Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite books of 2015 -so far

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I always have a hard time writing together a favorites or top 10 list of books. Because so much book love is happening over here with me that i always feel bad for choosing one book over another.

And even if i personally did not love a specific book i always feel bad if i don't include a favorite book of someone else that id enjoyed but didn't love in a list simply because i see why other people love it. You see my dilema. Maybe you know that problem or you have no idea what i am talking about.

No matter...

Most of the books on this list have received 5 stars from me. Or very nearly gotten them and have received 4.5 stars instead because of a very small something that i just could not overlook but still love the book or the book has something that makes me keep thinking about it. 

What ever it is, the books on this list are all books that i can only recommend. And constantly push on people when ever i think they would love this kind of writing style or genre of the book. 

I did also leave out re-reads since all the re-reads i did this year did not get a higher rating -or have already been given the highest rating and that did not change- and since i talk about Potter enough as it is no need to add that series to yet another list!

In no particular order, here we go, my favorite books of 2015!

1. The Foxglove killing

This is a fantastic YA thriller that does not feel like a YA read at all. The characters are great, the thriller aspect of the book is written fantastically, the overall book is good and the writing is well done. What more do I want out of a book? This book was just great. And if you have not yet read it, read it!

2. Vicious

I finally read this book this year. And honestly what the heck took me so long? I could have had this fantastic book in my life for so much longer!
I loved the book overall, the writing was fantastic the characters great and the story epic!
I loved that the hero/villain where written in such a way that you could see both sides and sometimes it is really not completely clear if the hero is the actual hero or not. I mean it is clear that the villain is the villain in this book, but there are just so many moments throughout this book that the struggles the characters go through are so relatable and real and just... fantastic book! Fantastic!

3. Shadow and Bone

This is such a fantastic and epic fantasy series! I love the main girl Alina. I love the Darkling. I love that love is not the main moving factor throughout this story even though it plays a small role. The writing is fantastic... i just really enjoyed this. 

4. Stitching Snow

This is technically a stand-alone even though the author did write another retelling in a similar fashion that could be seen as a companion but has non of the characters or planets or anything from this book in it. 
But it does not matter if this book is a standalone or the first book in a companion series. 

This book is fantastic. It is such a great spin on the Snow White fairytale, that takes it into out of Space, makes Snow White a smart and good character that takes action and does what she thinks is necessary for the survival of herself! And at the same time she is in no way selfish. 

I just loved the character of Snow White. 
I love the writing and the setting and it is just... 

If you read the Lunar Chronicles series by Meyer and enjoyed this, read this and fall in love with a book that i personally found so much better!

5. Talon

This is a dragon book/series. I love dragons. I love books. Perfect combination. 
I honestly have no idea what it is about dragon that is just so fascinating. Maybe that we don't actually have them? And can't really ... they are just complete fantasy. And that is just so magical in a way. 
In this book dragons are able to transform themselves into human forms and i personally kind of loved how the author did it. 
This book was not perfect. It had its eye-roll moments, and some logic-lacking moments as well as the few times that the author seemed to forget that she can't separate the human girl from the dragon girl because they are the same just different looks! 
And while that might sounds as if this book was not that good, it really was!
It was just fantastic. 
Action packed and had real struggles. It had great moments, epic moments, and dragons!
I just loved it!

6. In order to live

This book is a non-fiction book about the story of how a young woman escaped North Korea. 
This book is heartbreaking. 
It is eye opening. 
It is a must-read. 
It showcases the world today in a way that we rarely see in the western parts of the world, without pointing fingers or blaming anyone for what is happening. 
I think that everyone no matter what age should read this because while there are hard-hitting moments, it is in no why graphic and so readable at every age!
And since the author herself was quite young for most of the book -she still is i mean i think she is 22? or 23?... 

This book was just really good and deserves to be read more then any other book, especially for a non-fiction book that fewer people read anyways! 

7. Between Shades of Grey

This book is a very realistic view into what is happening way from the front lines of a war-zone and with the people that many forget because they are not the frontline soldiers. This is about work-camp prisoners that fight to survive. 
This book does not feel like a fictional read at all. 
It is just very... this is what i actually think this kind of situation was like -maybe a bit less brutal then the actual think would have been like- but it is a YA book so it is really well done. 
I actually love that this has been written as a YA book because especially young people need to remember what kind of horrors war can bring, so that they grew up and become leaders that are not easily starting wars!
This book is just a must-read for me and became one of those books that if i would recommend a book that i think everyone should read? This is it, this and "In order to live" are the books that i would push on everyone, no matter the age, no matter where you live, no matter what kind of life you have. 

8. Snow like Ashes

Another very epic fantasy book that was just fantastically written. 
And another fantasy book that had a great female lead. 
Do i need to say more?
I just loved this book and if you love fantasy, or if you are new to it? Read it, maybe you won't love it as much as i did, but i am sure that you will at least enjoy the read!

9. Sugar

I enjoyed this book for different reasons. 
First of because it has a different main character. 
For one it is not a white, blond, blue-eyed, thin girl. 
And while there was one big moment in this book that was just a huge question mark for me and i still don't understand why the author did it or what the heck it brought to the story or just... what the heck? i can't even...- moment, the overall book was great. 
It is very realistic on how people can be bullies. 
How sometimes a family can be the worse thing that happens to you and you have to leave. And that everyone deserves someone to stand up and help them. 

10. These broken stars

This is - i think- my first real and actual Sci-fi book. And i loved it. It was very well done, realistic in a way that i could actually see and understand what was happening. The characters were great. A feisty girl, a smart boy. I just... this book was great. the writing kept it easy to understand but interesting. There was not overdone drama, to insta-love, no unrealistic love. It was just a really great book and i can only recommend it! Especially as a start into the Science Fiction kind of reads!

Honorable mentions: 


- Into a Million Pieces

Because this book was just such a huge surprise. I did not see the spin of it come, and it has supernatural elements that doesn't take over in the story but just give it an interesting spin. And I hear to few people talk about it! And the author is such a great person -but maybe i am based- because she even thanked me for writing a positive review, and i kind of loved that because really? How great is it that an author takes the time to write a Goodreads reviewer a private message about being happy that they enjoyed the book?

- 11/22/63

this is one of those above mentioned re-reads so i didn't want to add it to the actual top 10, but this book is fantastic and more people should read it. It isn't my favorite King, but it does make my favorites list, because it is just great. The writing is typical fantastically King, where you just get completely sucked into the story and the world he builds. And you suddenly believe that there might be some kind of wormholey thing that is able to suck a person into the past. And at the same time he makes you wish that something like that never, ever exists and you are thankful that it is fiction and not real life! Just a great book and more people should overlook the size of it and just give it a read!

I would love to hear from you and know what your favorite books of 2015 where!

Please let me know if you read any of the books i just take about and how you found them, or leave me a link to your list -if you did one -or just leave a comment telling me what books your favorites where! 

Let me know :)

Write more later.... 


  1. Nice list! I loved These Broken Stars (just recently finished the last book in the trilogy) and Between Shades of Grey. I'm looking forward to her new one which is about Lena's cousin.

    I liked Snow Like Ashes and need to read the sequel. I also liked Stitching Snow. It was a creative retelling of Snow White. I still prefer Marissa Meyer's books but this is a great readalike for fans of the Lunar Chronicles. I have the companion novel on my TBR list. I didn't realize they weren't connected.

    1. Im really excited for "Salt to the Sea" as well and can't wait to read that. I really hope it is even just half as good was "Between Shades of Grey" was because even with that the new book would be fantastic :) But i really hope she was able to keep the same level of fantasticaness as she did with "Between..." :)
      I am so happy to hear another person enjoyed Snow like Ashes, intestinally enough i have not heard a huge amount about this series yet and that is so surprising to me because i really enjoyed that book!
      It is funny sometimes, i actually preferred Stitching snow to the Lunar Chronicles, because i just felt that the Lunar Chronicles where made to long with four books and that Meyer could have said what she wanted to talk about in two books at the most, maybe that is why i enjoyed Stitching... so much? I don't know but i love how the different books can be so different for everyone :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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