Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Experiences

Another week has passed. Am I the only one or is this year racing on without even a second to stop and breath? 
I can't believe it is already the end of APRIL 2016!
I always plan to post more over the week and then i look down for a second, look back up and the week has passed and i didn't do anything for the Blog at all!

So not the topic of todays post, so lets get on to that.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at, so clearly not my idea!

This weeks topic is all about Book Delights, or in other words everything that comes with loving books. I expended this topic a bit into why and what i love about books. Because you can't stop me. Thats why!

WARNING! Lots and lots of GIFS ahead. Couldn't stop myself. 

1. Book and books and books on shelves! Bookshelves!

I love my bookshelves. I love my books on my shelves, to be even more clear. 

I have the perfect view from my bed on the entire wall of books that i have and i love it. I love looking at them -kind of like that:

I don't know exactly why, but for me that is just very relaxing and peaceful to see all those fantastic spines of stories that i either already know or will get to know in the future. 

I can't explain it. 

And i am sure that i don't really have to explain this. Either you get it and know exactly what i am talking about. Or you don't and then even if i could explain it fully, i am sure that you would still have problems really understanding what it is about just sitting and looking at the books that gives me peacefulness, relaxes me, calms be down like nothing else and at the same time excites me like nothing else!

2. Book Pride

This one goes basically hand in and with the first point. 

I have a huge amount of pride for/about my books. 

Every single book i won is precious - my precious! - to me and i love it in its own way and i feel a huge - HUGE- amount of pride for having this book. 

I am very proud to have all those books.

And if i read them and love them, i am so proud that i have in on my shelves and just look at it every time i want to or pick it up and flip through it or sit down and re-read it and love it again. Or if i never read it i am proud to own it and be able to pick it up anytime i want and read it for the first time and maybe love it or hate it. 

Either way... i am proud to have that book. In my life, on my shelves, most of the time in direct eye sight. 

3. Book experiences

This one i know i share with every single person that loves books as well! I just KNOW!

What i am talking about here is the experience that everyone has while reading a book. 

The story we all follow along, no matter if you love the story or hate it, the experience, the story that you follow along that brings something to your life is still there. 

This experience happens no matter if you read the b most unrealistic Science Fiction book in existence or if you read a biography of your neighbor or best friend. 

You read a book, you experience something new and it brings something to your life. You experience something you otherwise would not have experienced from that point of view.

I mean think about it! Take a moment, please and do that. 

You experience so much through reading and books! You travel through and to different countries, you experience wars, deaths, lives, births! You see children grow up and people grow old. Or you yourself grow up with a character/book. 

You learn from books, be it to not do something, or actually learn something, or just experience something and know that that is not for you -at all- or something that you will have to actually go and do!


And who doesn't love that about books?

4. Buying Books

I confess that i have a problem for years now. 

And that is buying books. 

I would not have the actual need to buy those books because most of the time when i buy at least two books at a time i have at least 10 books still on my shelves that are unread. Or could go to the Library -literary down the street and i am not even kidding!- and pick something new to read that i feel like. Or re-read one of the more hundred of books i have already read and have on my shelves. 

But there is just something about buying a new book. 

Bringing it home. Having in there, bringing it into the family. Introducing it to the other books and the shelves and just... am i going to far here?

But buying a new book its just... 

If i have a really really horrible day, either because my pain is extreme or my illness has me sitting in the bathroom the entire day, or just because i feel completely horrible for some other reason. If i buy a book? that makes me feel so much better. 

I don't even know why.

It gives me such a fantastic feeling, that i just HAVE to do it at least two times a months. 

5. Getting new books

Going right along with the point before, this one is just so exciting. 

I buy most of my books through Amazon because i don't live in an english speaking country and actual bookshops have almost double the price for the same book as amazon. And i am sorry, as much as i love actual bookshops? I will not spend of one book, if i can have two books for the same price. So amazon it is. 

And i kind of love that. 

Because that means that i get a package that i can rip open and get excited about to free the new book and look it over and get excited about having bought it and owning it now all over again. 

Most of the time if i buy get a new book i don't even read it right away. And by that i mean, 95% of the time? I do not read it right the moment it comes into my home, into my life. 

Instead most books go unto the shelves for at least two weeks if not two months, if not longer, before i actually read it. 

Still i can't help it, i love getting new books and just owning that new and shiny and lovely never cracked open book? LOVE IT!

I just love getting a new book, actually holding it my hands and really possessing it that i can't explain why it is so exciting and exhilarating to me that i just... it makes to me so HAPPY!

6. Hardbacks

If i could choose and not care about the money? 

I would only buy hardbacks. I just love how they look on the shelves. There is something so much more beautiful to me about Hardback spines on my shelves that paperbacks just lack. 

It is not even about the reading experience -even thought i do love reading Hardbacks more too, mostly because i am very particular about my book spines and Paperbacks are easily bend and show that they have been read while Hardbacks are a bit tougher in their making and don't show that they have been read a few times. 

But that is not even the main reason why i love Hardbacks. I just... the weight and the feel of them... most of them have just a bit thicker pages which i love. And i love taking of the Dustcovers before reading the book. Can't explain that one without getting into a complete rambly thing so lets just... not!

Hardbacks though... i just love them. Even though i can easily fit double the amount of books on my shelves with paperbacks. I could care less if i would have the actual choice. 

I don't know what or why that is exactly, but Hardbacks are beautiful to me and if money would not matter i would only buy them.

Sadly they are also always double the price of the Paperbacks where i live. And as i said before... i will not be spending the money on one book if i can get two for the same amount. So most books i own? Paperbacks. 

Maybe one day i can at least get all my favorite books in Hardback if i fall into a pot of gold or something. 

7. Deckled edges -especially on Hardcover Historical (non) Fiction books!

This one i really can't explain, but i get unbelievable exited if i get a book with deckled edges. And i don't really know why, because I have noticed that with most deckled edge books i have a harder time turning each page then if the book does NOT have deckled edges. 

Also am i the only one experiencing the dangers of paper cuts from them? Or am i just especially loved by them that they always seem to want a blood sacrifice from me for reading them? 

But if i read a historical book -either non fiction or fiction that really doesn't matter to me just historical!- i get super excited about deckled edges. 

Maybe because it gives me the feel that it is an actual older book? I have no idea. 

But deckled edges? Love them for some stupid unexplainable reason!

8. Finding likeminded people, to gush together!

This is one of the best feeling. 

And i do have to say that this is not exclusive for books. I also always love finding people that enjoy tv shows or movies just as much as i do and fangirl with them over things or even share FanFictions that they read and loved or i read and loved with them and then talking about those. 

But having someone else to talk about a very well loved book and have them be just as rambly and excited about it as i am?

Its the best feeling. 

As if you find a new best friend that at the same time is not a new friend at all because it feels like you know that person for a good long while, mostly because you never run out of something to talk to them about and share such a history with them -the BOOK- that real friends can't really compare with. 

I can confess that it is one of the reasons that i love all this internet stuff so much. 

It is the paradise for people trying to find like minded people!

9. Bookish Internet things

Once again this goes with the one above in a way. 

But i love that there is so much available for book lovers now. 

I don't care if it is Instagram which all those beautiful pictures of books (which by the why can't get how people  manage to take all those wonderful pictures of their books when i only manage a completely boring thing no matter how hard i try!), or if i read a complete raving review a book on blog, a rant on goodreads, watch a wrap up or tbr or haul or what ever on Booktube. 

All those people are there because of the same reason i am. To talk about books. To share their love. To share their passion: books! 

They don't care to talk about anything else but books. They want to share their thoughts and loves and discuss it all and just BOOKS people. 

I love that there is a complete community from all around the world where we all can share the books we love and share books that maybe people in other parts of the world would not know about if they didn't see them somewhere here. 

I certainly got lots of book recommendations and author recommendations from all those book loving internet sites that i might have stumbled across but who knows?

10. Recommending books

I love recommending books. 

I especially love it if i know people will actually enjoy my recommendations. 

But i am not picky. I will push books on you if you ask me or not! Especially if you loved a book i loved and i just know something i read was equally lovely and fits into a similar genre or area of some kind. I will recommend that to you and you better at least listen!

The person i love recommending to the most is my mom, because we have a very, very similar reading taste in the genre that my mom loves. Which sounds very strange. But i will not explain that on other then that i read basically evyerthing and she has a more specific reading field. 

BUT if i read a book and i just know that she will love it and i recommend it to her, and she reads it and loves it? I just... there is nothing better. I feel to so unbelievable happy and proud. As if i wrote the thing or something. 

But its just the best feeling. 

But even if just recommending books? I love that. 

I love if someone comes to me and asks me what i would recommend to read for them. Especially if they give me a specific area they want to read something from and just have no idea where to start. 

I love looking through my shelves, or thinking about what would fit to them and what i know about them to make a good recommendation. 

And if they actually read that book? Its just... i love the person!

I don't even care if they enjoy the book as much as i did, just that they really do think that what i say counts for something? Yeah... best! feeling! ever!

I would love if you share some of your experiences or what you love about books with me. Either by sharing your link to your own TTT post or by letting me know in the comments. 

Let me know, lets chat :)

Write more later.... 


  1. #8. Yes. It's why I love TTT's so much :-D My TTT

    1. Its a wonderful side and idea!
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  2. Good list! I enjoy many of the same things you do too!

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week:

    Happy reading!!

    1. Wonderful to see another book lover that shares some of the same book loving ;)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  3. Great list!
    My TTT:

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