Waiting on Wednesday: Aylin

It is Wednesday. 

Here is another book that i can't wait to get my grabby hands on. 

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Written by: Ayse Kulin
Publisher: Amazon Publishing 
Release Date: October 6, 2015 
Genres: Crime, Contemporary Fiction, Thrillers, Mystery
Pages: 267
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Aylin's body was found in her garden, her hair immaculately styled as usual. Her death came as a shock - after all, who would have wanted someone so admired and talented dead? Who -among the many she'd helped, the few she'd hurt and all those she'd left behind -might have been driven to murder? In the course of Aylin's life, she had been many things: a skinny little girl, a young woman blossoming into a beauty, a princess married to a controlling Libyan prince, a broke medical student determined to succeed. She'd been a seductress, a teacher, a removed psychiatrist, and a Turkish immigrant remarkably at home as an officer in the US army. Through it all, she'd loved, been in love, and pursued truth without surrender. Whatever role she'd found herself in, she'd committed to it fully and lived it with her heart, mind and soul. 

Way i am waiting.... 

What i find really interesting about this book is that it is written by a Turkish author and i have never read a book by a Turkish author. I think. I am almost positive. 

Also the story sounds really great and the cover is fantastic! 

I love the easy but very interesting design of the picture behind the labyrinth graphic. Something about it is just very interesting to me. 

What can i say i am cover-lover!

if it is interesting or has something that draws my eye? I will definitely read the description -or at least start it- and if it sounds halfway decent? I want to read it.

I also always looking for a good new crime/thriller book, and this one sounds really nice. And as if the character is really interesting.

I have no idea. I am bad at saying why i want to read a book. 

The entire book just looks fantastic and sounds really interesting and as if it could be fantastic with great characters, and a very interesting storyline. I mean, from princess to broke medical student? That sounds as fantastic as it can get!

What about you guys?
Any books you are very interesting that are coming out soon? Or not so soon?
Any great crime books that you can recommend?
Read any fantastic books by Turkish authors that you can recommend me?

Let me know :)

Write more later.... 


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