Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Wishes the Book should give me

Now this is a weekly meme over from that i can get behind.

Because who has not wished at least once that they could make this wish and get it granted?

I actually categorized this list after a specific order. or under categories. Call it what you want, there is some resemblance of order in this post! If you can believe it. 

I will start here: 

Different Book endings

Harry Potter books a.k.a J. K. Rowling should rework those parts, fast:

Bring Sirius back or not kill him at all? 

Because Harry deserves to not live any longer with his horrible aunt and uncle and get some kind of childhood. Sirius would clearly let him have that! And someone that is just a bit crazy and shows him that all that he does is not necessary the craziest stuff that you can do. 
Or if not that, then at least have some kind of adult person that he can turn to once the war is over. And get stories that are a bit hero-worshipy about his parents. 
I mean i liked Sirius, he was not perfect, but that kind of made him perfect if you know what i mean.

Fred's death? 

So lets just erase that and kill someone else instead. Thank you.

And the epilog that Ron and Hermione get together? Yuck... Change that please. Thank you. Put her together with Fred -since he is no longer dead and all- as Rowling thought about- or just anyone else really! But i actually think that Fred and hermione would work perfect! Her seriousness and his humor? Such a great pair and story, just saying!

Next book:

Patrick Rothfuss, could you please give the next full book? Please? Thank you.
I am nowhere near the waiting that some poor people had to do that have read his books when he came out with them. I just read them. I mean literary just read them. So i am not really waiting that long. Or at all. But still. I want to next book already. Or at least a release date. Or a title. Or at least the knowledge that he is actually writing. 

And Rowling? (yes, once again her! What can i say?) I want a Hermione story? 
Would love to read that -but only if it is without Ron as the male main character!

 I would really love some form of retelling of the Harry Potter books in her format. 
Or just a "where she is now" kind of book. 

I want to see where her character is going, what she managed to do with her life and the world around her. I think that would be fantastic and really inspiring story to read! And i want it. Why the heck does that not exist yet?

Lets get crazy:


I want a book by a fantastic writer that writes an YA action book with a female lead and adds no romance, just a kick-ass female lead that has male friends (not love interests, not guys that are in love with her, not guys she is in love with, just male companions that work with her!). 

And while we are on the topic, i would also love some more books that have an actual female friendship. No hate, no bitchiness, no stabbing in the back, no fake friendship, just actual loving another girl kind of friendship. The kind where they are just there for each other and get along. No jealously and all that. Thanks.

Are those two wishes? I take one book where that is all put together, so that makes it one!

I want more adult books that have no sex scenes when it is not a romance or erotica. 
I mean is it really necessary to add sex everywhere? 
I mean yes, say they have it, but to always describe it? 

Especially people that just really should not write about that because they suck at it? (Meant in a very non pun-y way!)

Or just not talk about it. Especially if it just doesn't fit into the rest of the story.

I don't read very often in books that people need to use the bathroom and that is a constant human need! 
Or how often does a character in a book take a shower for the typical everyday stuff? Or brush their teeth? 

I think you all get my drift. I understand that many people see sex as a typical everyday thing, and that is fine. I have nothing against it. Its a necessary human need!

But since there is apparently no need to share all the other typical everyday stuff, lets just leave the sex where it fits in! And that is not while trying to solve a horrific murder! Or after leaving a specially horrible murder scene! I mean who gets hot after looking at a completely slashed up body?

I would just love to read a thriller or crime or anything really that does not fill pages with sex, simply to fill pages. And the last years? that trend has been driving me crazy! All those beloved "classics" -be it old or the newer ones-, in most cases survive without it if it the story is not based around sex. Clearly since they are classics! And it is not that not many of them have topics of sex in them, but they talk about it without adding horrible written sex scenes! Try picturing Madame Bovary or Anna Karenina with todays sex scene need and tell me that would still be a classic today!

So can we just... not? 

I would also love to have all the books the in similar format and style. And i already talked about this in one Top 10 Tuesday (the one before last week actually, were i talked about my bookish habits) that i have this need to have all the books be in a similar format. 

And by that i mean all hardbacks be one height and not have the extra tall hardbacks, the "normal" tall, the smaller ones and then sometimes those extra small hardbacks that fit nowhere and just look stupid, especially next to those extra tall ones!
Or paperbacks! How many sizes in paperbacks exist?

Just give me one size for each please and leave it at that! No need for all those choices!

Getting the newest, pretty editions when they come out on my shelves, simply because i already own one set/edition of it.

Now wouldn't that be fantastic? I want that really badly. Just see a newer edition -or older, just a different edition really- of a book i own and love and just have that edition that i really want but can't justify buying because i already own that book!, appear on my shelves.

And the ultimate bookworm wish:
To get all the books i wish to own, or all the money i need to buy the books i want. 

Or at least the money to buy at least 8 books each months without problem. Which ever one works best for the genie. I am not picky :)

What about you guys?
What was your biggest book wish?
Any wishes i listed that you would want to?

Let me know...

Write more later....


  1. Replies
    1. That would be something, right?
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. Sirius. I'm still in mourning. And poor Hedwig!

    1. Both were horrible, horrible moments. I had to take a reading break when Hedwig died. for some reason animals are always a bit harder for me. So happy to hear i am not the only one :D
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  3. Awww.. I like Hermione with Ron. He's my favorite character. :) But I am definitely behind Fred and Sirius getting to live! Love that wish!

    1. I know i am pretty alone with my dislike for Hermione and Ron. But i just... those two were constantly on each other for just being who they are. But oh well :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  4. Numbers 8 and 10 = yes! How awesome would that be. :) :) :)

    Thanks so much for visiting Dreaming Under the Same Moon.

    1. Yes! Someone else that has a hate for mismatched heights!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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