Top 10 Tuesday: Spring TBR

New Tuesday, new blog post. 
Slightly late, but hey, it is still Tuesday so who cares, right?

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at, so clearly not my idea!

I just decided that i will not be doing monthly TBRs anymore because i make them get really excited about reading the books during the coming month and then somehow never get around to those books, at all or at the most to one or two of them. Which is just not what i want to do on here. 

BUT i do think that a seasonal or quarterly (which ever term you prefer) TBRs are a good way to go.

Here are some of the books i hope to get to in the next few months: 


1. A Little Life - Hanya Yanagihara

I very recently -and by that i mean over the weekend- i decided to try and read as many Books nominated for the "Baileys' Women's Prize for Fiction 2016" as i can before the winner is announced and see which books i would give a prize to and then compare who the "actual" winner is to how that book stands in my ranking. Just for fun. Because books and reading and comparing what others think is always fun for me. 

Mostly that came to be because i kind of love the Bailey's women's prize and loved the books that won it or were nominated. And then there is the fact that i already own 2 of the nominated books and really want to read those very soon. And combine that with the at least 10 other books on the list that i wanted to read, before they became nominated and just always pushed them back for some reason or another. I am taking this list as a reason to actually finally getting around to reading those books i really want to read for a while now. 

To actually get to the point and this specific book: It is on the list and i want to read it. 
Also i heard fantastic things about this book and it has chronicle illness in it (apparently i have no idea if that is true since i haven't read it yet!) and being a chronicle ill person myself, that is always interesting. 

2. The Portable Veblen - Elizabeth McKenzie

This is another one of the nominated books for the "Baileys' Women's" prize and i also own it. So yeah there you go. I also haven't heard that much, if anything, about this book but i wanted to get it as soon as it came out so i should really finally get to it and read it! Also quite squirrel on the cover and spine so bonus point, McKenzie for cute cover!

3. The Winner's Curse - Marie Rutkoski

The last book of this trilogy is coming out at the end of March and i haven't started this trilogy yet, but i do really love to read the books when they are almost done so that i can read them more or less one after the after. I heard fantastic things about this series, about a very strong female lead, wonderful writing and just overall fantastic books. I do want to read a series with a strong female lead so i really hope to get to this!


4. Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith 

I wanted to have read this in janaury. 
Its now March if you need a reminder as i do. 
I still haven't read this. 
No more reasons needed!

5. A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness 

Another trilogy that i heard fantastic things about and wanted to get to for a while now. But just didn't get to yet.

One of my goals for 2016 is that i want to start/finish/caught up on "all" the series. 
This is one of those series that i want to start and finish and while i don't know if i get to all three of those rather big books in Spring, i do hope that i get at least the first one read in Spring. 

6. The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern 

This is a well loved book in the internet book community. 
And while I own it for a good amount of time, i have not yet read it for really no other reason that i am so unsure if i will love it as much as others did and that is always very intimidating for me and makes it hard for me to actually pick the hookup. 
BUT i really want to finally read this book so i really hope that i do get to it very soon. 


7. Under the Dome - Stephen King

Another book that people love when they finally read it. I want to finally read it. And i own it. So i should read it. And i love Stephen King. Why the heck am i sitting here talking about this book instead of going to my shelves, taking it out and sitting down to read this?

8. Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon

I want to know if this series gets better. Because the first book was not that special or great for me, but i want to know if this series deserves the rave and hype it gets because it gets much better after the first one. Or if this is one of those series that i just really don't get it. Either way i want to read this and actually started this as a Buddy read in March so i am actually really am getting to this in Spring so yeah!

And now two books are coming out and i hope to read as soon as possible:


9. A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J. Maas

I talked about this book a couple of times before. 
And i said always the same thing: I did not love A Court of Thorne and Roses but i love the writing and I want to see where Maas takes this series. 
Also this book is supposed to focus more on one of my favorite characters. And who doesn't love a book that focuses more on one of their favorites? 

10. This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab 

I am new to Schwab i only read "Vicious" by her but i LOVED that book and i want to read more from her. And while i do hope to get to "A Darker Shade of Magic" soon as well, this doe sound pretty fantastic and not really similar to Vicious but in the same kind of tone. So why not give this a try as soon as possible and see what i think?

Alright so those are 10 books on my Spring TBR. 

I would love to hear if you guys have any books in common, or recommendations after seeing what i want to read. 

I would also love to hear if you heard about the "Bailey's Women's Prize" (since it is not a new thing but a great thing i think to specifically celebrate and talk about different female authors!)  and if you read any of the books that won or got nominated of the years that this prize exists and if you did if you have any recommendations. Or if you plan to read some of the books of this years list as well. 

Or if you just want to share your own list with me, feel more then free i always love reading about what other people plan to read next :)

Let me know, lets chat :)

Write more later.... 


  1. Wonderful choices! I'm hoping to read The Night Circus as well. As for A Court of Thorns and Roses, I had a lot mixed emotions for it. But I can't wait for A Court of Mist and Fury because my favorite character (which is probably your favorite character if I'm guessing correctly) will be a big part of the next story. Hope you have a lovely Spring and happy reading! :)

    1. So happy to hear that i am not alone at not having read Night Circus yet :)
      And yeay for not completely loving ACoTaR! Its a very mixed book ;)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. Great list! I can't wait for A Court of Mist and Fury! I'm also excited for This Savage Song. I haven't read Vicious but I just finished A Darker Shade of Magic and I think I'm pretty much going to read anything she writes from this point forward! LOVED IT! I hope you like ADSOM when you get the chance to read it :)

    My TTT :)

    1. Vicious was so fantastic and i am happy to see someone else be exited about Savage Song since i hear just as many fantastic things about that book as i did about Vicious so i have very high hopes!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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