Waiting on Wednesday: No Baggage

I could use a vacation. I really could. But i can't go on one. Who can really when they wish they could? 

So why not read about it instead? 

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No Baggage

Written by: Clara Bensen
Publisher: Running Press
Release Date: January 5th, 2016 
Genres: Travel, non fiction, memoir, autobiography
Pages: 288
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No Baggage is a memoir that will resonate with adventurers and homebodies alike -it's at once a romance, a travelogue, and a  bright modern take on the age-old questions: how do you find the courage to explore beyond your comfort zone? And can you love someone without the need for commitment, or any expectations for the future? When Clara Bensen arranged to meet Jeff Wilson on the steps of the Texas State Capitol, after just a few email exchanges on OKCupid, it felt like something big was going to happen. Clara, a sensitive and reclusive personality, is immediately drawn to Jeff's freewheeling, push-the-envelope nature. Within a few days of knowing one another, they embark on a 21-day travel adventure - from Istanbul to London, with zero luggage, zero reservations and zero plans. They want to test a simple question: what happens when you welcome the unknown instead of attempting to control it?Donning a single green dress and a small purse with her toothbrush and credit card, Clara travels through eight countries in three weeks. Along the way, Clara ruminates on the challenge of traveling unencumbered, while realizing when it comes to falling in love, you can never really leave your baggage behind.  

Way i am waiting.... 

Who does not dream of leaving everything behind, just standing up and getting out? Going on an adventure without planing it, just doing?

I certainly do. I will never do it. I am too much of a planner and dreamer to actually just do. But still. A book about it? About someone that actually just picked up what they had on them and left to go on an adventure? That sounds fantastic. 

I also love traveling books and reading about where other people went and what they did. Since i rarely get out of the house. So reading about it is fantastic for me. 

I also like that it is not just a story about an unexpected and completely unplanned trip, but also a story about figuring out what you can leave behind and what is always without. That just sounds fantastic. 

I can't wait. 


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