September Wrap up - Books

Alright so i had another TBR pile post, that i did not manage to get through.

Still i read 13 books this month and while i am not happy with that, i am also not unhappy.

I did have a bit of a reading slump/break for 8 days during this month, where i just couldn't find any book that i wanted to read. So that i actually got 13 books started and finished is pretty good in my eyes.

Some facts:

I read:
7 physical books - 2 library books and 5 books that i own, so not to bad,
3 e-books,
and 3 NetGalley ARC copies.

I had once again a complete spectrum of ratings, going from 2 to 5 stars. Some books that i did not enjoy but see the potential in and some books that i just fell in love with.
6 books earned a 3 star rating from me this month, and 2 5 stars, while 1 earned a 4.5 star rating. So overall not a too bad reading month!

I already published most of the book reviews for almost all of those books i listed here, other then 2 NetGalley reads that i am not going to do an in-depth review for and will link the reviews in the following little review parts of the books, so you can check out my full reviews easily.

Lets do it from worth to best this time!

The book that i liked the least this month was:

Dark as my Heart by Antti Tuomainen  - 2 stars

I got this book through NetGalley and it was supposed to be a psychological thriller. And while that might be true, if you like that kind of writing and can overlook, it might be. I did not like the writing and i did not enjoy this book because of that. Still if you love thrillers, see if this is to your liking!

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien  - 2.5 to 3 stars

This book... i did a whole review where i talk all about my feelings of this book, so go check it out here and see what i thought about it and why i rated it as i did.

Hot Toy by Jennifer Cruise  - 3 stars

This was a NetGalley book that i requested because i do enjoy Cruise's writing. She is quirky and funny and most of the time not over the top.
This is a fast and cute easy Christmas holiday story that is a bit over the top for me. But still it was fun to read and i did like that it just is so crazy that it is clear that it can never happen in real life. But it is still enough of a real life version that people that read this can remember they should be thankful that at least their crazy christmas time is not THAT crazy. So if you are looking for a fun and quick holiday read, give this one a try :)
This comes out October 13th!

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon  - 3 stars

This book... i am still fighting with myself about this book. 
You can find my full review here
It wasn't horrible overall. Just some parts were completely stupid and unnecessary and just... why? and others were rather well done.
I also wrote a review about this one that is coming, but lets just say that overall this book is to me not worth the hype and is nothing but a sex romance set in the 1700 Scotland instead of the modern world.
Especially since there is no real explanation about... well anything regarding the time traveling and how it works, with whom it works, what happens to the history and just generally, what the heck happens when someone time travels in the future or the past?
I also did not find anything "epic" about this book.
there was lots and lots and lots of sex, two marriages by the same woman, while being still married.
And a horribly disappointing ending.
Still i want to give the second book a chance and see if it gets better, or worse. And then see. Also there is the well known fact that i can't quit a series. So ... you know!

Cinder by Marissa Meyer  - 3 stars

I also wrote a whole review, so you can click here on Saturday, so look out for that one and get my whole thoughts.
I will say that i do not get the hype. For me this book was good. Its a nice retelling, but there are huge chunks of explanations missing, the ending was very abrupt and to me just no ending at all just a stop and the characters... just lacked something. So while it was okay, it was not great. And i am still looking for a really fantastic retelling, especially of Cinderella, because while this had some nice ideas and aspects, it was not at all fantastic!

To the nines and Ten big ones by Janet Evanovich  - both 3 stars

Those books are just my quick and easy "i have no idea what to read next" books. And i do enjoy them to a specific point. Stephanie's constant back and forth between the two guys starts to get on my nerves, and sometimes they are just over the line of no longer funny but just plain stupid. But overall those books are okay. They quick, they easy and perfect for in between heavier books.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas  - 4 stars

I also wrote a Review on this as well, so you can check that out here and see exactly what i thought about this and where i explain my rating!
Overall this was good and i am excited to see where this series will go, since this first book did have some things that need work, that i hope the next books in the series will have had.

These broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner  - 4 stars

This book was a huge surprise and i also have a review where i tell you all about it here, so check that out.
It was a great book and i really want to read the next book in the series, and see what that companion book brings and if i enjoy it as much as this one!

Vicious by V. E. Schwab  - 4 stars

Another book i have a review on (i am on top of that this month, now that i had a week into October to post them all!), so go here and see all about it there.
It is a great hero story, and while i don't really see the need for a second book after this one following those characters, i will definitely pick it up once it comes out and see what it is all about. And i really enjoyed Victor, so there is that.

Between the Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys  - 4.5 stars

I also have a review, so click here.
This is a must-read book to me and i really do think that everyone should read it, because it handles such an important part of history that i think gets to easily overlooked and should be talked and discussed more, so that it does not get forgotten. It really showcases that the frontline of a war are not the only one that people have to actively fight for their lives everyday!

Second Star to the right by Deborah Hautzig  - 5 stars

Also reviewed here.
And another must-read book for everyone in my option. It handles the topic of chronic illness more specifically anorexia in a very real and honest way and showcases what it means to be really sick. People should read this and remember that getting a cough is not something they should complain about!

and lastly my september favorite:

The Foxglove Killings by Tara Kelly - 5 stars

My last (or first really since this was the first book i read this month!) NetGalley book of September.

This book is a fantastic YA thriller, that does not feel like one at all. Click here to get to my full review of this book. It really is fantastic and i will buy myself a physical copy of it soon so that i can have it sitting pretty on my shelves simply because i just loved it too much not to own a physical copy of it.

So those where all the books i read in September.

Not anywhere near the amount of books i had hoped for. Not as money books from be actual TBR pile i wanted to read. But oh well...

I did manage to read a few books in October that i wanted to read in September, so that is something.

What did you read in September? Any favorites you want to share?
Any books on this list that you read? What to share you thoughts on them?

Let me know! :)

Write more later....


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