Top Ten Tuesday: Characters i want more of

Another Tuesday already!

This weeks topic is childhood characters we want to revisit, see where they are now, that kind of thing. 

And this will also be the first week where i do not have 10 things listed. 

The simple reason being that i don't have enough to do even 5 let alone 10. 

So lets just get into sharing the literary couple of characters that i would love to get a glimpse into their future from. 

1. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

I grew up with Lindgren's writing from a very, very young age. And by that i mean i don't think i ever have not been read her stories, even as a baby, because my sister -three years older then me- loved the stories already when i was still to small to really even know what a story is. So my mom read them to her, and with that most of the time to me as well. 

So i grew up with everything by her. 

And her stories are fantastic, but Pippi just stuck with me and i do re-read those books every couple of years because i just have to! 

She was such a fantastic children's character! She was just... great!

And who doesn't want to know what this super-strong girl grew up to be?

Is she still fighting with pirates? Having her own ship and crew?
Married to Tommy?
Is a single mom? A cat lady? The headmaster of a school?
Has a house full of animals that she loves as if they are her human children?

I would love to get a Pippi Longstocking adult story and get a small view into what her live became after the stories ended. 

But since Lindgren died, and i can't even imagine someone else writing those stories even half as good as she wrote them, that is not going to happen. Which is fine. I am just going to continue wondering about it. 

2. Lotta by Astrid Lindgren

Lotta is a bit of a topic for me. 

While i really loved Pippi's crazy character and her stories just because its as a fantastic story, Lotta.... 

She was the person that i was constantly compared to growing up from age 1 through 6 or 7 and i am not kidding. I kind of wish i was. 

But Lotta was this very specific child. And yes that is the best i can describe her. If you know her stories you know what i mean, if you ever watched a Lotta movie, you know what i mean. If not let me try to explain. 

Lotta had a very specific way to see the world, to experience it, she was very clear in what she liked and disliked, she knew what she wanted to do and what she didn't want to do. She was clearly smart (and i am not saying that because I was constantly compared to her!) but she was not always able to make clear what how she was seeing the World and what she meant and wanted to share with others. 

 Sometimes that was fine and she was just a child. Sometimes she drove her parents crazy because in her different way of doing things was just not how things were done. 

Also Lotta was laughed at quite a lot for the way she said things. And that i can clearly compare to, and i won't explain that. 

Anyways... Lotta was a great female character. She was her very own person, didn't mind being different for most parts, and was just very clearly herself no matter if that was wished at the moment or not. 

And so i would love to see how she turned out. What became of that little headstrong girl that wanted to do what she wanted to do in the ways she wanted to do it. If she became a doctor, or a professor -something where she constantly learns and trying to understand the world around her- or if she became something with children to let those few children that were as different as her growing up know that it is okay. 

Or... i have no idea. I would just love to know what became of her. 

But once again. Lindgren is dead. So not possible. 

This is it. That is my list. 

It used to have many of the Potter cast on it, especially Harry, Hermione and George but since we are getting a Sequel from at least Harry's and his sons point of view i hope that we also get a little glimpse into those characters, because HARRY POTTEr. 

Clearly those are no longer on the list. 

And honestly most other books i read as a child? I was pretty happy with how those books were written or ended and don't need any more information for them. 

I do however would love to see what books/character you guys would love to get more from, so please feel free to leave a comment with the book or a link to your TTT of this week so that i can go and check it out :)

Let me know, lets chat. 

Write more later.... 


  1. Pippi Longstocking is a great choice! I wonder how she is getting along these days...
    My TTT.

    1. It would be interesting to see right?
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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