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Bookish and Blogging Goals for 2017!

If you have not seen my Review post for my Bookish Goals for 2016 - i link it here

But to sum it up?

I failed. 

So lets give this whole Bookish Goal thing one more try, shall we!

Once again lets list 10 things i would really like to accomplish during the year: 

1. Read through Europe

This is a Goal i want to do because i want to stop reading so many US based books. 
Last year i simply made it my Goal to not read as many US based books. And that didn't really work for some reason. 
So i am being more specific!
I want to read lots of European based books. 
I am not yet sure if i am making it the goal of reading more books from European AUTHORs or simply making it about books being SET in Europe. 
Maybe a combination of both? Maybe see how easy i can find European based books from European Authors?

As i said not sure yet. 
I just want to stop reading mostly about a country that i never even been to and most likely will not be visiting in the foreseeable future! 

Lets hope this more specific plan…

Review: 2016 Reading Goals

It would have been fantastic to write this post and be able to say: 

I can't. (I still used the GIF because LOKI! And come on! You should start a new year with Loki shooting success!)
Because i utterly failed at all the Goals i sat for myself for 2016! (If you want a refresher of what i wanted to do - here is the link to that post!)

Its fine. 

I at least found the perfect GIF for how i am currently feeling. And how cool is that?

I do know exactly why i failed rather spectacularly in all my 2016 goals!

I had one of the worst health years in 2016. 
My illness really - REALLY - flared up and couldn't be beaten into submission. 
Needles to say i am proud of what i actually managed to do with what i had to work with health wise. 
BUT I didn't get much of anything done other then trying to stay alive. 
But hey that something right?

I am not here to blab about my illness but rather show how nicely i failed in goal completion. 

Instead lets talk about failed goal, shall we?

1. Read 240 books.