Book Wrap up: February 2016

Its Tuesday. But not Top 10 Tuesday, because i was to lazy to do that this week. 

What can i say? My laziness knows no limits. 

But at least i am posting something. 

And since March just started to day i wanted to post my Wrap up relatively on time for a change. 

First things first: 

I am sticking with my decision of not posting any more TBRs. At least for a little while. Maybe i get back to actually reading what i decided to read in a few weeks or months and then i will start those posts back up again. 

But for right now i am not reading what i say i will and that is just not... that is just not what i want to post anymore. I want to actually post what i am reading or share what i read, so yeah those posts are going to stop for the moment. 

And that decision was really easily made because i read the extreme number of one book from my TBR post. 

So yeah, clearly not working as it should be. Especially since i have actually read 12 books this month, which is quite a lot. Not only because i think 12 is a lot of books to read in a month, but also because i was sick this month in a way that my illness has not been playing up in quite a while. And i really do mean i was spending most of the month either in bed and trying not to notice that daylight actually exists or in the bedroom showing the toilet lots of love (sorry if that is a bit to much detail). 

So 12. fantastic. Just yeah, not what i wanted/decided/should have read. So short: no more TBR posts for a while. 

On to the actual topic of this post: my 12 books i read. 

11 of those are from the same book series. Yeah you read that right. 

One of my resolutions for 2016 was to get caught up and/or finish series that i started. 

And i did just that this month. 

I got caught up with the Stephanie Plum series as far as i can for this moment. I mean there is the 22 book out, but i don't have that available yet to me and i will not buy a completely different size of the book just to read it. 

So for the moment i read up to 21 since that is the last book i have available to me and i count that as caught up so yeah for me! 

And the book that i read that i actually wanted to read i will do a complete review of later on this week was Heidi. Which is also a book i read for my Classics Club project. So yeah for that as well. 

And since i will do a complete review for Heidi and i will do individual reviews for all of those Plum books -since lets just be honest here the basic plot is the same in all of them!- i will just rush three all those books and if you want more details let me know in the comments and i will give them to you there. 

All by Janet Evanovich: 

The entire Stephanie Plum series: 
It is nothing special, so don't go into the books get blown out of the water, BUT they are mostly fun and just so easy and no-brainer kinds of reads that most of the books are still pretty good to read. There are some expectations and i will talk about those but since i gave most of the books 3 stars, that is just how i feel about them: they are okay, nothing special, fun and easy and exactly what i expect them to be going in. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Stephanie Plum series here is a basic overview of every books plot: 

Stephanie struggles with deciding if she wants to have sex with either Joe or Ranger  -and has either sex with one or if it is a special book both of them. She works as a bounty hunter but she kind of hates it but still does it. She always has to chase at least one naked man that should not be naked because he is around 80. Her grandmother does something stupid, most likely during a funeral viewing and most likely involving the coffin. Her mother either irons or drinks. Her hamster is the oldest living critter ever! But at least that stays as consistent as the rest of the series and it is kind of nice to ignore the sad nature of dying pets and always know that Rex will reappear in the next book. 

I might have forgotten one or two of the always reappearing moments in this. But you know... that happens. 

Anyways here is the list and rating: 

Eleven on top: 3 stars
Tweleve Sharp: 3 stars
Lean Mean Thirteen: 3 stars
Fearless Fourteen: 1,5 stars at the most! 
This was just so stupid and overdone and too dramatic and just overall a bit question mark as what the heck the publishers where thinking when they published this because this was not even funny anymore in trying to be funny it was just... yeah no! Skip this book if you are able it is really not worth it!

Finger Lidkin' Fifteen: 3 stars 
back to the typical stupid funny but not completely overdone as 12 was.
Sizzling Sixteen: 3 stars
Smokin' Seventeen: 3 stars
Explosive Eighteen: 3 stars


Notorious Nineteen: 3 stars
Takedown Twenty: 2 stars 
Top Secret Twenty-one: 2 stars 
At this point the series (20 and 21 i mean) started to get a bit to: "i am trying to be funny here" for me and not because i read those books pretty much on top of each other but just because it really felt like Evanovich stood next to me like a little child while i was reading every other page saying: Its funny right? Why are you not laughing? That was funny! And it was just... not because it was taken that step to far. 

Those where 11 books i read. 

The last book i read in February was Heidi as i said and as i said i will do a full review of that one later on but i gave it 4 stars and while i did not love the english translation i read this time around as much as i loved the german original version, the english version is still very cute and shows how open and honest and just accepting children can be and i love the story because of that. 

And that was it for the month of February. 

We will all see together what i read in March since i have no idea what i want to read this month, but we'll see what got to at my Wrap up post. 

I hope you all had a fantastic February reading month and a much, much better health month. 

I would love to hear the books you read or a link to your wrap up post if you have any. 
Or read your rants bout the Plum series ;)

Let me know, lets chat :)

Write more later.... 


  1. Congrats on catching up on the Stephanie Plum series (lucky you) I am a big fan of Janet Evanovich, have you joined her fancorps? It's terrific!! And I know what you mean about being behind, I can now see how that happens!! Great books!!


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