Top 10 Tuesday: Scary Books in my future!

I have read a lot of books that people say are scary and i read them and didn't see it.... 

But here is to hoping for a better track record in the future!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at, so clearly not my idea!

This weeks TTT is all about scary books -or prep for Halloween actually but i picked scary books. Because i am certainly not going to talk about costumes or anything like that!

I also as i already said, don't really have any good recommendations since most "scary" books i read were mostly just boring to me and not scary at all! So instead i am showing my scary book TBR. 

It is kind of funny that books and movies really don't scare me anymore. 

Because in real life?

I jump so easily my mother and i joked that i could easily be on one of those funny home videos!

I mean i don't scream, but i jump or punch or kick out like a crazy person when a get scared by something. 

And let me tell you something, suddenly having a very loud barking dog appear basically next to you in something that i swear to you is dog magic! while you are minding your own business on a walk with your own dog? That would scare you too. 

I am sure. I hope so. Or maybe i am just very easily frightened in real life. 

Anyways... not the topic of this post. 

I am not easily spooked with books. So I have a really hard time finding good scary or horror books. 

But i do have list. 

that i hope to get too very soon. 


Also if you read any of those and have recommendations or ideas based on them or just in general have a good scary/horror book to recommend?

There is a comment section on this post for a reason ;)

1. It by Stephen King

I can not believe that i still have not read this yet. 

I really can't. 

Not only is he one of my all time favorites, he is also the author i am reading the longest and most books from. 

But i have read this very well talked about book yet!

I don't understand it. 
I am not going to read it for the rest of this month either. Or next month. Because i have different books planned. And this one just keeps slipping father and father down on my TBR pile. 

I will get to it. In the future, i know i will. 

There might also be the thing that i actually do hate clowns. I don't fear them. I just find it slightly creepy that people find it funny that an adult persons puts on a strange costume and behaves that strongly and overly friendly with strange children and see it as completely okay. Thats just creepy! 

Anyways! If you have read this and love it? Please let me know! Maybe i will decide to pick it up very soon if i get lots of "you have to read it right now!" comments. 

2. Dracula by Bram Stoker

This one is actually on my TBR for October. And i will get to it since i just got it last week and now i am going to read it. I will!

And i can not wait!

I love vampire books. 

I love dracula. NO matter how cheese or stupid he is in any way i ever heard or seen him mentioned or appear in. And so i can not wait to see how this original book is shaping up to what i know of him so far. 

By the way since i am sure you all are dying to know: my favorite Dracula moment was in Buffy Season 5 episode 1. I always love it when Xander gets turned into a mindless minion! And i just thought that the entire episode was just brilliant and very typical Buffy and if you have not seen it yet? Why the heck not? What are you waiting for? Go watch Buffy!

And i am going to be reading Dracula during this week. And quite possible re-watch the Buffy episode after. Just for fun and giggles. 

3. Cujo by Stephen King

Okay for this one i have a very specific reason why i have not yet read this specific King book yet!

I wanted to read this shortly before we got our first dog. 

And then i thought -you know what? Maybe not the best idea to read a book all about a monster dog when you are about to get your first real -not bird- animal experience in your life. Maybe you should wait a while to read that particular book. 

Made sense to me. 

I mean the dog was the cutest, nicest and best dog ever! (was because he died almost three years ago)

But then i kind of forgot about the book?

And only remembered it for this list?

I mean i didn't forget, forget, i just got distracted by all the other shiny-shiny books and ... well forgot about this one. who can blame me right?

Anyways.... i will read this soon. 

Since i am currently in the possession of a dog that might as well be called cujo since he has the same expecion that is features on the book cover at least three times a day. 

He is just a joy.... (Sadly i am not kidding about showing of the teeth, by the way)

4. Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin

I first heard about this book through Gilmore Girls. 

But when i wanted to see what it was all about? I could not find it anywhere. I mean really, i tried but this was nowhere to be found in a language i could actually read at the time. 

And when i was able to read it in english?

I forgot about it. 

You might see a trend in this TBR list. And my might i mean you can even if you don't look for it!

I do want to still read this and see if it is a horror classic for a reason or not. I do hope i get to it someday. Maybe. 

5. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

Or any Shirley Jackson book really, since it seems like a lot of her books are seen as horror/scary reads. And i never picked up anything by her so far. 

I do have a reason for not having read this yet as well. 

I have a horrible track record for "Haunted House" books. Or movies. Anything that has to do with haunted and houses really just ends very badly for me. 

And by that i mean that i find the books either horrendously boring, just stupid in general or not scary at all. Or a combination -which is the worse!

So i have not yet gathered up my nerves and be brave enough to actually give this book a try because of my really scary track record with this books topic. And yes thanks i worked hard to include this specific pun in into this post. Thanks for noticing!

6. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

I am still not completely sure if this is really a horror book or not. If you know please let me know. 

But i want to read something by du Maurier so why not start with the one that i think might be the best known by her.... i could be wrong. don't quote me on that!

But i do think that the plot sounds interesting with a wife dying under mysterious circumstances and being a story that apparently makes even the reader paranoid. Who doesn't have lot?

I sure do. 

I will get to this. 

Soon. Someday. 

7. Something wicked this way comes by Ray Bradbury

I don't hear that many people talk about this book - or actually anyone. I never heard anyone talk about this aside from those lists that you see all over the internet with books that everyone should read for some reason or another. 

This book is always on every list if i am looking at anything horror, scary or sinister related. 

Which should mean something, right?

Also carnivals? Those do actually freak me out and i am not a fan of those kinds of festival things so this might actually be scary to me. Can't wait!

8. Heart-Shaped box by Joe Hill

Or really anything by this guy. 

And i did hear really good things about his book. 

Not necessary that this is one of those books that you read and then can't go to sleep without the light on for months after, but of the kind that it is a fantastic book and should be read even if you don't find it particularly scary. 

(if you read this and feel differently, please let me know!)

And sinde i want to start with Joe Hill, why not start with this one right?

9. The Ritual by Adam Nevill

Another book i hear very little about but somehow i keep running across anyways. 

And i do love books that take place in Sweden so why not read a book all about friends that get trapped a Swedish forest?

That certainly sounds like something scary if it is done right. 

And i never know if it is done right in my option if i don't read it. So i should just do that. 

10. Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes

This is a relatively new release, that came out in 2014. 
And i wanted to read it since than. 

And guess what?
still haven't!

The only think i know about this is that it is about a monster that leaves strange crime scenes such as a human body fused together with that of a deer. And that is really all i know to want to read it. 

Because it sounds supernatural -clearly!- and strange and different and just horrendously enough that i might get a good chill out of it. 


This is it. 

My list of hopefully nice and scary books that i hope to get to in the next few years. 

As i said, please let me know if you have any books to recommend, i would love to have  a nice big list instead of just those ten!

Let me know, lets chat in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings. 

Write more later.... 


  1. I don't think I could read Rosemary's Baby, I've heard such terrifying things about it!

    1. terrifying as in bad or terrifying as in scary?

  2. I read and reviewed Rebecca recently, and would definitely classify it as gothic horror. Not scary, but definitely creepy. Dracula is excellent, although it did kind of spoil me against all the modern-day vampire tales. They just can't live up to the original.

    Here's my TTT:

    1. What you say about Dracula makes me want to read it even more :D
      And thanks for letting me know about rebecca! That sounds great! I do love a nice creepy book, sometimes those are way better then outright horror! :)

  3. Cujo didn't scare me so much as just make me sad. The poor dog! The poor family! Not scary, just sad! :'(


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