TBR: February 2016

I was pretty sure that i would not be doing one of those this month because i have a horrible track record of never actually reading most -if any- books on those lists. 

But then i thoughts, what the heck? Lets try this one last month and see if it gets better or not. And if not then i can just stop. At least i gave it a fair shot. 

So here it so trying something that has failed rather epically before. 

Lets talk about the books i really hope to get to in February: 


1. Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
Because i have this out from the Library and it has to get back at the middle of this month and i really should have already read this but didn't. And i want to read it before i give it back. Unread. Which is just sad. So yeah.

2. Heidi by Johanna Spyri
i am reading this for my classics Club project and i have to read this, this month before i fall behind in my first month of participation. Which would just be a horrible start into this whole thing!

3. Middlemarch by George Elliot 
Another Classic Club book. Not sure if i will get through this entire thing in February since it is only 29 days (well more like 25 now!) and i am just on page 38 from around 550 or something but i want to get at least a good chunk of it read!


4. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith or J. K. Rowling
I didn't get to this in January and i want to read this soon since i am still remembering that Silkworm really stepped up -as you can read about in my mini review about it in the post from yesterday since that was my wrap up for January if you are interested in my complete thoughts about it- and i want to read this while i still tuned in with the characters and the writing and all that. 
And i do plan on writing a complete series overview thing or something for this blog and to do that i should read this final book that is currently out. Because that would help to actually being able to write a post like that. 

5. Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie
Because i want to re-read books that i have on my shelves. And also this is marked as read and rated on goodreads but without an actual review. And that kind of makes me itchy. And this book was a hell of a lot of fun as far as i can remember. And it is pretty short. And i remember enjoying it so that will make me actually pick it up and read it, i think. I hope. We'll see in my wrap up. 

6. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Does this book look familiar? 
I am pretty sure that if you have been at least once on my blog you are familiar with this book. Because it has been on most of my TBRs. And i have yet to read it. And now i own this book for a year -or at least in a few days i will!- and i hate having books on my shelves for longer then a year without having read them. Because in most cases that means that i completely forget about them and never read them and finally just give them to my local Library sale because i have not read it. And that is just... i mean fantastic for the person that buys the perfectly new book for 1 Euro, but horrible for me because i spend most likely a good amount more then that to own the book. And the books i own i should read. 
And this is a thriller! I love thrillers! So i will read this this month! I will! I WILL! 

I am forcing myself to stop here now. 
Not because i don't want to read more. I hope i will read more. Because i do love reading more books then that. 
But i am learning from my past mistakes. 
I have a much longer TBR list outside the internet that makes me feel less pressured and more organized that i will not be sharing. 
But having six books as a plan to read? That seems doable. So i will stop here. 

Keeping it short and sweet this month. 
I will maybe add a "Rainbow-athon" TBR onto this which is another 6 books. But i am not pressuring myself into reading all those next week. But do want to participate in a readathon this month. Which is another reason that i want to keep my actual TBR shorter for this month. 

I will stop the rambling now. 

I would love to hear a few of the books that you guys have on your TBRs for February. 

Or if you have any recommendations for me. 
Or just say hi. I swear i won't bite ;)

Write more later... 


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