Book Review: Satin Island

I am reading, so here is a review of the book i got through: 

Satin Island

Author: Tom McCarthy
Language: English
Type of book: e-book 
Genre: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Adult, Philosophy
Pages:  210
Overall rating: 3 out of 5
Book series: no
Book received through: NetGalley book
Summary on the book:
"Meet U. - a talented and uneasy figure currently pimping his skills to an elite consultancy in contemporary London. His employers advise everyone from big businesses to governments, and, to this end, expect their 'corporate anthropologist' to help decode and manipulate the world around them - all the more so now that a giant, epoch-defining project is in the offing. Instead, U. spends his days procrastinating, meandering through endless buffer-zones of information and becomes obsessed by the images with which the world bombards him on a daily basis: oil spills, African traffic james, roller-blade processions, zombie parades. Is there, U. wonders, a secret logic holding all these images together -a codex that, once cracked will unlock the master-meaning of our age? Might it have something to do with South Pacific Cargo Cults, or the dead parachutists in the news? Perhaps, perhaps not!"

Favorite thing/moment in the book: Actually there was not a specific moment that i loved in this book. There were some smaller parts that i liked -the pointing out of trying to figure out what really is important for human kind, what makes it important and why it is important and all that, i like the perspective that gave. But overall? This book doesn't really have a thing or moment that stands out to me. 

Worth reading? 
I really think that this is a book that you have to be either interested in, because you want to get a different perspective on trying to figure out what makes humans human, or if you need to read this book for some other reason. Or you just enjoy this kind of book type, where nothing really is just said clear but rather descriptor and the reader has to figure out what to take way from it. If that is your type of book, then yes. 

If you are someone that needs a clear plot, a clear line throughout the book, a clear end in sight? No this book is nothing for you. 
Still give the first chapter a read. And see. If you don't like it. You won't like the book. That simple, because the entire book goes on in the same way. Decide for yourself! 
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Full review: 

First thought after finishing the book: Interesting but not really as fantastic as the Author and surely the book itself feel it is!

This book is a difficult one to review. Mostly because of the plot that is just not exciting and in most reviews, the plot of a book is a big part of the review.
Also this book is just very mixed for me.

Because i did enjoy parts of it very much, they were interesting and nicely done. And others? They were just boring and uninteresting and nothing that i thought had anything to do with anything.

I understand what it is trying to represent in a way, or at least what I took away from it: trying to firgure out humanity is almost impossible. When ever you try and think you got it, something happens, or becomes known and all aspects change once again and make it impossible to really ever understand what we really are.

So really the only thing that we really do all know and should just understand is that we really never will understand what is important overall, humanities secrets, or just even border, and more literal trying to figure out th answers to what is important: to us as humans, the world, the universe and all that.

BUT while I understand that this is a book not trying to tell the reader exactly what they should think. But rather that they should think, for the most parts this book as boring to me.

The wiring style lacked to me, since it really did not specify what was important and was had nothing to do with anything (I know the entire point of this book, at least in a way!) bothered me afar the first few chapters.

I also just did not enjoy the writing itself. It was very dry to me and hard to get through. And that is saying a person that has no problems reading an entire historian textbook and finding it interesting!

For most of this book, I felt that the author tired to make the reader feel less education, not as smart, and for a lack of a better word just not enough to really understand this book. Now that might just be me. I do have the tendency to believe that some authors purposefully write in a way that the reader feels stupid while reading it, to feel superior or something like that. this book definelty gave me those feelings and I don't really enjoy those.

Especially since I have studied anthropology myself and do see where most of this book is coming from and see the curiosity behind it all since I do feel that in a way to, wanting to understand... Everything around me, figuring it out, just knowing how it all functions and works and thinks. And so the actual parts about human nature, culture, and all that? Really enjoyed those.

Still for the most parts of this book it was rather boring to me. I think this book could have been half as long as it was (and this book is not very long!) and still have said everything (maybe even clearer and better) it said now.


This book is not for everyone. At all. Don't go into this book with the xpetuations to just get what it is saying. You have to feel yourself into this book for a few pages or even chapters, get a feel for the writing and start to see the pattern and rhymes so that the book is actually readable (ate least that is how I see it!). So don't start with book like a novel!

If you don't like trying to figure out what the author is trying to tell you? You will most likey don't like this.
If you don't like texts that just say what they mean? You most likely won't like this. If you are not someone that sees the world around you as something to be explored in one way or another, any way reall be it in the actual literal way of traveling, or just trying to understand (history, or how people think or anything around you really). Then this book will most likely be not for you.

BUT if you are someone that tries to see deeper meaning in the written word, trying to see different perspectives of how to see the world, how to just live in general and are interested in a different view point on it, you might love this book.


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