Top 10 Tuesday: Underrated books

underrated books! One of my favorite topics to rave on and on about! So lets get started!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at, so clearly not my idea!

This weeks topic is: "Books rated less then 2000 times on Goodreads"

Which was a bit harder then i thought, because i do have a lot of underrated books in the sense that i don't believe that enough people gave them high enough ratings, but under 2000 ratings overall? Thats surprisingly hard. 

I am ranting again. As always. It wouldn't be a TTT post if i don't rant. So that is okay i guess. 

This list is ordered! 
From the classed to 2000 up until the lowest rating book -which only has 4! ratings!

1. These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas

I actually did a complete Review about this one. Which is an accomplishment! 
This is a new releases of 2016 and its such a unique and great book that more people should read this!

Its taking place in England, 1882 and is described as Jane Austen meets x-Men and in a way that is kind of a very accurate descriptions even if that sounds very strange. 
But is just works, you know?
and while i read this i constantly thought - that is what was missing to make the Austen books fantastically great for me!

I think it is a perfect book for people that love classics but don't read a lot of fantasy, or people that haven't started yet on classics and don't know if they enjoy the writing and story, but love fantasy. And everyone in between those readers. 

Its just a great book and more people should read it and rate it and love it!

2. Second Star to the right by Deborah Hautzig

this is a book about a teenager who starves herself into anorexia because she wants to be perfect. 

This book is very honest about life, body image and illnesses. 
Its a very small book -not even200 pages. 
But it packs a punch. 

Hits book is not about a person who has a horrible life and gets sick because of that. The girl actually has a pretty good life, with nice parents. But she is so oppest with bing perfect, with bing better with being exactly what others expect of her, that she makes herself sick. 

And i think its really important to have books that showcase that you don't have to be perfect, that you don't have to be exactly who people expect you to be, if that is not what makes you happy. 

This book also talked a lot about having to accept yourself and see what is wrong before anyone can help you and i just... i think this book has so many wonderful messages and important topics and everyone should read it!

I also loved that this is a book that has been written in 1981 and is still relevant - or that might be sad actually but i hope you know what i mean. 

3. The Children's Home by Charles Lambert

While i didn't love this and some part of it where a bit strange to me, it still was a very unique and different book. 

Its descriptor to be perfect for fans of Shirely Jackson, Neil Gaiman, Roald Dal and Edward Gorey. I can't really say anything about those authors other then Roald Dahl because i haven't read anything by the authors. But it did kind of reminded me of the strange story telling that Dhal has. So that might be very accurate. 

But i do think that many people that love the quirky different fantasy books might really love this and not many people seemed to have picked it up yet. So you guys should give it a try. 

4. Faking Perfect by Rebecca Phillips

This is book was a bit of a surprise to me, because it started out in a way that i didn't necessary love, but after a view pages the story changed a bit and became great. 

This book is about a girl who has sex secretly with the "bad boy" of the school while having a huge crush on another boy that she believes is perfect. And to keep her age in tact, she portrays a perfect virgin in school and in front of her friends. 

But through out the book the girl notices that it might not be as important to fake perfect and that there are more important things in life then pretending to be perfect and trying to impress people that are just not worth your time at all. 

Its a pretty good family story, and i loved that this book has a boy/girl friendship that really is just that, no romantic feelings, just a wonderful friendship between two people that just happen to have opposite genders. 

That is so rare and i love that. Because just because you are a boy or a girl you still can have "Just" a friend in the other gender without one of you being in love with the other or hoping for a relationship. But that so very, very rarely happens. 

If you want a realistic and nicely written contemporary you might want to give this book a try. 

5. The Bone Parade by Mark Nykanen

this book has under 500 ratings! How can that be?

This is a thriller. And when i say that i really do mean, this is a THRILLER! Be prepared to get scared or at least creeped out because this book is not for the squeamish! 

It is about an artist who is widely praised for his series of bronze sculptures portray whole families. They all seem to be in excoriating physical and emotional pain and everyone in the art world is fascinated on how the artist managed to create such authentically gruesome seemingly tortured human representations. He already created 8 of those family sculptures and now he is starting on number nine. 

And its just such a different thriller, where the bad guy is so methodical and calculating and detached but so careful to not get caught. Its just so great and why do not more people read this book?

If you love thrillers, if you love a bit of horror and if you love a cruel but fantastic bad guy? go find this book and read it. And then you can come back and thank me :)

This is a YA thriller. And i do have to say that this is the first YA thriller i ever read. So maybe it is not as fantastic as i thought because of that, but i don't really believe that. 

The writing is great, the idea behind the murders is great, and the entire time i read this book i thought i knew who did it but the author managed to always make me unsure again. Which is just the greatestt for me because it quite hard to really write a book that has a murderer and you never know who did it, but writing a book where the reader thinks they know who did it and then always make them second guess themselves? thats just... that talent, people. 

Its not the very best thriller ever out there. But it is really, really good so check it out! and then rate it because it has not even 200 ratings!

This is a vampire books. 

so yes i see why people might be a bit hesitant to pick this up. 

But this was really very good. 
It is a book where Hitler won because he had vampires on his side, and the new humans that survive try to do exactly that in a world dominated by not only vampires but nazies. 

It does sound a bit strange if i say it like that and i do confess that when i started this book i really had no idea what to expect, but the writing was wonderful the characters pretty great, and the overall plot was solid. 

Its a different book, and not the typical vampire story. And it has a fleshed out plot and story idea. 

So come on, give another vampire book a try and read this and see if you enjoy it or not :)

I am fascinated by DaVinci. And while i do think the there are a lot of things that people say he did but actually were created by others but DaVinci got the credit either because he is just very well known or because he manage to use it in a better or different or just more known way, he certainly was special. 

And i say it like that because you have to be special to be able to autopsy people in the conditions he had to do it in and make such detailed drawings and discovers as he did. 

Be he was such a talented and widely interested person, he had such inspirations and ideas for the world that really did surpass his time for decades. And he certainly was a genius in many ways. 

I think its sad that he is best known for his art, since he was so much more then an artist. And this is one of the best books i read so far that gives a very nice overview of his live and person and what he did during it. 

Its not the best book if you already hip deep in knowledge about DaVinci and want to learn more detailed facts about him, but its the perfect beginner book if you are curious and want to learn more details about him or just get a feel for him. 
Who wouldn't want to do that?

If you have no idea who this guy is, you really should pick this book up and learn about one of th most brilliant people our world today knows about!

And now on to two german books that are not translated but should be!

This is a book about teenagers that take part in and animal care/protect/save program in Costa Rica. 

And while it shows a lot of the important factors of having to protect and save the animals and take care of our planet for them and us -because we need all the species to be able to survive in our world as we know it!- its also about self discovery and figuring out what is right and wrong and what you should not be or what you should be doing without adult supervision. 

If you can read german, if you can find this book. I would defiantly recommend getting it and reading it and if you love animals i am pretty sure you will love this book!

This is a historical fiction book that more or less follow the real history and real people but gives it all a bit of a novel feel. 

It follows the surgeon  of Napoleon, and all the adventures and things those two went through together during Napoleons prime time. 

This is a great book if you are interested in history but are not sure if you want all the real facts and information and need actual feelings and thoughts of the characters you read about and not just facts. 
Hais is also great for people that are interested in medical history because many of the medical facts and moment sin this book are actually real medical history. 

I just loved his book, the writing the characters, the story and the medical facts. And i do not understand how only 4 ratings exist for this book!

If you are able to read german, if you have even the slightest interest in history? Read this book. 

Okay this was it. 

This is my weeks "underrated" book list. 

Have you guys read any of the books on my list? 
Loved them? Hated them?
Never heard of them?

Did you make a post this week? If so please feel free to link it in the comment section so that i can check it out :)

Do you have any underrated (either in ratings or in rating numbers) that you want to let me know about?

Let me know, lets chat!

Write more later.... 


  1. I love the cover for The Vicious Masks, and I've read The Children's Home on your list. I liked it a lot for the strangeness of it all. It definitely fit Dahl and Jackson, but I haven't read the other authors it was compared to. It had Roald Dahl written all over it!

    1. Glad to hear i wasn't the only one that saw a similar style between the children's home and Dahl :)
      And Vicious Masks is just as great as the cover ;)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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