Top 10 Tuesday: Am i reading a different book?

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I kind of love this weeks topic of "Characters everyone loved but i just don't get" because lets face it there is a good amount of character where I just DO NOT understand where the heck the love comes from that so many people have for those characters. 

And it is not that i hate all those characters that i want to talk about, in most cases it is just that i don't understand them. Or think that they are making incredible stupid choices and people seem to just ignore all that and focus on the "but its so romantic" which is just bullshit to me. So its not that i hate the characters, its really just that i don't get the love. 

So maybe this post should be more accurately and fully titled:  Am I reading a different book where the characters that so many people love are changed to something completely stupid or what is going on here?  Because honesty, people ;)

Lets get started i will ramble on enough for each character. 

Lets start with the first series and two characters that many, many people loved but i just... didn't. 

1. Ron Weasley - Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

This one is one where people are either with me or want to set me on fire for. 

I would love to know which category of people you fall into so let me know. 

And now lets get into the rant for why i just don't understand the love for Ron. 

Lets start out with: i do appreciate the character, i do think that he brings something to the series, -younger brother of many, family connection for Harry, the stupid friend, the horrible friend, the "i can do it better but only fail" person, and in some rare cases the actual "i am here to help" character. 

I also do get why he is Harry's "friend" in the series and why he is important to showcase in such a book series, but the quotation marks are on purpose and necessary in my option. 

To me Ron is a horrible friend, and i am sorry but he is just... he is very self obsessed in my eyes, he hates the popularity that Harry has no control over at all and actually hates and would gladly trade, especially for a family like Ron has. 

And Ron is kind of horrible to his family most of the time and kind of rubs that in Harrys face, which is just awful! 

He is very spoiled in many ways, doe snot appreciate that sometimes you have to work for it, abuses the power he is given -when he is given some, such as when he becomes a prefect- and just... he is a rather horrible character to me! 

He has more bad attributes to me then good ones. And i do understand that those characters are good in stories and i do like that Rowling included such a character. I would just appreciated it more if she would have at one point just have Harry stand up to Ron and just say: "Listen here, buddy, if you don't like how i do it, or Hermione does it, just go over there and see how you manage on your own! we certainly don't need you!" but since that never happened that is just... 

Can i also just point out that the guy left a very important mission that might help save the entire wizard world (which in itself is just... really Rowling but other topic of discussion!) because he was too hungry to care anymore? That is just... sorry slap something hard and sharp across the back of that boy's head please. Thanks. 

And then how he treats Hermione is just... how the heck can people ship those two? 
Ron is horrible -almost abusive, at least emotionally!- towards Hermione for almost all the books. And then all of a sudden in book seven they are the perfect love story and that i just... Yeah no. 
Sorry that did not work for me. And i would have preferred if Rowling would have gone through with killing Ron of and just put Fred in that spot because that would have worked better for me. 

So yeah... Ron is one of those most beloved character that just did not make sense for me how people can love him so much. 

2. Serverus Snape - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

The last Potter character and another one of those where people are either with me or want to hunt me down for. 

And once again i do understand what Rowling was trying to do. And that she actually created this character with the complete intention of having people hate him! And i appreciated Snape for what he was for the first few books.

As this horrible teacher was just this horrible, horrible guy, that you loved to hate, but was not actually bad in the sense that Snape just hated everyone but he didn't want anyone to die because of that. He just didn't want them to come anywhere near him. And that is perfectly fine! Have a character that everyone loves to hate, because he is horrible but not bad! That is perfect! 

What i did not at all like was that Rowling basically gave Snape a free pass for how he treated (mistreated) everyone around him because he lost the person he loved over a decade ago and is basically the reason that Lily died because he was too much of a self-absorbed jerk that the love how is life might not be the kind of person that would step aside to let a mass-murderer kill her child without trying her best to stop it. 

Also can i just point out that how the heck is he so in love with her still when they actually never even had any kind of relationship and as i just said he basically expected her to let her husband and infant child get killed before her and be perfectly fine with that and go back to him? What kind of person would do that or expect another person to do that? 

AND even bigger, how can you hate the child that is completely innocent to it all and is actually the only living connection you have left to the apparent "Love of your life" that you go out of your way to publicly humiliate that boy any chance you have? 

Yes Snape did save him and tried to help him. But was that really to help Harry or just to try and keep that small little part that he had left of Lily alive, or was it maybe just that Snape was just not that bad of a person that he really did not want an 11 year old to fall to his death from a broom? Not that that could have actually happened with literary a stadium full of wizards where at least one other person should have been able to cast some kind of spell that would have slowed Harry's fall. Just saying. 

And all the other cases could also be easy explained away that fall into the "but he saved Harry" category. 

I am not saying that Snape did not love Lily even a decade after she died. Hey love is a powerful think especially if you think something happened because of you. That is not something that you just forget or get over. I get that. 

But it just... that does not excuse how he behaved. And yes he might have not killed Dumbledore simply to kill Dumbledore. And the guy died anyways (and he almost made the list as well so don't see me crying because how him just go ahead and stream but really that guy is kind of horrible in letting a child do all the work instead of just at least giving it a real try or finding the horoxues himself and leaving them in a box for harry to slay!) and that Snape didn't let Draco make a kill and all that... fine. He is as i said not a bad person just a horrible character. 

But that is just it. 

Just because he had reasons, does not stop what he did, or excuse how he behaved all those years. He was horrible. And that is it. Just because he tried his best while being that way does not make him a hero! Just because he did not kill someone point blank range does not make him a hero! 

3. Claire Randall - Outlander series - Diana Gabaldon

This one is going to be short. 

Claire was just nothing at all what i wanted from a female main character that went through what she went through. 

She was flighty - i mean she is married to one guy, travels back in time (or lets just say a different place) where she mets another guy and all of a sudden it is a bit like? Who cares that i am married? I want to have sex with that sexy hot Scottish clan guy right now and goes right ahead and marries that guy as well and not even after a huge amount of time, really just basically a couple of weeks after literally being ripped away from her apparently very much loved "first" husband she just takes herself another one. Because... yeah... 

And then she does not even really tries to find a way back. I mean she does kind of but not really and that i just mind boggling to me. She doesn't even really try to go back and see if she can get back to where she came from. She is kind of too much side tracked with the sexy Scottish clan guy and his overall sexiness that apparently the entirety of Scotland is hot for (men, women and apparently all kinds of children are hot for that!)

On top of that having a main character that basically has the biggest thoughts be: oh how ever will i manage that? is just... yeah fantastic choice there gabaldon!

Clair was dull, had no real life or anything interesting in her. 

Her actions where stupid and completely enological and what the heck are people thinking loving her character in the book? I mean i never saw the TV adaptation -not yet at least i am still figuring out if i want to get into that- but in the books? That girl has no clue what the heck she wants and basically thinks with her sex organs. 

Which is fine if that is her thing, but if you want to write porn, Gabaldon, just do that and not do it in a over 800 page long book or at least give a fair warning that this book is not actually about time travel to the midivil scotland but all about a midivil porn where everyone ones that one hot redhead!

 Or give the main character some kind of actual character! Then we can talk about those 800+ paged books, again, okay?

4. Joe Morelli - Stephanie Plum series- Janet Evanovich

This one is another one of those split options. Either you are with me in not really seeing the appeal in this "sexy Italian bad boy turned good husband material" or you are completely and all for the Plum-Morelli ship. 

Also this is not that i have a specific preference towards another guy for Plum. I really don't care which one she ends up with. I kind of just want this series to finally just be done and have her be happily single, or with a guy, or for all i care have Rex -the hamster if you don't know- suddenly transforms into Stephanie Plums absolute dream man with the perfect combination of Ranger and Morelli combined into one man so that all her sexual needs and family dreams can come true!

So its not because i don't prefer Morelli as "the guy". Its just the guy is kind of a dish-bag! (and yes thank you i did mean diSh-bag. because that is how i say it!)

He is constantly giving orders to Plum on what she should do and how she should behave and that he does not understand why she has to do things (i mean honestly i don't get what or why she does specific things either but i am not in a relationship with that woman so i can do that!), hates her job but never actually offers her another option or even gives her an option and just seems very happy to constantly complain!

 I mean if he really loves her and is worried about her, why doesn't he at least give her some other job options? I know if i would respect a person -which lets be honest here if you are in a relationship you better respect that person!- i would not mind if they tell me that they know that there are job openings somewhere where there might be an actual regular income coming in every month! Instead he just constantly complains about her job and how she does it and that she actually asks for Rangers help instead of making sure that she should feel good about asking for help if she is clearly in over her head (which come on that girl is always in over her head and really should just have Ranger permanently attached to her as her bodyguard). 

Also he wants her to move in, but when she is actually there he complains constantly. 
And basically all he wants sex. Which is fine. But then he should not complain that she does because if she is only his sex-scape who cares if she gets shot at as long as she is not actually shot?

Can i also just point out that i would slap a guy somewhere hurtful if he actually would pull down my shirt to see what kind go bra i am wearing in the middle of the street simply because he is horny and wants a good image? Because that happened and that is just... who the heck does that that does not deserve a kick in the nuts?

This character for me is just a bit to all over the place and constantly changing his mind and a bit to controlling while actually not doing anything other then constantly complain and if he does do something it is in all likely hood a very stupid and "should really not do that" kind of move! 
So yeah... i don't get why people like this character and i would be so happy if he would finally just be shot down by one of those constantly flying bullets in those books!

5. Tatiana Metanoia - The Bronze Horseman - Paulina Simons

Can someone please explain her to me?
Because i don't get her!

I mean she is not 5 -which would be just about the only acceptable age for that in my eyes!- so when she hears that war breaks out and is giving money to buy food to help her family literary survive when there is no more food to buy, she actually goes out of her way to buy ice cream instead of going to a market and at least actually trying? And instead of actually trying to buy food that makes sense she wants to buy Fish eggs because that is a family favorite? What?

And then there is that very confusing back and forth between her and Alexander which for me is just... what the heck? They both want to be together, clearly, but instead they string two other people along only to continually do stupid things together before ending up together always? (at least for a time) 

Honestly Tatiana was just one of those characters where to me basically all stereotypical female character traits are put together to showcase "see, woman can't do anything right without a man not only pointing them in the right direction but literary pushing them forcefully there". 

Maybe that was just me. Because apparently not only tatiana is a very loved character but the book series itself is as well. Which makes just as little sense to me. 

6. Celaena - Throne of Glass series - Sarah J. Maas

Attention: I have only read the first book as of yet, so maybe that chances but for right now this stands!

Also first off: I do not actually hate her! I while i do understand to an extend why people love her, just don't really get why everyone things that she is sooooooo fantastic. 

Don't get me wrong. I do understand that she is supposed to be this kick ass assassin. And yes that last fight in Throne of Glass really was kind of kick ass especially considering that she was not completely in control of herself. So yes i would not want to have her want to kill me. 

And i do love that she loves books. Which might be the actual reason that i don't hate her. 

But to me she is just very underdeveloped and we don't really get to know her in this first book at all other then that apparently she is this bad ass assassin. 

But can i just point out that if you are this bad ass assassin and are in prison, why the heck do you not just kill literary everyone that stands in your way and get out of there? Am i thinking too far? Apparently that happens. 

I mean i get that she is in this really horrible prison but if she is the only person to managed to get nearly to the edge of that prison, why couldn't she manage to kill everyone that would want to stop her, get so far that the other prisoners also understand that now is the time to fight and rebel and try to escape? 

Can i also just point out that i hate her indecisiveness about the guys? I mean i liked that she basically takes one after the other, but really? She ends it with one because it would no longer be "right" after knowing that it would end that why and letting it happen anyways and basically just ending it because she wants to try out the other one? That is just... i don't get it. 

This character just confused me and i don't understand why people are so completely and utterly in love with her since to me she is just mission huge chunks of ... somethings -at least in the first book. As i said that might chance when i get deeper into this series. Hopefully very, very soon. 

7. Bill Compton - Sookie Stackhouse / The Southern vampire Mysteries - Charlaine Harris

Lets start this by saying i am not a huge fan of this series. 

At all. 

But it is not worse then any other kind of book of this type and the first two or three are actually not horrible. 

Tthis character was just so very loved in every review i read about this series that i just.. did i read a different book with a different character?

Because this guy is kind of horrible in general but especially to Sookie?

I mean he plays her to be able to drink her blood to be able to track her, the makes her have sex with him because of the blood he took and that making her want him more because of that for some vampire reasons as we later learn, he does everything he can to make her "his" if she wants to or not. And if that is not horrible enough he actually RAPES her in the third or so book and nobody even really seems to care. Including Sookie. Which is just... what the heck?

Yeah that did not work for me at all, not only the character but the pairing which yes, is a think apparently. 

8. Melanie - the Host - Stephanie Meyer

There are so many people that kind of seem to love Melanie and feel for her and all that? And i am just standing over here and don't understand, because Melanie was a horrible person basically throughout the entire thing -until just a little bit at the end when she became almost okay mostly because she basically just left Wanda to do what she thought was right and finally just shut up?

Melanie literary makes everything three times as hard as it has to be for the poor Wanda who is really clearly not bad. 

I get that her body is taken over and that she is trying to help/save her brother. But everything she does is still very illogical to me. 

On one hand she really tries her best to make Wanda see the good in both Jamie and Jared and tries to make Wanda love those two so that Wanda doesn't want to turn them in. And then Melanie gets jealous when Wanda actually does manages to have a good relationship with both? 

At one point Melanie kind of says, hey try to live your life Wanda you earned it, and when Wanda does try that, Melanie is all "No, no, you can'T do that it is my body and how dare you?" and that is just... What? 

I just... that character made precisely no sense to me and i do not understand how people can enjoy her or like her. And i sometimes thing that the book would have been better if Meyer would have just let Melanie die and Wanda just have some feelings or thoughts or something left over that makes her want to search for those hidden humans. 

I mean Melanie does get a bit better at the very end of the book. And yes she does help Wanda in the end. But the entire way there she just makes it all even more horrible then it already is for Wanda and lets face it t it was not easy for Wanda at all and she should not have had it as hard as Melanie made it. And i am constantly repeating myself so lets just move on to someone else. 

9. Laia - The Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir

Okay i honestly don't know if Laia is that loved. But this book is. And since she is. Lets just go with it!

I really did not get this character. She was a bit of a Melanie situation that i just discussed. Only that she also was just overall completely stupid and should just not ever be allowed to make any kind of decisions regarding herself or others! 

She made no sense to me, giving up her freedom to help a rebel group that got her parents killed and has really no chance in hell to actually free her brother. And she is stupid enough to really honestly believe that yes those people that don't know her and don't care about her will give their lives for her is just... what?

Not that Elias was better, but especially Laia bothered me because she was supposed to be this smart and logical person. And really made not even one logical decision or choice in this book! 

As i said i am not sure if that many people LOVE her but i know the many people enjoy her and that is just... what? Did i get a book where she was especially stupid and illogical that nobody else got?

10. Feyre (and Tamlin) - A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

Yes another Maas book. 

What can i say i love her writing but her characters could use some work to be someone i can stand. Not that i am telling that woman how to write. She manages just perfectly without me. 

I am just saying. 

I don't get why the heck people are so in love with Feyre (or Tamlin) because to me that girl is just... she is just... she is marketed as this wonderful hunter and perfect person and just overall wonder girl that is fantastic. 

And then i read that she gets lucky if she hits her target. 
She has this big "trail" and has more luck then brain power and basically manages to win because she is capable of thinking halfway logically in a situation where it should just be clear from the beginning what she should be doing. And she doesn't get saved because of her "logical thinking" but because she is really, really lucky. 

To me this character just really lacks... everything. From actual loyalty, to character development, to logical thinking, over to actually doing what she is supposed to do -aka willpower. She is a very flimsy character that is more interested in finding a nice face and a better life then actually doing what she should be doing and knows is right. 

And yes maybe that is a bit harsh but there were just so many moments - SO MANY- that i just did not understand what the heck she was thinking or if she was capable of that at all. And i understand that some moments the story was moving forward or it was no longer important or it literary was there to get to a new part of the story but overall it was just... 

Want an example that really bugged the heck out of me?

Feyre really wants to learn how to read and write so that she can tell her family how to stay save and not to worry about her. She tries really, really hard for about one chapter and then all of a sudden she is like "who cares about writing a very important letter that might save my entire family? I rather draw! I love to paint pretty pictures!" and never goes back to even trying to learn how to read and write! And that is just, what? 
And that is just one of those moments that i still remember very vividly a year after reading that book. I am sure i could get others. And i am sure that i will get about a book full more of them in the next installment of that series, which of course i will be reading. 

But this character to me could have been something more, something better something really inspiring to girls. And just wasn't. And that is kind of sad. 

Okay this is it. My top 10 with very different characters and book types -sorry about that- and to me very annoying characters. 

I would love to hear if you read any of the books i mentioned and what you think about those characters (especially the Potter ones because reasons!)

Please feel more then free to link to your TTT post so that i can check that out and remember all the characters that i completely forgot about for this list!

Lets me know, lets chat :)

Write more later.... 


  1. Ahhhh, your list makes me sad because I am one of those people who disagrees with you on most of these (especially the HP ones, how can you hate RON?!!!)
    And Snape, the most tortured man in the entire book series!!! Yes, he was mean, but the amount of saving he did for Harry so that he didn't get killed or tortured, I think having a mean teacher was a small price to pay for Harry!
    I found Melanie slightly annoying at times, but then I found the whole book really really slow for like the first 50% so I don;t know if it was her or the book I was kind of hating on.
    Also I liked Laia!
    So I don't really agree with any of your list (haha) but I guess that was the point of this whole thing, so great list I guess! :)

    1. I actually think that that is the wonderful book world.
      That some people love some characters and others hate them but they still can love the same book anyways. If that is not wonderful i don't know what is :)
      And i don't really HATE Ron, i just don't really enjoy how his character behaves 90% of the time ;)
      It is wonderful that you disagree with me i think, that is what i love about books :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. Feyre, Tamlin and Snape were all on my list this week too. Celaena grows on you through the books, I started out not liking her all that much either.
    My TTT:

    1. Yes someone else that doesn't love Feyre and Snape ;)
      I am looking forward to having Celaena grow on me ;)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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