Review: 2016 Reading Goals

It would have been fantastic to write this post and be able to say: 

I can't. (I still used the GIF because LOKI! And come on! You should start a new year with Loki shooting success!)

Because i utterly failed at all the Goals i sat for myself for 2016! (If you want a refresher of what i wanted to do - here is the link to that post!)

Its fine. 

I at least found the perfect GIF for how i am currently feeling. And how cool is that?

I do know exactly why i failed rather spectacularly in all my 2016 goals!

I had one of the worst health years in 2016. 

My illness really - REALLY - flared up and couldn't be beaten into submission. 

Needles to say i am proud of what i actually managed to do with what i had to work with health wise. 

BUT I didn't get much of anything done other then trying to stay alive. 

But hey that something right?

I am not here to blab about my illness but rather show how nicely i failed in goal completion. 

Instead lets talk about failed goal, shall we?

1. Read 240 books. 
Yeah no. I got close. 
I read 232 books
Which lets be honest. Is pretty fantastic! 
So i nearly -SOOO close! Darn it!- completed that one but you know... pretty close is still not completed

2. Read less USA centred books
That didn't work out!
I read over 170 books set in the USA
So clearly i read over half of the book i read in total that were set or at least based around the USA. 
Which is just sad. 
And clearly and UTTER FAIL!
But i am having a specific challenge/goal set for that for 2017 to hopefully chance that!

3. Read at least 12 classics
Can you say FAIL?
Because yeah that did NOT happen at all. 
I read 6. 
Which is okay. But not what i wanted to achieve. And now i am horrendously behind on my "Classics Club Book challenge". 
I love how one failed thing can set a whole lot of other goals into the fail or "behind on" list as well!

4. Participate in 12 Readathons
Another FAIL
I think i did 6? 
I can honestly say i have no idea and i don't want to look it up, i only know i completely failed this thing because even in the challenges i actually participated in? I really had a bad reading track record because the before mentioned bad health thing. 
So this goal didn't work in 2016. Sadly. I really enjoy readathons. Just apprently not in 2016. 

5. Re-read more books. 
See a trend? ;)
I did re-read a bit. I did re-read a few Harry Potter books. I also re-read one other book. But i didn't even manage to completely re-read the entire Potter series and nowhere near making a dent in my "Re-Read list". 
Yeah, fail!

6. Read/Finish/Caught up on series
I forgot about this goal.
I did finish the series i started and that are finished -other then two- so that is good. But i didn't make much of a dent into series that are still ongoing and i could have at least get caught up to the point of waiting for the next book to be published!
So clearly FAIL

7. Read at least 4 review books each month
This kind of worked. 
And kind of didn't. 
I did read and reviewed 41 Review books in 2016
So i almost got to the number i wanted. 
BUT there was not even an ounce of consistency in my Review reading and since that was what i wanted i clearly didn't accomplish what I wanted.   

8. Read a good amount of Historical Fiction
Another kind of but not really thing. 
I did read maybe 9 or 10 Historical Fiction books. 
So clearly i didn't fail
But i also didn't really read "pure Historical Fiction" books as i wanted. 
Instead i read Steampunk Historical Fictions or Time Travel Historical Fictions. 
Which is fine. But not what i wanted to accomplish when i put this goal on my list. 
I will work on this in 2017. 

9. Read more Thrillers. 
 I actually did one!
I did read more thrillers!
Not a huge amount, but way more then in 2015 and previous years!
So lets count that as the only real win!

10. Having fun with it all
This kind of worked
But once again not really
Some months i really felt the pressure of having to read, having to do something. 
But because i felt rather horrendous i didn't and that made me feel even more pressure and bad about not reading. 
I did have fun with many of the books, and i did pick up what i wanted and didn't pressure myself into reading specific things at specific times just to read that -most of the time at least. 
I am still working on learning to just go with it and learning to accept that i am not healthy and having to find my normal and right way of life for myself. 
Its a journey or something... right?

Overall Review of 2016 for me?

At least the year is over. 

Lets all hope for a much better 2017, shall we?

Anyone wants to tell me how their reading year or general year of 2016 went?
All of us hoping for better and brighter things in 2017?
Or is there actually a person that had a fantastic 2016? because someone had to have had one somewhere right?

lets talk about it. 
Lets chat :)

Write more later..... 


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