Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Debut Novels of 2016 i want to read already!

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Making a list of Debut authors for a year that is still ahead, is a bit hard for me. Because most of the time i only look at the monthly releases and if i see a book that i want to read i see who wrote it and i already read anything by them and then notice if they are debut authors or not. 

And i only really know and am really excited about books long in advance of books that i know of for some reason, most of the time because i enjoy the author and the summary of the coming book sounds as fantastic as the last book i read by them. Or because it is a book out of a series i read by that author. Nothing of that is debut. Clearly. So I had to really work for this list, is what i am trying to say. So please appreciate that i actually had to look up new debuts for 2016 and say that i am excited about. And noticed that i already had 4 books on my exited list that are actually by debut authors. So i learned something new about myself as well. That i can surprise myself even when i am not trying to do that. 

1. Jenna Evans Welch

I do have to be honest and say that i kind of want to read a book by her simply because the cover? Unbelievable cute! And it is a story all about a summer in Italy that turns into a road trip across Tuscany. I love italy. I love the Tuscany! and i just... the title and the cover? So cute. How can the story not be super cute? Who doesn't need a super cute story in their lives? I certainly do!
(April 12th, 2016)

2. Nicole Castroman

She writes a book about pirates. I love pirates. No more reasons needed for wanting to read a book. 
(February 9th, 2016)

3. Marieke Nijkamp

I have to say that author is mostly because she writes about an important topic that is difficult to write about. And most of the time? If i read a book by a debut author that honestly talks about a difficult topic and is realistic about it. And apparently this book is that. About a high school shooting and what it does to the people in the school and outside of it. And i want to see if she manages to write this nicely. I really hope she does, but i want to see if she does it well. And for that.... i have to read it. So i want to read it. Did that make any sense at all?
(January 5th, 2016)

4. Kathyrn Purdie

This is the first book in a new series. And i am kind of interested in seeing what kind of book a debut authors writes that gets offered a series deal right away. Because I am noisy like that. And i just... this is a series about a girl with a rare gift. And i want to know that that rare gift is. And the cover is wonderful. And i have no more reasons. 
(March 1st, 2016)

5. Rahul Kanakia

This is a book about more or less a perfect top-ranked student in high school who is a apparently a college counselor's dream. 
I kind of like books about people that try their best to become something that others want to see. And not actually necessarily what they want to be doing. 
This book just sounds interesting and the cover is interesting and the title is interesting and because of that i am interested!
(August 2nd, 2016)

6. Emily Henry

Her book is about a girl that has to risk her future if she wants to give the boy she loves a chance. And while i am not the biggest romance reader of that kind, because i really don't believe in that kind of love that you are willing to chance your entire life for. But if it is written well, i might enjoy it anyway. And why not give a new author a try?
(January 26th, 2016)

7. Evelyn Skye

Well for one the name? Kind of great. Just saying. That does not sound like a real name, and i am a bit into betting that this is not her actual name, and if it is? Kind of cool. 
Also in her biography it says that she went to Stanford and was offered a job by the CIA. I am sorry but honestly? That is kind of a biography that a book should be written about, i mean really getting a job offer from the CIA, that is interesting! To me at least! And why do i mention Stanford as if it is something fantastic? Because that has been my dream school since i was seven and saw a documentary about all those fantastic Universities of the world. Yes i was that kind of child! Anyways... i never got to go there because i got sick and university is kind of hard to go to when you can barely manage to get out of bed most days because your entire body is pressing you down. But still. Maybe someday. In the future... why am i writing about this? This has nothing to do with the topic today! 
This author just sounds so unbelievable fascinating! And how can anything this kind of person writes be boring?

And the cover is beautiful. And this a book about the Ottoman clan. And Russia. I love both of those topics in history and this is a new series. Do i need to list more reasons why i want to read this? If you say yes, i am sorry go somewhere else, because I am not going to list anymore! 
(May 17th, 2016)

8. Ava Jae

This is an alien book. And i have only ever read "The Host", but still... This is about an alien queen that has a crimson desert and a female ruler! I want to read about a book that has a female ruler for generations!
And once again beautiful cover! And i am a cover sucker! So there you go all my reasons!
(March 1st, 2016)

9. Amber Smith

Another author that talks about a difficult topic, because this is a story about a young woman that struggles to find her way after an assault. And by assault i mean her brothers best friend rapes her and now she has to try and make sense of everything that once was simple. 
I have read quite a few books about different topics like this, and some where done very well, showcased the struggles and the real life difficulties and just where honest about how difficult it is for the assaulted person!
I really do hope that this is a good one, but i will see i guess when i read this book. 
(March 22nd, 2016)

10. Isabel Banderia 

She wrote a book about books. I want to read it because of that. and while i don't necessary love the cover, the story sounds fantastic. I have no idea what else this book is about other then it is marked as a book about books. And i can repeat it a few more times, but it won't chance. I will still want to read this book simply because of that and so i will give it a try and see if this debut author becomes a great one to watch out for!

Alright.... so those are my Debut Authors that i want to read, at least for the first half/third of the new year. 
But i would love to hear about new Authors to look out for during the coming year. Because... well books. 

So please let me know if you have any recommendations!

Write more later..... 


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