Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2016

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I have a few goals for 2016. And by that i mean a huge list. 

What can i say i am list person. And like to write down what i want to do. If i do it or not is not necessary what it is all about. But just getting it out of my head and writing it down. And making a plan, trying to make sure that i remember what i wanted to do little while down the road. And maybe, just maybe see it as a challenge so that i can have something to work towards. 

What can i say? I am someone that does work rather well with challenges in place, better as if i have nothing to work towards. 

And so of course, i also have reading goals, or rather book goals, since not all goals are directly specifically books. 

This post will be ramble. Because hallo, have you meet me? I am rambly! 

Here you go, 10 of my goals!

1. Read 240 books in total. 

I read 107 books in 2015, in around 6 months. And by that i mean is that i really only got a chance to get back into actual real reading towards the end of may, more at the beginning of june. So i had slightly more then 6 months to read that amount. And i find that is a pretty okay goal, to say that I have the entire year to read a bit more then what i did last year. And as i said. Challenges. I like them, i make them and i try my best.
And honestly the total book amount? As long as i read at least 20 books? I will be happy. Everything over that? Bonus. :)

2. Read less USA centered books

This is more specific then saying i want to read more diversely. 
Because i actually read a pretty good amount of diverse books. Mostly because I find the topics interesting and want to learn more about the world, and reading is a pretty fantastic way of doing just that. So that is why i don't want to read more diversely. 

It is more about noticing that i read a lot of books -A LOT- of books that took place in the USA and that is sad. 
Because there are other areas of the world that have stories to tell. And so i want to focus on reading more from different parts of the world -maybe even focus on Europe to start out with, because why not read more from the area i live in and maybe even be able to visit if i get the chance without having to travel half way around the world to do so? 
So yes. I want to make sure that i read a little less books that take place in the US and more in other parts of the world, no matter which parts, as long as most of the books i will be reading this year will not only have the US as their main standpoint i will be happy. And it will be interesting to see how easy it is to find books that are not completely set in the USA.

3. Read 12 classics -at least

I think this is one that many people that make reading goals, have on their list. But honestly this is just one that i really want to see if i can do. 

I had a time in my life, where i read at least one classic a month and did love that because i just enjoyed reading those no matter if i love the actual book or not. Just knowing that the book exist for such a long time and the story that was told, it just... that fascinates me. Especially since a lot of stories today are build up or around some of those books. So seeing the connection -or the "Origin story" if you will, is interesting to me. 
But sadly, i fell out of the habit of reading classics when i started to have less and less time to read, because yes classics take me a while and when i have just about no time to read anyways, it is hard to priorities books that I knew will take me a while. But still. I want to read at least a handful -hopefully 12!- classics this year. And just see what i think! I mean they are classics for a reason! 

4. Participate in 12 read-a-thons

I don't know if this is something that i spread out to do one every month. Or if i do a few one month and non another. I have no idea yet. I just know that i started to participate in readathons in 2015. 
And i did enjoy those that i took part in, because it actually made me read a lot during that specific time. 
I did however did not participate actively in them -other then reading i mean- and i want to try to be more active in them this year and see what i can gain and get from doing that -maybe get to know a few people and things like that. 
And if nothing else, i will read a few more books in a week during those 12 times in the year. 

5. Re-read more books

I have a few books that i re-read annually. Harry Potter for example is something i try to re-read every single year. At least once. If i have a really good year, i start at the start of the year, read the series through and basically pick the first one back up right after i put down the last one. I don't know which mood will strike me this year for this specific re-read, but i will see. I am currently still in my re-read from last year thanks to the biggest reading slump that i had in December. So currently i am reading book five and really enjoying just savoring every chapter of it. And wanting to kick Dumbledore. And push Umbridge in a really dark hole that she can't climb out off herself. NOT THE POINT!

What I want to say is that i would really like to re-read more of my books. 
And i own a lot of books -i mean i think that around 500 books is not necessary a small amount, not the biggest thing ever, but also not the smallest stack of books out there!
I have read most of those books once, but just around 100 or so more then that. And so i want to see if i can get a good amount of those that i have not yet re-read, re-read this year and maybe just see if i want to go rid of a few books or not. But mostly just enjoy the books i already own instead of just getting more and more. 

6. Read/finish/ get caught up on all the series

This is another one of those things that I know i am not alone with! I know a lot of people really want to get caught up on all of the series they have currently going! I am not different!
I would love to get all caught up or finished with all the series i have going, maybe even start and finish a few new ones this year.
I don't know how realistic it will be to say i will finish all the series this year, because i know my library does not have a huge amount of them -sadly- and i won't be buying huge amounts of books this year because i will be moving soon and that would just be stupid to add even more books to the pile!
But maybe i will move to a fantastic library. Or i marry a billionaire after i move and can buy all the books! ALL THE BOOKS! wouldn't that be fantastic?
Anyways... realistically speaking i want to at least read all the parts of series i do own. 
And i am not one of those people that buys the entire series before even starting them, so i don't own a lot of series completely, but at least the first two books -at least for most of them! And so really, what i actually hope to do this year with my series, is that i want to read all of those that i own, and maybe a few extras. 
Specifically i want to finally get to all of the series that i do have to the up-to-date point, specifically
Game of Thrones
and Throne of Glass
which both series i have only read the first book ( or currently reading the first book) but own the entire thing because ... reasons!
So if nothing else, i want to finish those two completely. 

7. Read at least 4 Review books each month

This is one that i really want to try this year. 
I started with NetGalley in summer 2015. 
And i got surprisingly a lot of books now -i mean not a huge amount but enough that they are stacking up a bit and while i do read around 2 or 3 books each month to review- i want to read more and get completely caught up on my reviews as best as i can. 

Because honestly for me getting books to review is not about getting books and hoarding them on my kindle app, but actually reading and reviewing them. Because that is fun and free books. And the more i review, the more books i get, right? And the more free books i to read before i spend money on them, the more money i save. And the less money i spend, the less actual books i will have to pack up and move when i do that. 
So win, win, wins all around!

8. Read a good amount of Historical Fiction

This is another one of those things that i read more of a few years ago. 
But for some reason fell out of the habit of picking up as much as other fictional books. 
I love historical fiction, especially if it is kept as real as possible. 
And there are so many fantastic stories told that way. 
I mean most of the stories i love are historical fiction. 
But i don't read a lot of them anymore for no reason what so ever. 
So i want to chance that and re-start my love for Historical Fiction by reading more of it again. 

9. Read more Thrillers

And another one of those things that i didn't read enough from in 2015. 
I love thrillers and action and crime and a good story combining all that together. 
I own quite a few fantastic thrillers and i want to re-read this year, but i also want to read a few new ones. 
So on the goal list it went because i want to read more of them again. 
And apparently if i don't have it as a plan i don't pick them up for some reason. 
I kind of got sucked into the YA book vortex and that is huge and never ending and doesn't really involve a huge amount of heart-racing thrillers. 
So i want to go back to reading them and lots of them hopefully. But we'll see. 

10. Having fun with it all

I know that this is not necessary one that makes a lot of sense. 
Especially after saying a few times that i love a good plan and a good list and to follow along. 
While i am one of the biggest list people out there, sometimes (more often then it should really, sadly!) i get a bit stuck in my head and lists, so that i focus to much on making a specific TBR and lists and all that for each month and the entire year and forget to just read what i want to read and have fun with books that i love. 
So i want to do all the goals i just listed. 
But at the same time i also want to read lots of books that i just feel like reading. 
Or not read at all if i don't feel like it and just need a reading break. 

Because honestly.... reading for me is all about enjoying it and wanting to do it and loving it while doing it. 
And while i hope i will read around 200 books in 2016, i have no problem with "just" reading 100 if all of them are what i feel like reading and have the best time while reading them. 

Those are some of my goals. 

I would love to hear what you have planed for 2016 if you want to share. 
And if we share a few goals or not. 
Lets talk :)

Write more later...


  1. Your last point really gets to the heart of the matter: Its so important to continue to enjoy reading and enjoy blogging. I've found that over the last few months, since starting this blog, I've had to make a effort to make sure I don't burn myself out. The point was to rekindle my love of reading, not to beat it dead(er). Good luck with your list!

    My TTT:

    1. Thank you :)
      I really do hope that i remember it during the rest of the year :)
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. Oh, I LOVE these goals. 240?! I WISH so badly that I could do that; my TBR list would really shrink. I've recently discovered that I like historical fiction, where I had always assumed before that I would never read it...I was wrong. Best of luck on meeting your goals!

    1. I know that is a bit crazy to hope to get to 240, but as i said i have a dream ;) And getting my TBR down is a big part of that goal :)
      I hope you find a lot of great historical fiction books to read, they are fantastic! I can completely recommend Between Shades of Grey. :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  3. Good luck with reading 240 books this year!! That's an awesome goal.

    1. Thank you! I only hope i really do manage that that would be fantastic :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  4. Read 240 books in a year!?!?! You may be my hero!!!

    1. Hero? Crazy? Thats the same right ;)
      Apparently according to goodreads i am already 4 books behind this year to achieve that goals, so yeah.... ;)
      We'll see how that turns out, but challenges are good and should be something that you have to work for right? Right....
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  5. Oh, I can relate to having to catch up to series! I have dozens of them going and it is just plain out of control!
    I already read a fair amount of historical fiction, but would like to read mre thrillers as well. I read a couple of really good ones last year.
    Best of luck with all of your goals. Here's to a successful 2016.
    -Smart Dames Clever Books

    1. Series are hard sometimes, especially with so many that are out and all those great ones :) I am so happy to hear i am not the only one with that specific problem :) I wish you all the best in 2016 as well :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  6. I like this list. I would like to read more European- centered books myself, and some other cultures as well. I think more Asian centered books would be nice also. I also need to read more thrillers- I pick one out once in a while. And it is important to keep this fun!

    1. For Asian culture books -and if you enjoy a bit of fantasy in there- i can highly recommend the Otori clan series it is a really nicely written japanese fantasy book series that i think deserves more readers. :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment and good luck with your goals this year :)

  7. 240 books?! That's insane! I managed to read 150 last year - just - and I hope that this year I'm going to get at least 100. Good luck!

    1. Yes it is insane, and you even managed to read more books then i did last year. But what can I say? Challenge and all that. Also maybe slight insanity? Who knows! ;) I wish you good luck with 100 books :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  8. Good luck with all of your 2016 resolutions!
    My TTT:

    1. Thank you so much, for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  9. You have some great goals. I love rereading and reread certain series every other year. I hope you succeed in all of these!

    1. Thank you :) And re-reading is the best, especially favorites, and in a way that makes them favorites, right?
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  10. Great goals! I love your graphics, especially the Merlin one :D I wish you a great 2016 with the achieve of your goals.

    1. Thank you, i do have fun putting gifs in this kind of posts, they do always make posts a little more fun -i think :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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