Top 10 Tuesday: Books that changed my mind -the second time around

I am having the hardest time this year -2016 in all the months that it had 'thus far!- to actually sit down and write blog posts! 

I am trying to get better at it again, and with that in mind, here is my contribution to the TTT posts over at!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at, so clearly not my idea!

This weeks topic is: "Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed (less love, more love, complicated feelings, indifference, thought it was great in a genre until you became more well read in that genre etc.)" 

And i actually have quite a few of those, but i have a huge amount of different versions of them. So instead of deciding on one specific kind of feeling i decided to just share books that make me feel different each time i read them and share which feeling it was. 

go with it please. Thanks

ALL THE -different- FEELS: 

1. Harry Potter Series by (do i even have to say this?) J. K. Rowling

Who is surpised that this is on here?

Because nobody should be surprised!

This series always gives me different feelings each time i read a book from it -or bing read the entire thing basically in one sitting. Mostly because this series or even the individual books itself are books that i turn to when i feel something specific. 

For example if i am sad? And i need something to cheer me up? I pick up a Potter book and it helps because it just makes me feel save and loved and just... helps? Or if i am really sad i go to a specific page and have to laugh because of a scene and that makes me feel better.

Or if i am feeling happy and just want something that i know will make me continue to feel good and happy and just overall great? I turn to HP as well, because i know which books i want to pick up and which chapters i want to read to continue to feel that way, or even continue to feel even happier because the books make me that way. 
And at the same time if i just read the series because i want to re-read the books, they always make me feel so many different things each and every time i read them. 

I mean i read this series so many times now! SO MANY TIMES! and i still find new scenes in them? I mean what? But i really do find new things every time i read them. Or i constantly forget specific moments and rediscover them? 
Anyways... every time i re-read the books i get surprised again, or shocked. Because something new happened. Mostly small moments really but still. 

And then there is the overall feeling stuff happening that depends on the overall mood i am in while reading the book. Sometimes just love and happiness, sometimes frustrating to the need of wanting to shake the character -especailly Ron and/or Harry- for behaving utterly stupid. Or you know just giggling over Fred and Georges hilarious moments. 


So really this series makes me feel all the things. ALL THE THINGS! And that needed capital letters. So there is no reason to explain anymore. Lets move on. 

2. The Pearl Diver by Jeff Talarigo

I talked about this book a few times before during TTT posts, but it is just such a moving book -at least to me. 

When i first read this book i was mostly interested in the overall story and found it fascinating! Reading about Japan in such a way and how they treated their ill? It was so interesting to me. 

And now every time i read it? I notice so much more of the details and how horrible the main character must have felt being taking away from her family, never being able to do what she wanted to do, being ripped out of her life and having to do what others tell her if she wants to or not. Being treated horrible -mistreated really- talked down to and just generally having to survive horrible situations without ever doing anything to deserve it. 

Every time i re-read it now, i feel a connection, almost friendship like feeling to the characters, i feel sad on their behave and enraged in moments. I suffer and celebrate with them. So really now that i re-read it a few times? I feel almost like i am part of the book and with them on their journey and so i have lots of feelings reading this book that i did not have reading it for the first time. 


3. The Cirque du Freak series or "Saga of Darren Shan" by "Darren Shan"

I loved that series growing up. I am pretty sure that i loved this series before Harry Potter came out, but i might be wrong about that because the publication dates put this series slightly after Potter and i read Potter pretty much right after it was first published because my mother thought the first book sounded inserting and right up my supernatural/magic reading tree, so who knows?

Anyways... Darren Shan i a series i loved and pretty sure i read the firs ebook of that series even more then the first potter which is in itself a wonder. BUT now?
I tried to read that book again one or two years ago and just couldn't. I couldn't get into the story anymore. 
And i don't want to say it felt to young because i honestly don't think there is such a thing as reading "age group", you read what you like who cares who it is targeted towards? 
But this series kind of felt that way to me know? 
Maybe i just no longer in the whole vampire thing since ei have a problem reading those books right now anyways. So maybe someday i can pick this series up again and see what i loved as a child when i read them over and over again. 
Hopefully. It would be sad to never enjoy reading the adventures that Darren goes through ever again. 
But for now i just can't do it without picking the book series apart and i love them to much for that o happen so i kind of outgrown this series for right now. 

4. the GERMAN Harry Potters 

Is it cheating to put the same books twice on one list even if they are not the same langue? If so deal with it. 

I grew up in a german speaking family. So most of the books i read a child -if i have not mention that before- where in german. 

Potter included. 

And even when i learned english and taught myself to read and write and speak english with the Potter books! I still mostly re-read the german ones. Not sure why. Most likely because it is just the nostalgia that that version of the books bring on? 

And every time i re-read Potter -which is every year, other then the year before last where i didn't read potter at all! The horror!- i always at least read one of the books in german just because. 

But not anymore. Each time for at least the last six years i tried to read the german translations i got so frustrated with them that i had to put that version down and pick up the english original to actually be bale to read the book. No idea why. The translations are actually pretty good and true to the original version -or as true as you can get in a translation. 

Maybe i really did outgrew the german set of them. Maybe now that i am pretty fluent in english and basically know the potter books by heart i just can't get back to the translation without noticing the tiniest translation mistake -even if i just think it was one or that could have been done better or just different?

I have no idea what it is. But i can't read them. For what ever reason. I just stick to English. And the next language i want to learn -once again with Harry, Hermione and ROn. Because who better then to guide me into a new language then those three after all we have been through together?


5. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

I have read this book i think five times now. 

And every time i re-read it i have different feelings about it. 

The first time i read it i was just wowed by the book. This book was my very first classic. Ever. And i really do mean that. 

This was the first complete classic book i ever read. At age 10 this book was fascinating and wonderful and so very different to me that i just... it blew me away and from that point on i read about nothing other then classics for at least a year because i just fell in love with the different kind of writing to the modern books. 
The second time i re-read it i just noticed all the details and specific language and just.. fell in love with the characters and the Karenina family. Which you know different kind of feeling, the "wow" factor kind of wore of and i just notice what a fantastic writer and great character builder Tolstoy is for me. 
The next couple of times i felt different things while reading it, one time i basically cried the entire time which i honest think was more of a personal thing at the time because it was not the easiest time for me health wise so not really anything to do with the story itself but you know books do that with me, guide me through a difficult time and love them for that. The other time i can't really remember but i do know that it made me very happy to jus the back in the story and with those now very familiar characters. 
And the second to or last time i re-read this i was just feeling that very familiar feeling of coming home, being greeted by those wonderful and now really do familiar characters and just getting back to them and getting to know them again in-depth. Do i sound completely strange if i say it like that? 
That books after a specific number of re-reads are kind of part of my family? And reading them again gives me that "coming home after a long time" feeling? Is that just me? Please tell me that i not just me!

Anyways... Karenina is aways such a different experience and rollercoaster ride of feelings for me that i am always excited to get back to it. 

This year i am thinking of reading it in english for the first time. Any specific edition recommendations and translations that anyone can recommend for that?

6. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

In the last TTT post i did i talked about how i would love to get a story about Pippi in her later years of life and how i would love to know how she turned out and what she does with her live. 

Which should show you all what i re-read this series at least every five years. Because that is just what i do. Re-read my favorites every few years and feeling something different every time. 

Pippi was a favorite in my family growing up. Not just for me an my sister -who actually really preferred Madita's story which i just didn't like that much maybe because the story mostly evolved around the older sister and the youngest one was pretty much ignored most of the time in favor of all the things Maditta did. - but my mother loved Pippi as well. The books and the movies were something that had to happen at least twice a year in our house growing up. 

So really what other choice do i have but to continue that tradition at least every few years now that i am grown up? Its TRADITION!

And each time i re-read Pippi there are different feelings. Sometimes nostalgia because i remember my own childhood or specific memories while re-reading a specific chapter because who doesn't have that? Memories kind of linked to a specific moment in a book? Those memories that always come back to you each time you read that passage of the book which makes the book so special and full off feelings? Is that just me again? 

But sometimes i read Pippi if i want to be cheered up. Sometimes just to read a great story that makes me sad, and lets me laugh in the next sentence. Or just to read the wonderfulness that is Pippi. 

Sometimes to get those nostalgia moments of my childhood back. Because why not, right?

Sometimes i just love the book, sometimes i can't even read over the first chapter without wanting to never pick it up again because honestly that story is just stupid! a girl that strong? Growing up basically alone because her Pirate dad always leaves her alone? With a box full of gold coins? Yeah right. So clearly sometimes i feel utterly frustrated with the stupid idea of that story. 

But i love this book -series- and i still have to re-read it. No matter how i feel when i do. Because mostly? This book classic makes me so happy! And who doesn't love that?


7. Anna and the French Kiss Series by Stephanie Perkins

When i first read this series it came to highly recommend and was so hyped up that i was completely disappointed by the books of this series when i read them. 

Not because they were bad but just because the very special "have to read this because it is the best thing since the internet!" sensation was missing for me. Completely missing. 

Don't get me wrong it was okay. But i was so underwhelmed by them that i actually considered giving the books away after reading them the first time. 

I am thankful to myself that i didn't. 

Because i re-read them and while i didn't LOVE them i did enjoy them so much more the second time around. 

There was nothing left of the complete disbelieve and "what am i missing here?" feelings from the first read, but just the happy-cutie feeling of reading a pretty good contemporary. 

As i said i still don't love the series and i actually still don't get the overdone hype that the series received. 

BUT i do understand why people love it, because i can see the cuteness in the story now the after the second read. I feel the romance and the drama and the story itself. And don't have the "yeah, no, not feeling it" feeling as i did the first time around. 

8. Court of Thrones and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

This book i read the first time and loved the writing. 

I was underwhelmed -once again- by the actual story because the main characters were nothing special -stupid actually- and i didn't enjoy them at all, but the writing? Dear god the writing was what made this book fantastic!

And then just a few days ago i read the second book and then didn't actually completely re-read the first one but skimped through it just to remind myself of the things i really didn't like and loved about the first one. 

And you know what? 

Because Feyre -the main character- has such a character growth in the second book i don't hate her as much in the first book, but actually appreciated the stupid moments even more because after reading the second book i now know that she learned from those moments. 

So in this case? With this series? With this first book? I enjoy it now more because i know where the story goes and where the characters go to. 

Which i confess, has not happened too often for me before in a series. 

Normally i appreciate the first books more and the ones that follow after are just books that really make it clear that i loved the first book so much. 
So that was a different kind of feeling and experience for me. And i enjoyed it. Surprisingly enough.



9. Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

This was my first real dabble into full blown fantasy. And i found it interesting. But overall? Didn't get the huge love this series gets. 

It was okay. The writing was good and the story interesting but that was fantasy? 
Maybe not really for me. 

And then i got into fantasy. And read different kinds of fantasy -including the Dark Tower series by Stephen King which is completely under appreciated just saying!- and i actually saw what wonderful writing Tolkiens made with all the world building and all that. 

And i re-read them and just saw it all even clearer. He really managed to build this entire world in full color and so brilliantly that you can picture it all. 

Which not a huge amount of people can do especially in High/Epic Fantasy. 

And while this series is still not my all time favorite, it is brilliant and i understand the love it gets from people. Now. 


10. Non specific book (can't remember the title or author anymore!)

This is a point on this list even though i don't have a specific book or author for it because i was basically traumatized for this genre for a good couple of years. 

Let me explain!

I had to read a Memoir for/in school about a specific person. Don't ask me for which subject/class/person it was. I can't remember. I tried. I can't. 

But i do remember that i would have preferred to watch paint dry then to continue reading that book. It was that bad.

And after that very school-like experience? I stayed a good way away from anything non-fiction especially memoir or Biography related. 

Behause I just could not take another one of those horribly boring, putting you to a 1000 year sleep kind of reads again. 

And then i read "Please Kill me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk" which is a biography about (can you guess from the title?) the history of Punk Rock -or honestly more the overall Rock / Pop music culture as it is more called today- and it was done so wonderfully that after reading that? I fell in love with Memoirs and Biographies and Autobiographies of people so that i read basically any i can get my hands on now. 

So clearly feelings for biographies changed! Drastically!

I would love to hear a book that changed your feelings about it -especially if it is for the better!

I would also love to hear if you had a dramatizing school read situation? 

Or if that is German schooling system specific ;)

Let me know, lets chat!

Write more later.... 


  1. Great Top Ten!
    Aww I've been wanting to read Pippi Longstocking for a while now! I watched the movies and tv show growing up! :)
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. The book is just as fantastic as those movies! I really recommend them, Lindgren was a fantastic writer :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. HP is definitely one that I still love and I don't see a day when I won't. My love for this series just grows and grows!
    My TTT:

    1. I am always happy to her about another person who loves HP ;)
      It is just such a fantastic series and i really don't think that there is anything wrong with having a series that you just fall in love with every time over and over again.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  3. I really need to re-read Anna Karenina. I really enjoyed it first time round but I'm slightly put off my all the Russian farming technique that comes with Levin! How interesting that you can't read the HP series in German anymore. I would love to be good enough in any language to read something in its original language (especially Latin!) maybe one day...

    1. You really should re-read Anna Karenina it only gets better the more you re-read it, in my experience at least :)
      It is interesting that i can't really enjoy them in german right? I thought so too :) And its the best to be able to read the book in the original language! It really makes such a different in most books! Surprisingly especially the small things and specific wording makes a huge different in some moments in books that just can not be translated as well.
      I do hope you get as good as you want to get in a language to read a book and enjoy it :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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