Top 10 Tuesday: Different books i loved

Confession: I am one of those people that really does not have one specific genre or type of book i always automatically go for. 

Yeah i am one of those horrible people that if let loose in a bookstore can end up anywhere from the textbooks over to the cookbooks to the children sections. I have no clue where I want to go or what mood i am in to read so i just have and try everything. And i do have favorites in basically every genre. Textbooks and cookbooks included if you where wondering. 

Slightly off topic there, sorry. 

What i am trying to say is that a post where I am supposed to list 10 books that are not in my typical genre but i still enjoyed? That is kind of hard. Because i just said, i don't have a typical genre. 


(You have to include Iron Man into any post if at all possible. At least you have to if you are me)

So here are 10 books that i recently -ish read (during 2015 and 2016) that are in the smallest percent tile of my read genres. Or just special and i wanted to talk about them. 

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at, so clearly not my idea!

1. These broken Stars by Meagan Spooner and Amie Kaufmann

Sci-Fi is a new(er) genre for me. 

Especially the "out of Space" or "In the middle of the universe in a spaceship" kind of Sci-Fi books. 

This was actually the first "out of space" book as far as i can remember. After that i already read a few more, but this was the start! 

And i loved it. (I did a whole review if you are interested, there is also a summary and all that so i won't go into to much detail here)

But this story was fantastic. Even though it is basically just a out of space romance. 

I love how the two didn't just love each other right away. And how the girl was not one of those that needed constant saving. I mean she had no idea how to survive in the wild (but honestly who of us would) but she was not helpless. 

And while it was taking place in a completely strange planet and had crashing spaceships and all that stuff it did not feel overly "sci-fi" and i think that was what made it a very good introduction into this specific type of genre. 

Because it had just enough of the topic that it has me intrigued to see what else is out there on that topic, without going overboard on the technical stuff that would leave someone as completely clueless as me in the dust. 

It was just overall a fantastic first book in a series (the second one was also very good, i haven't read the third and last one of this series yet because just came out at the end of last year and i just haven't gotten to it yet) and it really made me curious to see what i can find that i enjoy in this genre.

2. Tibet on Fire: Self- Immolations Against Chinese Rule by TseringWoeser

Change of book genre that will make your head spin. From cute science fiction fantasy, to brutal
honest and horrifying real life non-ficiton. 

Non-Fiction is not really a genre that don't read a lot from. I actually read about 12 books from that genre last year. 
BUT this is not the typical non-fiction book. Or at least it wasn't to me. 

Because this book isn't just about a specific life -in the biography type of way- or about a specific culture or area in the world. This is about a specific group of people that think that their only way out of their horrible situation is to actually set themselves on fire. 

And this book is all about how that came to be and how the Tibetan monks really do not see another way out, and protest against the Chinese control over their country and traditions, then to warp themselves up in a way that makes them burn not only brightly but for a good while and hard to put the fire out and then set themselves one fire. 

The book is as horrible as it sounds in that way that it really describes of the people do it and what kind injuries occur and that most people do die from those horrible burns they get. 

That doesn't mean that the book itself is horrible.The opposite in fact. And to that it was eye opening!
I never heard about Tibetan monks setting themselves on fire! And that has been happing since 2008 and over 100 people have decided that literary going up in flames in the only way out!
That is horrible! And that is why this book is listed as a genre. Because it is not the typical non fiction book. It really shows a light into a horrible situation that should be shown light into because the rest of the world does not know about what is happening. And we really should learn about this. 

I really do hope that i can get more into this kind of non fiction readings, that i can find books that show me situations i had no idea about. Be it about historical events or things that are currently happening. And not because i think that if it is currently happening i can actually -as a single person- do anything about it. 

But i think that if there are more people out there that read those kinds of books, that talk about those books. The more people know about them and maybe someone will hear about it that really do has an idea how to help. And isn't that what a world wide world is all about? Working together to make it better? And hopefully stop people from being so desperate that they see this kind of horrible self-harm as their only way out? 

3. Vicious by V. E. Schwab

Next head-spinning genre change. Sorry. I did not mean to give you some kind of injury here. I just making this list as it comes to my mind. And not in any particular order. Maybe i should work on that. Not today though. 

Anyways... this is technically fantasy. If you are really technically i guess it could also count as science fiction? That is what i meant when i said i think i didn't read science fiction before because the actual futuristic science fiction i never read, more the superpower kind of stuff. 

Leaving the actual topic area once again, lets try to go back there. 

I love superheroes. I really enjoy super powers. 

I would love to have the power to heal. Which makes this book just perfect for me. And if you read it you know why.

And if you haven't read it yet (and if you did, that really has nothing to do with it actually) you should check out my review here and then go read the book. Or read the book and then check out the review and let me know if you think similar thoughts. Either way. Read the book is what i am saying. 

Topic, lost you for a second again, sorry. 

I do not -sadly- read a lot of superhero stuff. Because I don't read comics. I can't get into them. I also don't like the animated superhero shows. I do love MARVEL but only the real-human version of them. I grew up with Electra and that woman was fantastic. I mean her, Buffy and Sydney Bristow as role models growing up? I should have become some kind of fighting expert. 

And as you can see on my Iron man gif that i do enjoy using, i do still love the MARVEL universe and the new movies they come out with. i don't want every single one of them. I could go talk about that for quite a while here. But it has actually nothing to do with the topic i should be talking about so let me try and find the actual point again. Dear god i have problems focusing today. 

What i was trying to say before i got of rambling about MARVEL, super women and comics is that i never read much about superpowered people because there are not that many actual books out there with that topic. 

And i was really unsure if i would like this. But i just... i fell in love with this book. And maybe slightly with the author. After reading just one of her books. I mean honestly, a bit of social media stalking is practically normal now a days. Right?

Schwab wrote such a fantastic story really pointing out the different points of views of villains and heroes and how fast one can be come the other and it you never know what actually makes you the hero or the villain because your intentions might be to be one but you are actually the other without noticing until it is to late...i want more books like this one! (And if you have any recommendations, PLEASE!)

4. The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I never read the Twilight series. Not because i was against the writing or the story or the plot or anything like that, but honestly because they just didn't sound like a series i would enjoy when they came out. It was that simple. I was not in a vampire reading mood when those books came out and then it was just made into such a spectacle that i had no interest in reading it and now i think i just ... lets just say you had to dare me to read those books to get to me read them. 

Which is fine. If you do that i will read that series (and most likely make just fun of it a little bit) but i never read anything by this author. 

And i never read an alien book before. 
I did already say that this whole Sci-Fi book genre was new to me in the first book on this list!

So this was the first book that handled that theme for me. 

And i liked the Sci-Fi aspects, the alien? 

Really enjoyed that. I actually had the most problems with the actual humans of the story, which is fine i already heard that Meyer was not the best in writing human interactions. 

Overall this book was still good and very nice introduction to this whole alien kind of thing out there, i think. And if you want to read my whole review about this book here is the link to that. 

5. Foxglove Killings by Tara Kelly

This was my first YA Thriller. 

I didn't even know that this genre existed before i got this book from NetGalley. I honestly had no idea that there was such a thing as YA thrillers. 
Who would have thought?
I read Stephen Kings "Misery" when i was 11 so don't ask me! Clearly i had no idea.

This book was a great thriller no matter the YA part. 

It was action packed and had surprising turns of events and just... it was a fantastic book to read and experience. 

And written in such a way that it is fun to re-read even though you clearly know what is going to happen. 

Because even though you are not one hundred percent sure if you are right, the author didn't try to hide where the story was going, so it is not a huge surprise at the end who is the "bad guy" but more of a confirmation. And the writing is just... fantastic. So for my first and as of yet only YA Thriller? 

Fantastically great! And if you have not read this yet? Need more? Check out the review i did about this book here

6. Talon by Julie Kagawa

I already talked about this series a little while back when i spotlighted the third part of this five book series that is coming out soon. 

I also did this review for this specific part of the series, if you want to read my complete and in-depth thoughts as well as get all the other book details, go over here and see that for yourself. 

And technically now begins the "cheating" part of this list because i bend the rules a bit. But really there should not only be fantasy or epic fantasy or high fantasy as genres. 

There should really be the DRAGON genre. A completely separate thing, only dedicated to all books dragons. Just saying. So lets pretend that is a thing. And then this book is perfect!

This a pretty fantastic dragon book to get back into dragon books with. 
Go to my review to see what exactly is happening in this book. But lets just say Kagawa really have a good idea to make a different type of dragon story!

There are some things that are a head scratchers, but lets be honest and say that i don't think that there will ever be one thing in existing that everyone will love equally much without finding at least one thing that bothers them a little. 

So lets just overlook the moments where Kagawa more or less forgot that the girl/dragon was a dragon and the human form was just her shifted form and because of that was not actually capable of separate thoughts and actions and focus on the great dragon spin and overall interesting storyline. 

This was just a very enjoyable read and while i didn't love the second book as much i am really excited to see what will happen in the third installment of this series.

7. Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

I did say the cheating portion was beginning in the book above this one. 
And this is another perfect fit for cheating. I mean not really. I read very little -nothing really- of New Adult genre. 
And basically this is the reason why. 

And also where the cheating comes in. 

Because i did not enjoy this book. 

I am running out of genres to talk about here, people! 

And i wanted to rant somewhere about this book, so let me rant for a little while about this here and then go back to the books that i enjoyed. 

And technically i enjoy ranting about it, so it should count!

This is another genre that i didn't even know existed. I know that young adult existed. And i know that adult existed. 
I did not know that there was such a thing as new adult. And that it is basically erotica just with the specific age group, yeah... did not know that. And honestly after reading this book? Kind of wished i didn't know that. Because this book was just... bad for me. 

I mean i read this and i asked myself how the heck Hoover managed to get such a large fan base because this as just... horrible! For me i mean, more power to you if you loved it. 

But to me this was just one of those very stereotypical love story that i just shake my head at the entire time. 
The girl that seem to really think that sleeping with a guy when ever he wants to is the best option to show that she is not interested in a real relationship and the entire time more or less hoping that he will chance and really want a relationship? 
Yeah that is just... that did not work for me. at all. And the guy was just a jerk face. All the guys were actually, at least to me. Not that the female characters where any better.
They all lacked personality and individuality and just generally originality. They were the very typical and standard chick-lit kind of people. 
The girl who dreams about chancing the guy, gets crushed when she notices -finally!- she can't actually chance a person with her vagina, the following heartbreak and in the end the more or less happily ever after. 

This book was bad for me. And boring. But it is technically a genre i read very little about and learned something from.

So yeah this was a complete fail to me and i decided that maybe i should just skip that genre or type of book and leave that behind me. I mean i seem to prefer the typical adult chick-lit book to this so why not stick with that? You live and you learn apparently. 

8. Legend by Marie Lu

Is a Dystopian. Technically YA and fiction and maybe even a bit Science Fiction according to Goodreads but lets not be that specific here!

Because i don't read a lot of Dystopian! And this was the last dystopian series i started -not actually the last book of this series i read i did read Prodigy in January, but lets just go with the first book of the series to make it easier!

So this falls into the category of things that i don't read that much from. 

I am not sure if "Dystopian" is technically a genre in itself, but it is definitely a specific type of book, right? Lets just go with it here people!

This was pretty good, i liked the first one more then the second one but i will finish this series off and see if Lu manages to catch herself and just had the second book slump or if she is going to tank that series. We'll see when i get to it. 

Still this first book was enjoyable to me (read the whole review i did here) It had lots of good action moments, the girl that is actually the active and action packed soldier, which i loved for a chance. And it was an interesting spin on the whole dystopian thing.

9. Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Children classics or Childhood classics or what eve you want to call this genre. 

I don't know if you caught my "Classics Club Challenge/Project" post i did a little while ago talking about the Classic books i wanted to read in the next 5 years and i included a bunch of Childhood classics in english on there that i did not grow up with. 

That said, i did grow up with Heidi because that is Swiss and i grew up not even a 3 hour drive away from Switzerland, so Heidi was just part of my life growing up. 

BUT i recently -and by that i mean i literary just finish it yesterday- read the English translation. 

And while i have to say that i did not love it as much as the german version -the accent and little things just don't come over as much and the Swiss charm doesn't play into the English version as much as in the german one so really i would recommend reading the german one if you are able instead of the English one!- it was still a fantastic book. 

And the story is so cute. And so realistically Swiss Alps that if you been there you can really understand and picture it, even still today, over a hundred years after this book was published. 

So yes, children classics or childhood classics or what ever is a genre that i am going back into reading and/or recently started to read again and this was a very enjoyable and interesting start. 

And if you have not yet read this story, go do that. Its cute and just... its adorable. And features a little girl in a wheelchair and a very open hearted other little girl that sees the people as they show themselves to her not as they look. And its just... go read it if you have never read this book. 

10. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Another one where i am technically cheating. BUT I am not just talking about this book specifically but more about the Epic Fantasy genre itself. 

This is just one of my favorite books and i wanted to mention it at some point so yeah... it just had to make it on the list. It was either this book or harry potter and i think i talked enough about Potter already on TTT posts to not have it on this weeks. Epic Fantasy.

This is a genre that i do love - if i find the right books! Which is quite hard lets be honest here. Because the most epic fantasy stories are just... huge. They are... you could kill a dragon if those series would come in one huge book. and i don't mean a little baby one, but one of those huge you can fly on those kinds of dragons. 

I did start Game of Thrones -or the song of ice and fire series- by Martin but i just... when i remember to pick it up it is good and i enjoy it enough to want to see where everything is going but at the same time i kind of get frustrated with the book and how the people behave. 

And that is strange for me because i can read historical fiction books or other fantasy books that have a similar setting as this book does without a problem and frustration but Martin's book for some reason just... i have to put it down after getting a few chapters read and then don't pick it up for a few months. Which just makes it hard to finish. And really get into the series when you constantly get stuck on the first book. Good that the guy is just as slow with writing as i am with reading. 

Anyways... Epic fantasy genre is one i would love to always have a series on the go at all times because they are just fantastic (pun intended!) but i have a hard time finding new ones. And so i keep going back to my well known ones. Which is basically Rothfuss' two books. And Harry Potter. Which technically is not epic fantasy. But you know... 

What i might be actually trying to say here is that if you have an epic fantasy recommendation that is similar to Rothfuss' book? Let those come my way please, thanks. 

This was my list for this week. And my very rambly explanations and a surprising amount of review links. 

If you made it through to here, i love you. 

If you have any recommendations and want to share? Please also leave your address and i will send a cookie. 

Let me know, lets chat ;)

Write more later.... 


  1. Vicious looks interesting! While I have enjoyed the Marvel movies, I'm not a comic person. But, a book on superheros sounds like fun.;)
    Legend is one I keep meaning to read.
    Great list! Here is mine:

    1. Vicious is really fantastic if you want to read superhero but have no comic feel at all. I was a bit special because i am not a comic person as well. but it is really fantastic. You should give it a read :)
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. Really enjoyed 'Broken Stars' (and need to read the following books!) and am curious about Legend. So many bloggers rave about it and Marie's books in general. Yet here I am, a book nerd who hasn't read a one. ;)

    1. Legend was a good book. You should enjoy fast moving and action based books if you read it. Don't expect a too deep storyline. It is a great book though so give it a try. I would love to know if you enjoy it :)
      And i am so happy hear that i am not the only person that hasn't finished the Starbound trilogy yet! Might have done a little happy dance. ;)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  3. Ooh there are some fantastic books on your list :-) I really enjoyed The Host, much more than I anticipated too, which is nice!

    1. I always love if a book surprises me positively, especially when i go into it unsure if it really is for me. The Host was definitely one of those for me :)
      Thanks for so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  4. You really do read a wide variety of genres, and so do I. I had a hard time coming up with titles not usual for me. Horror is just about the only genre I attempt to avoid. My TTT

    1. Yeah, Comics that for me. But i am always so happy to hear another person not having a specific go to genre but reading a wide variety :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  5. The Host is excellent!! I couldn't do a post on this weeks topic so I chose a previous one!!

  6. I am glad you loved Broken Stars. It's one I would like to read. I included Science Fiction on my list too. It's not really outside my comfort zone but rather, like for you, just low on my precentile range of books read. Same with just about all the categories on our lists. :-)

    The Name of the Wind is one I would like to read. I don't read as much epic or high fantasy as I used to. I kind of miss it.

    Thank you for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Great post! I love your section on Vicious, because I'm obsessed with that book too *_* I really want to read more books like it, so if you find some do share! I also really enjoyed The Host but I haven't read it since the year it came out so I don't know what I'd think of it today.

    My TTT

  8. I was a slacker and didn't do my top ten this week. :( I couldn't come up with ten books that are out of my genre-comfort zone because I'm so eclectic, anyway. After reading your list, I shoulda coulda listed the zombie and sci-fi books I read, which are somewhat out of my zone. Hindsight.

    1. Zombies... yeah can't get myself anywhere near that genre. But it would have been interesting to see. Maybe you do it another time :) Can't always do everything :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  9. I really enjoyed Legend as well! I liked the design of the book too, with the different coloured text.

    1. It was very beautiful in more ways then one :)
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  10. I've read a few of these too! I loved These Broken Stars and Talon, but Ugly Love was not a favorite... Great list! :D

    Here are my Top Ten!

    1. Yeay! Another talon and Broken stars lover! And someone that also did not enjoy Ugly love! Even more happiness over here ;)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  11. Talon has been on my list forever! After reading how much you enjoyed it, I want to move it up on my TBR! I liked These Broken Stars way more than I expected to. I really need to get to the other two novels! Ah! So much reading to do.
    Thanks for stopping by the The Local Muse

    1. Talon is worth the read, you should try to get to it soon:)
      There really are too many books that there is to little time every day to read. There really should be added hours for every reader to get to all the books ;)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  12. I absolutely adore These Broken Stars, even though it's out of my comfort zone, because sci-fi is SO NOT my favorite genre. I NEED to pick up Vicious and Ugly Love, so thanks for the reminder. Oh, and Foxglove Killings sounds super-good. *goes to add it to tbr* Wonderful list!

    1. Broken stars was fantastic, so happy to hear another person loved that book :)
      You really NEED to pick up Vicious! I don't recommend Ugly love, but to each their own ;)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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