Top 10 Tuesday: Gift-Card Dreaming

This is late, but better late then never, right?

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at, so clearly not my idea!

This weeks topic is: "Books you would buy right this second if someone handed you a fully loaded Gift Card"

Which is one of those topics where i would need a bit more information for. 
I mean, does it mean that its a card made for 10 books no matter what they cost?
Or that its 100 Euro's/Dollar's? And i will try to buy as many books as i can with that amount of money? (you would not believe how many books i can buy with that amount of money!)
I could go on with what this could mean but then i had a list of more then 10 things already right here without actually talking about anything that has to do with the topic i should be talking about. 
Dear god i am in a rambly mood today. 


Lets just say that this list is all about the books i would buy right now if money wouldn't matter and move on to the books already. 

Also fair warning: you will see a lot of price rambles! Because some of those are just ridiculous and why are books so freaking expensive? 

1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K. Rowling

This book is on this list because i really do want to own it and read it. 
But at the same time it costs 20 Euros where i live. 
And as much as i love HP and want to read this book that is a huge amount of money for a play-script written book!
And i don't really love script writings. 
That kind of writing makes it really hard for me to really enjoy a story, and feel connect to the story and picture what is really going on and happening in the story because i am more of a detailed oriented reader so i loved Rowling's HP books because she is fantastically awesome in describing how things look. 
That would be missing in this book. 
So i can't really get myself to spend that amount of money on a book i know i most likely will not love as much -even if i might really love it despite the writing style. 

But with a gift card? that sucker would be mine!

2. Perfect Days by Raphael Montes

This is a thriller kind of book that has unlikable characters is about a medical student that looses his mind and kidnaps a woman that he things he is in love with and what ever happened after and with that kidnapping situation. 
Which sounds great!
But i always have hard time with books that openly say they have unlikeable characters because somehow those stories always end up being my least favorites. 
But still, something draws me back to this story and this book at least once a week, when i have to see on a book-buying site if the price might have magically become so cheap that i can just buy it and say "who cares if i like it or not? For that price, it doesn't matter!"

Have any of you read this book? 
Could/Would you recommend it? 

I wanted to read this since last year. 

I can't even really say why i really want to read this book, just that i heard about it in new releases for 2016 and right away, something drew me in and shouted into my ear "Buy it! BUY IT! Read it! READ IT!" and that hasn't stopped yet. 
I really wish i could just buy it. 

This is marketed as a Jane Eyre retelling, but i heard a lot of people say that it isn't so much a retelling as much as a book that is just very centered around the story. Either way this book just sounds fantastic. And the cover is BEAUTIFUL!
And i heard nothing but fantastically wonderfully enormous praise about this book. 

But guess what?
This book price is a bit too much for me to be able to spend it on a book like this. 
Behause as much as i want to read it and i am sure i will enjoy it. This is a YA book -and nothing against those!- but those are supposed to be more affordable!
This is double the typical YA book price where i live! And i will not be spending that!

So if someone could just gift it to me? That would be fantastic!

This hasn't come out yet. As i am sure i don't have to tell any of you. 
But i want it. 
But 40 Euros? 
Are you crazy?
I really, really want it, but can we also please not rob all the HP fans out there and just be nice to them all and make reasonable prices for those beautiful books? 
And i have to have it as soon as it comes out and want to read it and love it and put it next to the first book that i just love endlessly. 
But realistically i have to have a magnificent month earning wise, to get myself to cash out that amount of money that the book is currently going for!

I saw the cover. I fell in love with the cover. 
And then i saw the title. And loved that as well. 

And not just that but also a book about unique vantage points on religion and debates about different view points on the Quran. 

And i am not religious. 
But i love to read about people that are and kind of try and figure out why they are and what they think and why they believe in all that. 

So this book just sounds perfectly up my alley. 

Also did i mention the beautiful cover that you can see right there? Because BEAUTIFUL! Lets say that again. Because it deserves to be said again.

And now i want to own it. 

This is a different kind of book where Munroe wrote an entire book all about explaining everything around us in very basic words. So for example he explain microwaves or computers or the internet without using any of the typical "slang" we use to explain it if need be, but rather uses much simpler and more basic words. 

And that just sounds fantastic. 

And i want to read this book and amuse myself and most likely love it. Because i love those kinds of quirky little books. 
But hey you know what? That thing is... anyone surprised by what is coming?... expensive!

Is that cheating? But its a Set, so technically just one purchase. 
DOesn't really matter anyways... 

lets rave about those editions instead!

I think they are beautiful. And Penguin choose great classics to put in this collection. most of which i don't own in a different edition already, so technically i wouldn't even buy them unnecessarily because i just love how they look but because i want to read the classic and don't own it so i need to buy it to be able to read it. 

Also did i mention i find them really beautiful? Because i do. 
I know that not everyone loves this edition Penguin put out. But I do. 
But you know what?
This book set costs 581,46 Euros. 
And as much as i find them beautiful and would love to own them. 
Yeah, no thanks. 
But if someone really would give me a gift card with that horrendously huge amount of money on it i might buy this set (most likely not, because if anyone would give me such a huge amount of money on a gift card i wouldn't even be able to take that gift card because that is just too ridiculous!)

Still... beautiful, beautiful classics edition, especially all together!

And since i am already dreaming big here, lets talk about another set of beautifully design classics that i really want to own. 

Puffin -which i think is part of Penguin right?- made this wonderful Classics edition that are mostly children's classics.
But because i didn't grew up in an english speaking country i don't know most of the typical children classics and want to read them slowly now. Because why not?
But lets be honest, most of the children's classics are either those picture books kinds of editors -and i am not the biggest fan of those if they are not done as beautifully as HP by Jim Kay- or rather ugly editions. 

But this edition set is beautiful!
I love them. 
But they are expensive!
The individual books as well as the set! 
But maybe i will buy one or two of this edition individually soon. 
Because i just really, really want to own at least one or two of them in this edition!
We'll see. 

This might seem strange. 
But this is one of those books that i really want to read for a couple of years now. 

But guess what? the price is ridiculous! 
I will not be buying this cheap mass market paperback because i will not be reading around 1000 pages in a book like that! I will just not!

But any other edition in paperback costs around 20 Euros. 
Which is just... what?
I am having a really hard time spending that on a hardcover. Let alone a paperback!

And i already looked in all the libraries i have around me. And while one of the has one translation of this book, i really want to read the original english edition and not a german translation. Because that is just what i want to do. 

So i will wait. 
And hope that i will find a beautiful wonderful edition of this book somewhere not horrendously overpriced. Someday. Maybe. Hopefully. 
Or finally move to a country where i can get my preferred English languaged books for a better price!

Okay this is it. 

This was my ramble about books and prices and why i wish i had more money and books should be less expensive. 

Did you do this TTT?

If so please let me know and i will check it out! Because i always, always love to see what other people want to own and read!

Write more later.... 


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