4 "Must-Read" Books || Goals 2018

There are always Goals for everyone of us at the beginning of each year.

In previous year i was really ambitious.

This year i tried to be more realistic and decided on "only" four books that I absolutely want to, hope to, MUST read in 2018!

Luminaries: https://goo.gl/9fnUpm
- 4321: https://goo.gl/H4QLKn - A Little Life: https://goo.gl/ZVD19C - the Swarm: https://goo.gl/mnyvQ5 (Der Schwarm: https://goo.gl/SHTjFM

Do you have a specific list of books you want to/ have to/ must read in 2018? 

Let me know!

Lets chat!

Until later, beautiful book people!


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