the other way around most of the time. :)
      I do hear that the Mortal Instruments series gets better either in or after the third book, so i might give it another try sometime :)
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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