Little Update - before it finally begins again (even if nobody reads this anymore!)

Have any of you ever had this perfect plan?

This actual real -written on a calendar and all planned out and knowing what should be done when and it all makes sense and is beautifully planned out to the last detail - Plan?

Because i do that.
All the time actually!

I sit down.
And write all the things i will do and post and write about out on a calendar.
I know what i will be doing when, i know what should go where, i know what i am writing about and sometimes even have a detailed list of what i am going to talk about!

I plan.
I rearrange to make sure it all makes sense and it has a flow to it in a way that not everyday is a review or not everyday is a weekly meme, because that is boring and should not be happening.
But instead has a working mixture of memes and reviews and wrap ups, and other little things i want to share.

I am a perfectionistic planner.
I am one of the best planner in existence.
Ask anyone that actually knows me in real life.
I can plan with the best of them.

If planning would be an olympic sport? I would be in the top three!

And that is not bragging!

That is just sharing the actual fact that i am a master in planing basically every second of every day of my life perfectly.

And that would work.

If my life would be perfect.

Which -hey are you surprised by what i am about to say/write?- of course my life is not perfect.

So while i might the one of those people that could make millions of planing what ever i kneed to plan (if it would be possible to make actual money with something like that i would be all over that like a bad rash! And if you know of a job that actually pays where i have nothing to do but plan? Please let me know i am all for trying that!)

And while that sounds fantastic for a Blogger, being able to plan perfectly?

You know what i lack at?

The power to actually follow through with all that very detailed and thought out planning!

I plan, take hours planning, but than i am not following through. At all.

Even if i want to, if i really actual plan to do it, because i want to.

I love sharing books i enjoyed or even those i didn't.

I just love sharing books.
Its fantastic.
Its wonderful.

And i actually love when i post regularly and notice that people come back, that people start to comment regularly, that someone out there in the world actually might enjoy what i am writing here, what i have to share.

That is such a wonderful feeling.

So why do i keep falling out of the habit of continuing posting regularly?

I have no idea.
Non at all.

The only thing i can say is that because i am not healthy, i am constantly tired. I am constantly feeling like i did things even if the only thing i actually did is get up do normal everyday stuff and got back into bed.

Chronic illness is no joke, people!

Its tiring and makes you slack in all the things that you love to do but don't HAVE to do. Or at least that is what it makes me do.

But i want to be better. I am trying to be better.

So from now on, if anyone is reading this?, i will try to be better.

I currently scheduling a good amount of posts that will go up over the rest of March. And hope that i will be able to work on half the posts i planned for April during March. You see what i want to do here?

I would love to know if this new schedule works for anyone at all. So if anyone is reading this and you see my actually posting? I would love to hear what you guys think of the posts i do, if i should do anything different... i would just love some feedback and know if anyone actually cares if this blog has any updates or not. That would be nice to know.

If anyone made it to the end of this ramble-y post?
Thank you.
You are fantastic.
You are great!

Thank you.

I hope to see you in the very near future!


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