Top 10 Tuesday: My Top 10 Bookish habits/need

So last weeks meme, was not one that i was able to write about. 

Comparing books? What nonsense is that? (no really i am just horrible in giving recommendation based on another book, simply because i really am one of those people that try to read every book as their own book and not compare it to something else. Series excluded of course! So yeah... ask me for recommendations and i can give you some if you give me a specific genre, but don't give me a book title and ask me for a recommendation, i draw a blank as if i never read a book in life!)

Anyways... before i go into a complete rambling fit once again, lets just get on with this weeks topic, shall we? Yes, we shall!

This weeks topic of Top 10 Tuesday over at is all about bookish habits/things i want to quit. 

I decided to go easy on myself and just do the easiest: talk about my top 10 habits and needs i have and (sometimes) wish i could quit (but not really because honestly we are talking about books people!)

So here is a list of my top 10 habits and needs i have. With my books. Enjoy. 

1. The Habit/Need of having to keep my book in perfect condition. 

I know i am not the only one that has this problem/need. I mean i personally would not really say it is a problem. It really isn't. Who doesn't love a book that you have read two to fifteen times and looks as if you just bought it? 

I certainly do! 

Because when you buy this pristine new book? 

I love perfect books. 

I mean i love looking at all those perfect books, all sitting next to each other on my shelves and looking pretty. 

No cracked spines. No horrible mishandled, crinkled or ripped or... anything less but new looking covers or bruised edges. Or icky stains in them. You guys get my drift. You understand. Right?

Still i sometimes wish that i would have the need to always have this need for perfection (in life and with books) because it is stressful. I have to talk myself down from a near panic attack if i see a dirty smutch on my books. That just... not right. But so necessary. The panic i mean, not the dirt!

I would be able to have so many more books if i was not in need of a perfectly new and never looked at book, because i could buy used copies for a much smaller price. And i do try that every now and again. Just at the end of September i bought a too big amount of books from the library sale that happened in my local library. And i really loved that i got a huge amount of books for just about the price that it costs for one brand new hardback book. Who doesn't love more books for less money? 

I did like that because i could actually look at the books before buying. Sadly, there are actually no "real" bookstores caring second hand books anywhere near me. At all. So my choices of actually doing this kind of used book buying is limited to once a year in the library book sale. If i don't want to buy used online. And i had horrible experience with that the few times i tried. Actually i only had one good experience. And that was actually last month as well when i decided to try it one last time. And that one was a good choice. But the others? Yeah, not a good one. And a clear showcase of what i fear by buying used. 

Still. At least i tried. At most of those that i bought used i really do like. And am very happy with. So actual progress on that habit/need and i am so extremely proud of myself! I am trying. .. 

Also? Back to the actual topic of having to not only buy perfect books but also keeping them that way: I would love to annotate my books, leave my thoughts and feelings behind, especially in books that i know i re-read, so that when i do re-read them, i have what i thought at that moment right there, on the page with the actual books context and could just compare. But this blog kind of does that too, without the violation of the book. So that is good.

Moving on. 

2. The Habit/Need I have to finish a series when i start it. 

This is really one of those habits i really do wish i could stop! At least in a way. Sometimes. 

The only series that i really did mange to -at least until now even though a part of me really itches to finish it, in a way that most people can not understand!- is to not complete the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris and Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton. The first one, mostly because i was spoiled that my favorite character of that series is get mistreated in the rest of the series and i just couldn't. 
And the second one, well because it has been a while (or never) that i read such a horrible book, sad to say, so yeah, i will not continue on with that because those 450+ pages of that first book where enough time suffering through a story that never actually got explained what the heck was actually happening... and why. 

But all other series i start... i have to finish, or are on my way to finishing them. Be it a childhood series that finally published its last book, or one that is just currently being released. 

No matter if i don't really love it. 

Or don't enjoy it at all, as long as i don't hate it -hallo, seeker i am talking about you again!, and that never happened before other then with the just mentioned book. If i start that series. I have to finish that sucker. 

Sometimes that works in my favor. 
Some series need a few books to get better and better until they are fantastic. 

Or it goes horrible wrong because the first book is the best and just goes down hill with every book that follows (Maze Runner series, feel yourself pointed at!). 

Or some series just stay mediocre for me over all. 
(Daughter of smoke and bone series, is a perfect example for this.I just thought that those books were alright, not exactly what i enjoyed reading mostly because i think the author just did not go to where this story could have gone and was extremely frustrated throughout all three books -more and more with each book i read- at how the author just skimped at what she could have made out of those books and the idea. But if i would have been someone that could have not read a complete series if i did not love the first book, i would have put that series down and never looked back. Yeah, not possible for me. )

Either of those is something i have already encountered and read through. And that is fine. I will read those books, simply to see. Maybe they have something that i would miss if i don't finish it completely. 

Sometimes that is true and there is something that makes the entire series/trilogy or what ever worth reading because that last book? That last page, something shortly before the end? So makes it worth it because it is that good. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes it doesn't. 

Still i have to read the entire thing. I just have to!

But i wished i could start a series and just not continue it if i do not love it. It would make my reading life so much easier. And less frustrated. And i am sure i would get a whole lot of books read that i love more, since i wouldn't struggle through those massive amounts of series books. 

I am working on it. I am. And hey if i really do manage to not get the next Seeker book, i think i at least made a huge step forwards towards breaking that habit!

3. The Habit/Need to have the same format of series/books by one author

This might sound strange if you are not someone that understand the need there is to do this. Did i mentioned i am a bit of a perfectionist? Not with everything, but with my books? I am a huge perfectionist in a bit of a crazy book-lady way. 

And sometimes i really struggle to be able to match my series or books, so that all those that go together, actually do go together, and are the same format! 

If you do not know what i am talking about with this, let me explain what i mean with format: 

If i start a series in paperback i need to finish it in paperback!
If i start a series in hardback, the rest of that series better come out in hardback! 
If a series is only "printed" in e-format, fine then just do that!

And not that all of a sudden a stop printing hardcovers half way through, or start in actual printed physical form and then switch to only having e-books! Thats just mean!

I mean they start the Darren Shan Cirque du Freak series? The first nine books came out in hardback and my mom got them for me in hardbacks. And when they finally -years later- releases the last three books of that series in German (so that my series matches in language! I can't just switch in the middle of reading a series to a different language! What carzyiness are you talking about?) they only released them in paperbacks. And not only that but they completely changed the cover on top of that! So now my problem with that is that just about everything in me screams to rebuy the first 9 books in paperback. So that they match. But what craziness is that? Especially since i know i most likely will not re-read those books. At least not necessary all of them. I mean i don't know what the future brings, but i don't actively plan to re-read the entire thing. So who cares? 

I do. Oh well... 

4. The Habit/Need for matching cover colors.

Since I am already on the topic of matching books, lets talk about the covers. And a habit/need that i am not alone with!

I hate little more then if i am reading a series, and i purposely buy the book in a specific way (hardback, paperback, boxset... you get my drift!) and then one or more books come out and they completely chance the covers!

And i don't just mean the art itself -at least not only! 

It is horrible when they completely change the actual cover art up in the middle of a series! Don't get me started on that. 

For this i "only" mean the overall color of the book itself and what that is changed completely! How the heck am i supposed to put a completely different looking book in between my nice looking series? It looks horrible to have a bright color between a series that is black and white! What are the publishers thinking?

If you start a book series that has a black (or red or blue or white, just pick a color any color!) background on the first few books, do continue that same color throughout the entire thing! Do not suddenly switch and go from black or red to white or yellow or something that is more or less the exact opposite of what the starting color was!

Or if you are publishing books with different colors for each book you publish, at least make them matching colors? For example dark colors always go nicely together! Or pastels! Or at least a similar color scheme! 

Not those colors that clearly don't go with anything else in any way or form? Please. Thank you. Most appreciated.

5. The Habit/Need to have matching book heights. 

This is another one that fits with the whole matching books thing.

But is not necessary just for series, but just in general. 

How come that there are so many different book sizes/heights? 

I mean really, is it necessary to have at least five different height difference in books available to buy? Why make it more complicated then it has to be to buy a book? Why does the reader have to make sure that they buy the exact right version of a paperback or hardcover to match the rest of the books already on the shelf?

Can we not all just agree that we make one hardcover/hardback size and one paperback size? 
Why do we need one very small and strange looking mass marked paperback size, and one extra tall hardcover? 
Or one paperback that is not even a centimeter smaller then the other, but just enough to notice that it is not the same height on a book shelves? 

Why can't we just make one universal book size for one kind of book? One size/height for paperbacks, one size/height for hardcovers! Its not that hard people! Or at least it shouldn't be. 

And it would make shorting a bookshelf so much easier. And prettier. Because I wouldn't have to constantly fight with how the heck i am supposed to fit that funny shaped book in between all those other nice same height one, because technically for the order of my shelves it should fit between those but the size says otherwise. And who doesn't love that hugely oversized hardback in between those really small hardbacks? I certainly don't!

6. The Habit/Need of not being able to lend books because of the fear!

The fear... people, it is really. And not something to joke about! At all! And if you don't have this, you do not get a say that it is not real, or necessary or something that you should talk about in any way or form at all!

The fear: That someone will trash my book if i give it to them. Or they get a smutch in it. Or dirt. Or they make it wet! Or drop it into something! Or just... bend a corner or something. Or the book gets ruined in some other horrible way. 

I am sorry but if something horrible is happening to my books? I am going to be the one that does it! And then cry for a few hours. Not really, i mean i am not a big crier, but i will feel like doing it. And shame myself horrible for doing that to my own book. No matter... not the actual topic here!

Maybe this comes from the time when i had to read the books my sister had before me. And boy, she was not a careful reader! I mean that in all the ways that everyone can think off. She ate chocolate while reading and did not care if pieces of it fell into the book or she had it on her fingers when turing a page. There is just something so... yucky to get a book with all those nice brown flecks of dirt all over them, right? 

Or if you can't even read a word anymore because the is something over it?

Horrible ugly looking spots all over the book! But those were at least the kind of stains i could identify. Lets just not talk about the huge number of them that I have no idea what they were!

Lets change the topic away from that very unpleasant thought!

To that came that my sister dog-eared her books. I mean really? Why not just through that book in the trash and leave that poor book with some dignity?

And then she was that kind of reader that broke the spin and let the front and back cover meet. You know what i am talking about! (and if you don't you are one of those people that do it and i am sorry but i have to kindly ask you to leave my blog!) Thats just... i have no words.

To end this rambly thing and not make it even longer: the books where horrible mistreated and deserved to be taken out back and shoot afterward, just so that they could get some peace somewhere after all that trauma they had to live through and should have been taken to book heaven. 

So lending or sharing books is not something that i can do. So don't ask me to borrow a book!

But i would really love to. For example my mom is just as careful with books as i am. And i would love to be able to read a book and just push it in her hands and say: read it! Now! It is fantastic!

I can't. Because ... the fear!

Well there is also the language barrier there since she does not read english and i read most books in english which is a very convenient excuse by the way. Because i can't just push a book into her hands simply because she will not understand it! 

But even while i still read mostly in the same language as she does... i couldn't do it. I bought her her own version. Which is fine. More books and all that. But still, we could have shared a book. But yeah, no. Couldn't get over my fear that something could happen. 

7. The Habit/Need of wanting to own all the books i read

So... i am one of those people that doesn't care if someone reads the physical copy or the ebook. Or a comic, or a two paged essay and calls it reading a book! Hey if you are reading, i don't care in which format. You do you thing! Everything is better then not reading at all!

And i actually do enjoy ebooks. Especially now that i get e-arc's through NetGalley and can read huge amounts of books for free and in advance? Love it. Or Library books? Taking as many books as you can fit into what ever you carry them in? And not having to pay anything for them before taking them home? Heaven! I mean sometimes i have a few problems reading a specially old book from the library and only get that one if i really, really want to read it... 

But if i really enjoy a book -or like it really- i want to put that book on my actual physical shelve. And that is just not that good. Mostly because i do read about half of the books i read each month in e-book or librabry form and that would cost me a huge amount of money to get all those book on my own. Doesn't change the really horrible need in me that if i like a book, i want to own it. Actually, physically own it!  

Which is just horrible, because i do own them if i have them on in e-book and can read them again if i want to no there. And if it is a library book i can just take it home again and re-read it! its not as if they ... puff into thin air on I read them and i never get my hands on them again!

Still... if i like a book i want to have it. Physically own it. Touch it and all that. Okay its getting creepy. Lets move on!

8. The Habit/Need to have all the pretty editions. 

This is one i struggle with a lot. And i am so happy that i have a huge amount of will power because that would be horrible expensive in a way that i could build a house out of my books because that would be the only shelter i would be able to afford. 

But it is a bit unfair that all the time there all those beautiful new editions of books that i already own. That are not necessary better looking then the ones i already have, but just... they are also very beautiful. And they would look fantastic on my shelves! 

For example Harry Potter? I would love to have that edition where all the spines line up to show the Hogwarts castle (if you don't know about that version, look at it here). Or the one newer english edition from last year? (look at it here

But i do own the english Harry Potter edition already. 

So why should i spend my money on a new edition? 

I mean yes the Hogwarts castle edition is the American version and i have the British one and so the title of the first book would be different, and so technically not the same books... yeah you hearing my arguments i have with myself and the struggle is real, people! I mean really horrible. 

And most of the time i resist. Just every now and again (not with Harry Potter, not yet, but...) i can't resist and just have to grab it.  

If i find a beautiful edition of a book i really want it is very possible that i look at that book at least once everyday on the website. Until either i decide to buy it or it is no longer available.Whichever one comes first. Thankfully -for my wallet, not me- the books in beautiful limited editions get sold out pretty fast and so i get around it most of the time that way. Because if they are no longer available other then in used copies -and we already talked about that!- i don't get tempted to buy it. 

But as long as the edition i really like is available, i will look at it. And look at it. And hope that money will magically appear in front of me and i can buy all the books i want to own. 

9. The Habit/Need to buy books that i don't need, especially when i already have about a hundred unread ones on my shelves. 

This one is one i really wish i could stop. I can't. I really, really wish i could. 

I constantly buy books. Every month i see at least 4 to 6 books i really just need. I mean i need them. 
But i already have a good amount of books on my shelves that i need to read. And i want to read them. But those new and shiny books are just so... i need those too!

Its a struggle. But...

And i spend way to much money, that i don't have to spend, on books that i don't need at that time. I really should use my self control more in this aspect. 

And i will. 

Someday, i will. I hope. Or not. 

Maybe i marry a billionaire and the problem goes away. Anyone know anyone that is looking for a well-read wife? I am not ashamed to sell myself to own and read more books. 

10. The Habit/Need to own all the books in a series. Before i even start it. 

This is one that kind of goes hand in and with the one i talked about just before this point. And a few others i already talked about today. 

I buy a complete series before i started it more times then i should. Either because there is a pretty good box set deal. And i wanted to read that series. So why not?

I don't even know if i really want to read that series soon. Or at all. Or if i really like it. But... books!

I mean the one good think about this is that i really do read the series at one point. I do. I am not just saying that. I will finish the series when i own them, once i started it. As stated before that is sometimes a habit that i hate, but in this case is very helpful because at least i am not spending money on books that i am not reading. 

I will read them! 

I could just have waited until i bought them all until I actually read them and not just buy them all in one go simply because... well book buying. 

I am an addict. i have a problem. 

And honestly it could be worse. i think. At least books are pretty. And who doesn't love to have a huge amount of books to choose from? Having huge shelves filled with books you own and can read when ever you want to?

So those are 10 book habits and needs i sometimes wish i could quit but most of the time can live with without problems. 

Are there some on here what you share? Some that you know as well? Some that you never experienced?
What are some of your own bookish habits that you wish you can quit, but don't try to hard to actually stop? Like my book buying for example. 

Let me know in the comments!

Write more later.... 


  1. Friends, Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who, New Girl, Loki. Can we be best friends now? :p Just kidding! This is a very well thought out list! Number 10 is probably my most infuriating habit that I can't quit. I am trying to be better about at least reading the first chapter or two before buying all of the books in the series, but sometimes it is irresistible! Or sometimes, I will stumble across a new author, like the synopsis of one of his or her books, and then buy everything they've written. I just did it the other day with Madeleine Roux and Katie Alender.

    My TTT

    1. So glad you enjoyed the fandom mixture, I was a bit unsure if it was a bit much ;) But who can not put all those shows together and not love it?
      And i am so happy to hear that i am not alone with that particular habit, because that is actually one that is really infuriating.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. Haha, love all your gifs here! Good list, I know the pain...

    1. Thanks it was so much fun putting this together :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  3. I wish I had the habit of finishing series. My habit is to start a series...and then never, ever finish it. ;_;

    1. Yes that habit is not the worse to have :) Just sometimes when i don't really love a series it is rather stupid to have, since i could read other things. But i have to finish it. Still i do like that habit more then not. I wish i could trade some of it with you, so that you can finish some of your series, and i can stop reading those that i don't love. Wouldn't that be fantastic? To be able to trade habits so that it fits everyone best?
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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