New Releases: January 2016

I can honestly not believe that tomorrow is the January 1st, 2016!!!! 
Where did 2015 go? 
That is just... wow. 

But i do hope that i will make 2016 a more regularly posting year and that i get at least two to three posts up each week, hopefully not just weekly memes but actual posts i want to talk about because I want to. Not that i don't love meme's. They are fun and such a fantastic way to discover other people and blogs and new books. :) But i do hope that i will get at least two posts up each week. We will see how that will go ;)

But that is not what this post is all about today. 
Since as i said tomorrow is the start of January (not that you needed me to tell you that, duh! I am sleep deprived, sorry!) i wanted to get my post up for the New Releases i am excited for. 

There are a huge amount of book coming out in the coming year the that i am excited about -duh books, so of course i am excited about them!- but here are some for January that i would buy right away, if i had the money to spend. Which i don't have. But you know... i am working on that. We can dream, right?

January 5, 2016
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

I love a good wizarding story. And not because of Harry Potter. I mean not just because of that story. I grew up (i mean that very literal in the sense that i got that book when i was 6 i think and read it up until Harry Potter came into my life religiously) that was a magical retelling of Romeo and Juliet where the two families had magic and used that to fight each other. And since then i am just in love with magic stories. Harry Potter clearly didn't help with that obsession. 
Anyway... got a bit of topic there. 
This is a new witch book and yeah why not? It is also the start of a series, which i always enjoy and apparently build in a completely different world -the Witchlands- which is ruled by three empires. It just sounds pretty great. I want to give it a try and see if i would enjoy that. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp
This is a book about a school shooting. And i think it is important that there are books about those kinds of topics that are actually showing the difficulties what makes someone do it, and what could be done to prevent it. or just a great book about a very difficult story. I am actually not that picky about what exactly this book focuses on. I just want to read this and see if this is a well done book about a difficult topic. Did i already say that? No matter. This sounds pretty good and i want to see if this is really good or not. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

The Children's Home by Charles Lambert
This book is marketed as "for fans of Shirley Jackson, Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl and Edward Gorey" and that is just... i mean this debut novel has a big marketing shoutout. 
It is about a mysterious group of children who appear to a disfigured recluse and his country doctor and the startling revelations they behavior evokes. 
And i know, that sounds a bit strange. But honestly? Strange and the genres of poor and fiction and gothic? Yes please. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

January 12, 2016
Other Broken Things by C. Desir
This is a YA book about an alcoholic. And that is just... yes to me because while i am not a huge fan (and by that i mean not at all) of alcohol, i do want to understand why the heck people feel it is necessary to drink it especially in alcoholic extremes. Especially at a young age. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

Eleanor by Jason Gurley

This is a story about the death of a twin and how the still living twin try to survive after. And not only that but also about how the father blames the mother for the death of the child and the mother can only see her lost daughter when she looks at the still living twin. This sounds like a great family story and it as magical realism and science fictional elements and just... this sounds fantastic. and on top of that it is YA if that is something you look for especially. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

When Breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi

This is a non-fiction book about a doctor that becomes the patient. 
And while i am not a doctor -yet (hopefully in the future, i can dream right?)- i am a patient. And i do like the perspective of a doctor becoming the patient, because honestly most doctors only get a real understanding of what it is to be sick and in need of someone that understands and tries their best, when they are sick themselves. I don't know if this is about that specifically, but i am open for it all and just want to see what a neurosurgeon that has lung cancer has to say about it all. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

January 14, 2016
Beside Myself by ann Morgan 
Another twin story -apparently that is a thing at the moment- this is a story about one "evil" twin thought. 
The twins - Helen and Ellie- decide to swap places one day just for fun, see what it is to be the other one for a day. But instead of swapping back as said, Ellie decides that she likes being her twin better and from that day on pretends to be her, no matter what Helen wants. And for Helen beings a nightmare she can not wake from, and as years pass, she beings to not only lose memory of that day and also herself until nothing of herself is left other then "smudge". 
This just sounds like something fantastic -if done well- and since it is a thriller i expect lots of extreme moments as i picture them from the summary given. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle
This is another thriller -what can i say I enjoy them and have read to few in 2015 so i want to change that!
This is about a small English town and a guy that is a con man. i love England. I love con man/people. I mean i hope i never meet one -not that i would with my "wealth" but still i find them fascinating! So the combination?
I mean can it get better? I don't know more about the book and i honestly don't want to know more about it. 
I also love the cover. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

January 19, 2016
We are the ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

This is a book about Henry that was abducted by aliens when he was thirteen. Or why they keep taking him after that. Or even why the offer him the opportunity to avert eh impending disaster on earth by pressing a big red button they gave him. But they have. And since the suicided of his boyfriend, Henry just doesn't feel very connected with earth. 
This book sounds interesting to me cause i recently discovered Science Fiction especially aliens or life away from earth and want to see what it offers as a genre. And then this book is about a guy couple of Teenage boys. So yes to all of that. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

This is a Historical Fiction about the mid-nineteenth-century Ireland. A woman is forced to marry against her will and is immigrated to New Zealand, while a man is imposed for rebellion and exiled to Australia. And apparently how those two lives connect and those people try to find happiness in a hard time and life. Sounds great. Give it to me!
Pre-order: Book Depository

The Things we keep by Sally Hepworth
This is a book about Alzheimers. And i don't know more about it and i don't need to. 
I just want to read another book about that illness those are all my reasons. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

January 26, 2016
The Siren by Kiera Cass
I did not love her "Selection series" but i did enjoy it enough to want to see what else she can do. 
And this is a mermaids book. I never read one yet that i enjoyed so i wit to try and see if this might be one that i will enjoy. 
I also kind of love that she kept with her Selection series covers with the woman in the dress. 
Pre-order: Book Depository

When in Rome by Amiable Giusti
More or less this is a romance new adult book. So really... we all can guess what kind of topics this book will cover. But still. I want to see if i might find another person that i enjoy reading fluff from. And this is from an Italian author and takes place in rome. I mean really... what else is there to know?Pre-order: Book Depository

The Fallout by Tamar Cohen
This book is about two couples that are best friends, and what happens when one couple goes through a divorce and what that can mean to the other couple. This just sounds interesting. And it is apparently darkly witty and utterly chilling about the nature of divorce and broken relationships. I do enjoy reading the happy books. But every now and again? Who doesn't want to read about the bad stuff? 
Pre-order: Book Depository

Alright so those are all the book i would buy right now if i could. 

I would love to hear of the book that you are excited for that comes out in January. 
Let me know, lets talk :)

Write more later.... 


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