10 Best and Most Disappointing New Releases of 2017 || Book Lists

5 Best New Releases 2017:

Little Fires everywhere: 
Everyone in Shakers Heights was talking about it that summer. How Isabelle, the last of the Richardson children, had finally gone around the bend and burned the house down. In Shakers Heights, a placid progressive suburb of Cleveland, everything is meticulously planned -from the layout of the winding roads, to the clouds of the houses, to the successful lives it residents will go on to lead. An no one embodies this spirit more than Elena Richardson, whose guiding principal is playing by the rules. Enter Mia warren -an enigmatic artist and single mother - who arrives in this idyllic bubble with her teenage daughter Pearl and rents a house from the Richardsons. Soon Mia and Pearl become more than just tenants: all four Richardson children are drawn to the alluring mother-daughter pair.

Eliza and her monsters: 
Eighteen year old Eliza Mirk is the anonymous creator of Monstrous Sea, a widely popular webcomic, but when a new boy at school tempts her to live a life offline, everything she's worked for begins to crumble.

the Hate U give: 
Sixteen-year old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighbourhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed. Soon afterwards his death is a national headline.Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger, Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalil's name. Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family. The everyone wants to know is: what really went down that night? And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr. But what Starr does -or does not - say could upend her community. It could also endanger her life.

Traitor to the Throne: 
The second book in the Rebel of the Sands series/trilogy, so the synopsis is for the first book:
Dustwalk is Amani's home. The desert sand is in her bones. But she wants to escape. More than a want. A need. Then a foreigner with no name turns up to save her life, and with him the chance to run. But to where? The desert plains are full of danger. Sand and blood are swirling, and the Sultan's enemies are on the rise.

Dusk or dark or dawn or day: 
When her sister Patty died, Jenna blamed herself. When Jenna died, she blamed herself for that too. Unfortunately Jenna died too soon. Living or dead, every soul is promised a certain amount of time, and when Jenna passed she found a heavy debt of time in her record. Unwilling to simply steal that time from the living, Jenna earns every day she leeches with volunteer work at a suicide prevention hotline.

5 Most Disappointing / Worst new Releases 2017:

Life in a fishbowl: 
Jackie's life wasn't perfect, but at least it was normal. That is until her dad received a terminal cancer diagnosis. Than he went and did what anyone faced with mountains of medical bills and a family to support would do: he sold his life to the highest bidder.

New Boy:
The fifth instalment in the Hogarth Shakespeare series -a modern retelling of Othello
Set in a suburban schoolyard in America, the diplomat's son Osei Kokote arrives for his first day in a new school and hits it of with Dee, the most popular girl in school. But one student can't stand to witness this budding relationship: Ian decides to destroy the friendship between the black boy and the golden girl.

Little Deaths:
In the Summer of 1965 on the street of Queens, New York there is a heatwave. One July morning Ruth Malone wakes to find a bedroom window wide open and her two young children missing. After a desperate search the police make a horrifying discovery. Nothing Ruth's perfectly made-up face and provocative clothing, the empty liquor bottles and love letters that litter hear apartment, the detectives leap to convenient conclusions, fuelled by neighbourhood gossip and speculations.

They are the amazing Telemachus Family, who in the Mid-1970s achieved widespread fame for their magic and mind reading act. Thats until the magic decided to disappear one night, live on national televisions. This long-forgotten family two decades on, when grandson Matty, born long after the public fall from grace, discovers powers in himself and realises his hugely deflated, heavily indebted family truly are amazing.

The Idiot: 
Set in 1995 where Selin, the daughter of Turkish Immigrants arrives for her freshman year at Harvard University. She tires to find her way in a very different environment and being around very different people, trying to figure out what she is doing with herself when she is no longer easily the best, smartest and first choice of her teachers and starts to connect with a charismatic and worldly Siberian classmate that takes her a very different path she expect to go on.


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