Top Ten Tuesday: Books that i have to have again!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at, so clearly not my idea!

This week over at "Broke and the Bookish" with their weekly meme "Top 10 Tuesday" is a freebie. And i know many people love those, i personally do not. I am just not very creative so coming up with a topic i can actually make a list i want to share with anyone? Yeah not easy. Still. This one was actually pretty easy. But i also wasn't very creative. So yeah... 

I plan to spend a good amount of my reading time in 2016 re-reading the books i own and have already read at one point in my life. 

So why not make a post about my "Top 10 Books i want to re-read"?

Most of the books i want to re-read are books i loved when i read them before and that is why i want to re-read them. 

And because of that i want to share the love of those books with other people.

 And then there is the reason that most of those books are not newer releases but a few years old and because of that maybe a bit forgotten in some people's minds. 

And maybe you will remember those now and read them as well. And hopefully love them as well. 

What i did not include in this list where the Potter books (that i am actually currently re-reading, so it should be on this list for that reason alone!), or other series i want to re-read this year because i am not sure if i really want to re-read or have time to re-read entire series this year so i am not committing myself to actually do that! 
Classics are also not included on here because i made a whole post about my classics books and those that i want to re-read, when i posted my "Classics Club project" post a few days go, if you missed it here it is if you are interested! 

This list are "just" books/standalones that i have the following reasons to want to re-read in 2016, so here you go: 

1. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

I read this book shortly after it first came out. And i was so surprised on how much this story spoke to me. Because I am not a flower kind of girl. I mean i do get plants, but cutting flowers and putting them in a vase just to have them go "bad" in not even a week? That is just... wasteful in my option. I know i am not necessarily in the majority of thinking in that way, and that is fine. But because of that mindset if gone into this book expecting to not like it. And i loved it. And because i loved it and it was just a fantastically unique story i want to re-read. And maybe -MAYBE- get a bit of the love for flowers and their language and symbolism rubbed off on me and start to enjoy them more. Who knows? Miracles are supposed to exist somewhere. 

2. The City of Dreaming books Walter Moers

This book... it is a book about a main character that loves books just about as much as i do. Which is saying something. And he goes to visit a city that is completely made up around and with books. And mystery insures. Did i mention that it this book is from the point of view of a dragon? Interested yet? Mhm... ;)

3. Please kill me by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

This is a non-fiction book about the start of Punk rock, or really just rock now a days. And i really enjoyed this book and how it felt like i was sitting in a room listening to all those fantastic music legends talk to each other. And i want to re-live that. 

4. The Paris wife by Paula McLain

This one is easy. I enjoyed it enough that i want to re-read it. And i want to do an actual review for this book because, as i just said i enjoyed it enough to want to re-read it. So i want other people to know about this book. But since it has been a while since i read this, i can't give a proper review to without reading it again. Endless circle here you go lets just move on. 

5. The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling

This one is actually interesting. I think at least. I want to re-read this because I was just so shocked about the type of story and the very adult and horrible way so many things happened in this book (the sex really lets just name it and i confess that i was completely and utterly shocked about the kind of sex and rape that is happening in this book! I was not prepared!) that i could not give a proper review to it when i read it shortly after it came out. But it has been sitting on my shelves since then. And i can't remember if the story is actually as bad as i remember it being or if i was just so completely and utterly in shock about the enormous amount of not right, horrible sex that happened in this book that i did not like it. Or if the book is actually bad. IN which case i will get rid of the thing and have space for something else. Either way. I want to re-read, give a proper review and see how i feel about it once i re-read this sucker. 

6. Vicious by V. E. Schwab

I just read this book in summer/fall of 2015. But i loved it. And i want to re-read this book. Simply because of my love for it. And if you have not yet read this book you should. Because superpowers. And flawed humans! I mean this is the most realistic book about superpowers that i have ever read. And with the most interesting characters. So yes. What the heck are you waiting for? READ THIS BOOK! And i will re-read it as well. Very soon too. Because i can't wait any longer i think. 

7. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

This book was just fantastic when i first read it. It has fantastic writing and a story that surprised me quite a bit and it was just wonderful. And i want to re-experience all that again. And this has a main character that is the daughter of an antique bookshop owner, that lives about said book shop and works as a biography author. Lots of book love in this book that i want to re-experience!

8. Water for elephants by Sara Gruen

This is similar to "Casual Vacancy" i read this book and was just not really for it at all. But at the time i read this this book was marketed as one of the best books "in like ever!" as many books get marketed for in one year and get completely forgotten about two or at the most three years later. Anyways... i was not blown out of the water (pun in tended!) by this book. But i don't remember i fi did not like this book as much because everyone just raved and raved about it and didn'T see what made it so special to deserve that and gave it a lower rating because of that (and i didn't write a review so thanks, past me! very helpful!) or if i just generally did not like this book. And that is the reason why it is on here. So that i can figure out if i generally did not like this book, and will never like this book and because of that can get rid of this book. Or if i was just not in the right headspace when i read it for the first time and in actuality this book is not even half as bad as i think i remember it being. 

9. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown 

I want to re-read the first two Robert Langdon series books and finally read the third and fourth book (which i won both and haven't read yet even though i won them for over a year now!). And i know that technically i do not have to re-read the first and second book to get to the third and fourth, it has been over 10 years since i read this book. So i just want to re-read it because i own it and i should re-read it. And it was a pretty decent crime/thriller book as far was my memory goes -but once again i have no official review so who knows what i was really thinking? So, re-reading it is. 

10. Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson 

I loved this book. It was fantastic. A great spin -and realistic spin!- on the Peter Pan story. I loved how this story was told. I love the writing. I loved this book. So i want to re-read it and enjoy it once again. Because it was that fantastic. And i need fantastic books in my life!

I could go on quite a bit. Because i have about 48 to 50 books i really do hope to re-read somewhere in the new future. Did i mention at some point in my blog life that i have a problem with making to long lists especially when books are concerned? 


I would love to hear from you which books you love to re-read, because i would love to get recommendations. 
Or if you read any of those books and have an option about them? Would love to hear them! 
Or if you haven't read a book and think you might? Let me know which one!

let me know!!!!

Write more later... 


  1. Angels and Demons was excellent, I hope you get your books!!

    1. Thanks :)
      For stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. I really want to read Paula McLain, and Water for Elephants has been on my Kindle since release. I've put it off so many times because of indifferent reviews of others, but I'm happy to see it's one you loved. It gives me hope.

    1. Those two books are good, you have to like the writing style to really enjoy those two books, but especially Paris wife is a really interesting view into a different life. And water for elephants was good too. I do hope you will enjoy them when you get to them :)
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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