Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Movie adaptation won't be watching

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This weeks topic is actually movie adaptations i am looking forward to or have not yet watched. Well this list could be the second one, but it really isn't because i don't plan on watching any to those movies listed here.

Lets me try to explain this as short as i can.

I kind of hate that every other (or lets be honest and just say that it is more like every 2/3 or 3/4 book!) is made into a movie. 

There were times that movies where written by different people with different story lines then just more or less coping pretty well selling books. And i understand that it is so much easier then to actually having to think of something new and exciting, but come on! it is getting ridiculous!

And i kind of hate it. And by kind of i mean, i hate it! No kind of.

Because it takes some of the fun out of reading and getting others excited about reading a book.

For example when Harry potter first came out and i was not yet back into reading? I could either wait until it was available on audiobook or read that book because there was no talk about a movie. And if i wanted to know what was going to happen in the next book, reading was the only option.

Today? If you don't enjoy reading why would you? For most books that are popular you won't even have to wait a whole year until the movie comes out.

This has not really much to do with anything, other then that i don't watch a lot of movie adaptations of books for the reasons that are going to follow on each point:

1. Harry Potter

Perfect GIF or what?
Yes. I know. I know.
I did at least watch the first one. Right when it came out. 
I went to the cinema with my mom, when i was 10 or 11?
I was so excited. And then the actors looked nothing like i thought they would look with the description given in the books. 
And the "monsters" didn't look like i thought they would. And i was just disappointed in the whole thing.
And i know i am one of very few people that didn't love the Harry Potter movies or even never saw them. But i just... i have this very specific view of the things because of how i picture them when i read. And the movies don't come close. Which is fine. But i can't separate the movies from the books. So yeah not seeing those movies.

2. Twilight

Never read the books, don't plan to. But i don't find the storyline appealing and i heard the movies are horrible. So yeah.. not going to happen.

3. Darren Shan's Cirque du Freak

I loved those books as a child. 

And once again i have a very specific picture of what everything looks like and i think those movies would kind of destroy my love for the books and my childhood in a way.

4. Gone Girl

The book was boring enough. And i mean horrible, horrible boring! 

And i do not need to see Ben Affleck naked because... well why would i need to? And is there any other reason that people wanted to see that movie? Other then that they loved the movie or wanted to see Affleck?

5. Water for Elephants

The book was okay. I didn't love it. It was just the overall storyline that i didn't really liked that much so why would i watch a movie whose storyline wasn't overly interested to me to begin with?

6. The Stephanie Plum series

I don't even know if there is just one movie or more then that but why the heck would i watch that movie? The books are okay enough, but huh? Why even make those books a movie? They are more or less romance chick-lit books with no real plot. What kind of movie is going to be made out of that?

7. Fifty Shades of Grey

The books were okay. Nothing special at all to me or worth all those hype that they got. I mean really what was so special about those books? It was the typical erotical romance books to me. 

But still once again? What kind of movie is that going to be that is not partly porn? And why would i watch porn?

8. The Maze Runner series

I enjoyed the first book. I really liked it. The second book was a bummer for me, and just... horrible really. I have not yet read the third or this funny fourth book that was added for some reason. I will get to them. I will. Soon. Someday. 

But while i really liked the first book i like how i see the things in my mind from what i read in the book. And i just... I don't think that anything will come near to what i pictured in the actual movies.

9. The Throne of Glass series

I don't know if i just heard about this or if this is actually happening but i heard that this book series is becoming an actual TV series, or a movie? I have no idea. I just heard that this is supposed to be something soon and while i enjoyed the first book and will read the series... i enjoyed the books because of the writing. And that will not translate into any kind of moving-picture version. 

10. Night Circus 

I don't know if that is really happening or not, but in the german translation i got my mother to read, it said that a movie was in the works. And honestly i just can't see this book as a movie. 
I enjoyed it as a book... i just there are so many moments for me that would most likely be cut out in a movie version because it is just not something that could be translated well into a movie version. 

I am interested to hear what you have to say. 

Or if you have a nice movie adaptation for me to recommend that i really should watch because i am missing something huge. That is so much better then the book. 

Let me know. 

Write more later... 


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